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  1. Hard to believe SBC is already 10 years old! Time flies haha. I still remember browsing on this site years ago to keep up with the latest SpongeBob content. I never would have guessed back then that SBC would become such an important part of my life. All the fantastic memories I've had here with an awesome community of members. I know I don't visit as often anymore, but SBC will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to everyone for making this such a wonderful place to be!
  2. Happy Belated 10th Anniversary to SBC! Apologies for not making it yesterday (or being around too much in general heh ?), but I'll try and stop in more often as much as possible! :) Here's to another 10 years of SBC! :D (P.S. Love the retro skin! Takes me back haha).

  3. UPDATE 2/20/19 SPONGEBOB AND HIS FRIENDS - The Season 3 "What Would Have Been" Special was posted back on February 7th, in case anyone missed it. The series has finally concluded. THE ARCHIVES OF CNF1 - The final three episodes of the 2nd season were posted back on February 8th, thus concluding the series. GARY THE SNAIL'S UNDERSEA ADVENTURES - Episode 48 was posted on February 7th, and the long-awaited Episode 52 (the second part of "Back to the 1st") has FINALLY been posted! Huge apologies for making everyone wait 5 years for the conclusion to this, I hope it was worth the wait! The final, bonus episode of the series (Episode 53) will be posted very soon! NICK THE GOLDFISH SLAYER - Unfortunately, no progress to report here. I hope to work on the final episodes very soon, especially now that I just have this and GTSUA left.
  4. After 5 years, the 2nd part of "Back To The 1st" is finally done and here! Many apologies for taking so long to get this out. Just a note, this is a lot longer than you may be used to with the series. I wanted to improve how I write the episodes, as I feel like my older writings were a tad bit too short and not as descriptive as I would have liked them to be. Hope you enjoy this long-awaited second part! P.S. The bonus Episode 53 will be coming very soon! Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures Episode 52 - Back to the 1st Part 2 LAST TIME ON GARY THE SNAIL'S UNDERSEA ADVENTURES Gary: Whatcha doing? Gizmo: Making a new invention so that we can go back in time. Gary: To anywhere we want to? Gizmo: Yup, pretty much. Gizmo: Setting coordinates to March 28th, 2012! *Time machine whirls around; the gang steps into the machine and gets sent back to March 28th. 2012* Gizmo: I have created these invisibility suits. They will allow us to watch the past events while staying hidden. However, we cannot allow anyone to bump into us, or otherwise the space time continuum will be compromised. Gary (2014): Everybody look out! *A crew member from 2012 trips over the gang, taking their invisibility cloaks with him* Gary The Snail (2012): Wait...is that...*screen pans over to the 2014 gang; each of them smiles awkwardly* me? AND NOW...THE THRILLING CONCLUSION! Gary (2014): Uh...hi? Gary The Snail (2012): Who the heck are you? Where did you come from? Gary (2014): This is alllll a dreammm. This is yoouurr imagination... Gary The Snail (2012):Dude, you're standing right in front of me. Gary (2014): Damn, should have known that wouldn't work on me. Gizmo (2014): Well this is just fantastic. Bill (2014): What, that we've been revealed as being them from the future? Everyone (2014): BILL NO! *A crack in the space-time continuum forms right behind the 2014 cast* Gizmo (2014): Great, it has begun. Snellie (2014): What has begun? Gizmo (2014): Isn't it obvious? THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ENTIRE COSMOS AS WE KNOW IT! AND WE ALL HAVE MY PERFECT BOYFRIEND BILLY-BOY TO BLAME FOR IT! Bill (2014): Yo. Snobby (2014): So, you're saying that the entire cosmos hinges on not having two of the same person meet at the same time AND them not saying the words: "I'm you from the future?" Gizmo (2014): Yes...I thought that was obvious. Snobby (2014): Not really. Gizmo (2014): Well, I still told you earlier! Snobby (2014): Not the second part. Gizmo (2014): Well, I, uh...can't a snail make a mistake once in a while? *Tears begin to run down Gizmo's eyes* Bill (2014): Hey Giz, it's alright. We all make mistakes, just like how I did and now the entire cosmos is evaporating right in front of us! Gizmo (2014): *wipes tears away from her eyes* *sniff* Thanks Bill. I'm still mad at you though. Bill (2014): I know, I know. Snelly Snail (2012): Umm...guys...this might not be the best time to be having a reconnecting moment... *While all of the 2014 gang's conversations took place, more cracks in the space time continuum have opened up all around them. A gigantic hole of inner void has opened directly onto the set of the 2012 pilot episode. Winds of massive force begin to swirl and sway across the entire room, sucking in parts from the set at every waking moment.