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What advice would you give to yourself from 5 years ago?


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5 years ago I was 16. I'd tell myself to try and break out of my shell a little more and enjoy high school while I can, be nicer to my parents, and go get my permit and learn to drive. Work hard in school and don't be so stubborn about getting tutoring when you need it, especially in math class. Don't look down on "popular" trends but don't force yourself to like something just because other people do either. And please don't worry so much about what other people think of you, even though high schoolers can be judgmental jerks sometimes.

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I'd tell myself to not let go studying, eat more healthy food, be more social, definitely not embarass himself in front of class a lot but I know it wouldn't work because of how crappy I was. :stinkeye:

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-Stop getting angry over every small thing that goes wrong, poise and rationality is the best way to handle a situation.

-Fame, money, and status do not make people happy even on the small scale you desire. You already have the greatest gift of all, your feeling of being content right now.

-Don't take people's opinions so seriously, create what you want to create.

-Think deeply before you trust anything, but don't let healthy skepticism deteriorate into irrational paranoia.

-The world is not fair, but it's not unfair either. We all get thrown into unfair circumstances, you're no different from anyone else. Many things try to break us all, but it doesn't matter because the human spirit is unbreakable. 

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Hmm. Let's see.


5 years ago, in 2011, I was 12 years old. Nothing bad really happened in that year. I guessed I watched The Problem Solverz?


"Cameron, I'm you from the future. Whatever you do, do not watch The Problem Solverz."


But if I had another piece of advice, I'd probably tell him not to embarrass himself in future years.

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The advice I would give myself five years ago?

- Leave your dorm room from time to time to go out and experience college. You won't realize how much you'll have missed until it's too late to go back and try to change things.

- Make sure to take advantage of any and all job opportunities or special classes/groups you can participate in, the experience will benefit you greatly in the future.

- Make sure to work your way through the pain of your shoulder injury and try to workout. You won't realize how much you enjoy being in shape or just how out of shape you are until you try.

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