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Post your internet speed!

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Didn't see this thread yet. The topic is simple: post your internet speed! You may be asking, how do you share it easily? Well, you need to:

  • go to http://speedtest.net/
  • take a speedtest
  • after it's done, press the link icon near "share"
  • copy the URL in the "image" box
  • open it in a new tab
  • copy the image
  • paste it here

And you're done! Here's mine:



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As I've always said, Canadian telecom companies are garbage, but today, I like how Bell just gave us gigabit Internet for the same price as the 300/300 speed we had. I present to you, fast as fuck Internet:

Through Ookla, it obviously has jitter:



Through the modem, without jitter:


i hab a big innernet dicc fite me

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