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  1. how “closely” are pops and jii actually watching them
  2. bitch i love you @tester never loved you
  3. have u seen happiest season, it has kristen stewart and aubrey plaza being sapphics and its cheesy but funny too a lil
  4. did they assign him the nickname bubblegum because he looks like grape flavoured bubblegum or is it because whenever they address him theres nothing in his head but bubblegum pop like this
  5. enshou & S are two characters i imagine dont label their sexuality, im sure theres others but I like how everyone can pretty much do their own thing
  6. the hierarchy of the Teen 5 it’s kagura then nobume (although she always takes direct orders from her hime-sama), soyo and then hata, and sougo is the always uninvited one who gets tortured. their secret meetup place is the Edo Mall, they wear rainbow friendship bracelets and damn 3/5 of them is gay what’s their first order of business
  7. sougos so depressed that i cant even imagine him tormenting toshi for his birthday gift tomorrow, he’ll probably just send a link to good days by sza or smthin emotional and toshi will be like ???
  8. do the characters actually see the banter room visually every time they enter it, is it like, a room with a lot of couches
  9. to quote gaga, ur fans dont care and neither do i
  10. me neither whens ur ME!/YNTCD era end
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