* Gizmo (2014): ...Crap. Gizmo (2014): *talks over flashes of scared looks from each of the main cast members* Everyone! Get in the time machine in the broom closet! *Everyone rushes as fast as they can to the broom closet* *Grandpa Snail (2012) is snoring away, right on a rocking chair located right on the set!* Gary The Snail (2012): Grandpa, wake up! We gotta go! Grandpa Snail (2012): *wakes up, startled* Wuzawha?!? Is it time for puddin'? Gary The Snail (2012): *sigh* Come on Grandpa... *Everyone makes it into the time machine at the very last minute.* Gizmo (2014): Alright everyone, hold on! *The time machine zips out of the universe, right before the gigantic hole sucks the remaining parts of the cosmos into it* *The time machine zips back into the universe, this time a white, blank slate. Nothing in it outside of the time machine. The time machine release smoke while the 2012 and 2014 gangs exit the machine* Gary (2014): Where the heck are we now? Gizmo (2014): We are in what is scientifically called "Psuedouniversality* Gary (2014): English, please? Gizmo (2014): *with annoyed look on her face and annoyed tone of voice* Essentially, a white void of nothingness. Gary (2014): So...you're saying... Gizmo (2014): Yes. This is our universe. Our previous home. We now all live in a state of nothingness... *The screen pans to all of the characters from both 2012 and 2014, each with grim faces on them* Snelly Snail (2012) and Snellie (2014): *at the same time* What on earth will we do now? *They both look at each other at the same time, and then giggle at each other* Gizmo (2014): There's only one thing we can do now. Gizmo (2014): *looks sternly at everyone* We have to go back to the exact moment we arrived in the 2012 universe. We have to stop ourselves from going back into the past! Snobby (2014): But how are we going to do that? Last I checked the entire universe is gone. Gizmo (2014): As long as we arrive back before any of us met our counterparts, the universe will still exist. However, we only have a limited time period to do so. Gary (2014): So...why didn't we just go back in the first place? Gizmo (2014): I did the first thing that popped in my mind that would lead us to safety! I was rushed! Gizmo (2014): Besides, if I had to explain this to all of you while we were back in the before-collapse 2012, we'd have even LESS time on our hands! Gary (2014): Oka- *Gizmo (2014) moves over to the time machine, and programs it to go back to March 28th, 2012, at the same time they arrived there originally* Gizmo (2014): Just be quiet and let me set this up. *The time machine's date screens light up in green, signaling that the machine is ready to go* Gizmo (2014): Alright everyone, we're ready. However, due to the space time continuum collapse, it will take a little longer to get there. We'll have to slowly cross our way through time to get back to our destination. Yertle The Turtle (2012): It'll take a lot longer than that, sweetheart! *Yertle pulls out a pistol* Gary (2014): Where the heck did you get that? Yertle The Turtle (2012): *shrugs* What can I say? *rubs pistol in a calm manner* A turtles gotta come prepared. Gary The Snail (2012): *shocked tone and facade* Yertle...why? Why are you doing this? Yertle The Turtle (2012): Because I'm done playing second fittle to a snail! Now's my chance to be in the limelight! All I have to do is get into the time machine... *steps backwards into time machine, still holding gun to the rest of the cast* Yertle The Turtle (2012): ...change the date to the moment before ya'll signed the contract for the show... *changes date and time in the time machine* Yertle The Turtle (2012): ...and off we go! *press start on the time machine* Gizmo (2014): NO! Plankton (2012): Wait, take me with you! *The time machine doors slam right on Plankton (2012) as he attempts to enter it* Plankton (2012): Ow. *The time machine zips out of existence in a flash of grand shocks and lights* *Gizmo (2014) looks at the spot where the time machine used to exist, distraught* Gizmo (2014): We're done for. It's over. Gary (2014): There's nothing else we can do? Gizmo (2014): No, without the time machine...WAIT! *Gizmo (2014) pulls out a chrome pad, full of circuitry and wires* Gizmo (2014): My prototype pad! This may work after all! Gary (2014): Well...*turns head slowly towards audience* isn't that entirely convenient? Gizmo (2014): Come on everyone, we don't have much time! *Everyone from both the 2012 and 2014 gangs somehow stacks on top of each other in order to fit onto the pad. Imagine the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but with snails* Gizmo (2014): Alright everyone, hang on! *The time pad swirls and spins out smoke and electrical lights of purple and pink, eventually leaving the white void* *The pad ends up in a mysterious world, filled with green, purple, and gray. Clouds appear everywhere.* Bill (2014): Where the heck are we? Gizmo (2014): It would seem like we are in time itself! I knew that we'd have to cross this slowly in order to get back, but I never thought I'd see it with my own eyes! Gizmo (2014): This is...*begins to tear up out of joy* beautiful! Bill (2014): Um Giz...might not be the best time for this. Gizmo (2014): *snaps back into normal self* Right. Gary (2014): Hey, there's Yurtle over there! *Screen pans to Yurtle and the Time Machine, heading towards a wooden, round door with the #2 on it* Gizmo (2014): Not good. If he reaches Door #2, he'll disrupt the space time continuum even more! We'll never be able to restore the present timeline this way! Bill (2014): Why don't we just bump him over to the other door before he has time to react? *Screen pans to entire cast, including the 2012 Bill, with completely shocked faces on their faces* Bill (2014): What? I can have bright ideas too. Snobby (2014): Never mind who came up with what! Butler, hyper-drive! Butler: Yes, sir. *Time pad enters into a super fast hyper drive state* Gizmo (2014): W-h-h-y-y did-id-id-n't y-o-o-u of-of-fer-fer th-th-is bef-or-or-e? Snobby (2014): You don't have to speak like that you know. Gizmo (2014): I know, it's the writer's fault. Snobby (2014): As for your question...I really didn't think it would actually work. Bill (2012): Dawgs, we're getting close! *The time pad is almost neck and neck with the time machine* Yurtle The Turtle (2012): Excellent! In just a few moments, my dream of having my own series will come to fruition! Now what should it be called *starts to murmur and walk around the machine* The Yurtle Show? No. Yurtle's Comedy Revue? No, too old-fashioned. Yurtlestock? No, too hippie. Plankton (2012): *pops up from the crack of the time machine doors* Yes! Evil is afoo- *Plankton (2012) gets stepped on by the pacing Yurtle* Plankton (2012): Dammit. Gizmo (2014): Alright, on my signal! One...two...THREE *Everyone on the time pad leans towards the left in order to push Yurtle and the time machine over to the other door* WHAM! Yurtle The Turtle (2012): *startled, then annoyed* What the heck was- *Yurtle notices that the date on the time machine have suddenly switched back to March 28th, 2012* Yurtle The Turtle (2012): No-no-no-no-NO! *Yurtle and the time machine enter the #1 door, taking them back to the day the GTSUA pilot was being filmed* Yurtle The Turtle (2012): *states while screen shows time machine entering Door #1* This can't be happeningggggggggg! *The time pad with everyone else on it enters Door #1 shortly after* *Both time machines show up inside the broom closet, moments before the 2014 crew showed up initially* *The 2012 and 2014 crews open up the broom closet door and step out of it, cheering excitedly* Gary (2012): We did it! Gary (2014): We sure did, counterpart o'mine, we sure did. Gizmo (2014): Ah-hem. Gary (2014): *whistles nonchalantly* Gizmo (2014): *sigh* Bill (2014): Hey, I'm thankful for what you did. Gizmo (2014): *blushes, looks down timidly* Aww, thanks. *Yurtle (2012) walks out of the time machine, with Plankton (2012) still on his foot* Yurtle The Turtle (2012): That's it! You've screwed me over for the last time, snail! *Yurtle holds his gun, pointed directly at Gary (2012)* *Screen shows Gary (2012) with a surprised look on his face; screen goes back to Yurtle, grinning menacingly, when all of the sudden, another time machine shows up behind them, stacking on top of Yurtle's machine* *The initial 2014 crew (traveling to the past for the first time) exit the time machine and immediately see not only themselves, but the 2012 gang as well!* Gary (2014 Initial): What the heck? Gary (2014): Uh...OOGA BOOGA! *The initial 2014 crew is scared out of their minds, shouting at the top of their lungs. The initial 2014 crew hop back into the time machine and leave the past, thus restoring the space-time continuum* Gizmo (2014): Well, that was easier than I thought it'd be. Gary (2014): What do you mean? Gizmo (2014): Take a look at Yurtle over there. *Screen pans to Yurtle, confused at everything that's happening, yet still holding the gun at Gary (2012). Yurtle is beginning to turn transparent, implying that the timeline in which the 2014 gang came back to the past is being erased* Yurtle The Turtle (2012): What? No. No! No, no, no! Damn you snails! *Yurtle fades away from existence* Gizmo (2014): Welp, after that long, drawn-out fade-out, time for everyone else to go! Bill (2014): So...we just won't exist? Gizmo (2014): Sort of. Our timeline never happened, so we just fade away. