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  1. Helppppppp... Okay, so I tried the Windows install, and got the Java error. Re-installed Java (turns out I had an out of date version of that after all), still got the error. Then jjs told me about using the Linux fix, so I uninstalled the Windows one and downloaded the Linux one. Still got the Java error. Then I went and flushed my DNS because I know that helped before. STILL got the Java error. Can anyone help me, pretty please with cherries on top?
  2. UPDATE 10/4/15: I have once again updated the rules here for consistency's sake as well as updated the rules link.
  3. Man, I'm gonna miss this. I haven't read it religiously in a while, but I decided to read the finale for old time's sake. Definitely did not disappoint. RIP JCMovies.
  4. Wasn't me, I can't even get on SC anymore (and tbh, thank god, I can't take anymore of this shitty behavior).
  5. Please be patient and wait for an answer instead of constantly posting.
  6. Welp, I did everything you said hilaryfan80. Still nothing, still can't play online or offline.
  7. So far the tower has a Convention Center on Floor 4 and a Hall of Nations/Cultural Center on Floor 2! We also have a Lobby on Floor 1. Crush and I worked on those pretty much all night.
  8. Who's bright idea was it to put torches near the ice blocks even after I put up a sign saying KEEP TORCHES AWAY FROM HERE. EDIT: The water has been patched up, but this doesn't excuse this action. No one is in trouble for this, but I'd just like to remind everyone that if there's something near the building that says "Don't Do It", then don't do it.
  9. I think the sad part about this topic is that nearly half of these creations don't even exist anymore. #ScrewGriefers
  10. It probably isn't that useful, but it's here just in case a thread like that would pop up again.
  11. Sorry for the bump as well, but this is also for fanfictions that people have written elsewhere but just want to promote them by linking to where ever they are. Considering he never did post episodes of any of those 3 writings, this is the perfect thread for them.
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