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Spongebob: Re-Name an Episode

Steel Sponge

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Sigh, I hate Boating Buddies hate. I like that episode, but Squidward abuse doesn't bother me like others.

To actually rename an episode without using the words unwatchable or worst ever, etc.

Best Frenemies = Strange Bedfellows

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Earworm - Music Doodle

Sponge-Cano! - Attitude Of Gratitude

Something Smells - The Stench Of Ugly

My Pretty Seahorse - The Mystery of Spring

Krabs a la mode - Krabs a la glace

Squid's Visit - Replica Sweet Replica

SandCastles in the Sand - Beach Battle

Chum Bucket Supreme - Fum is Chum

They aren't very good, but I still wanted to contribute to the post 893573.gif

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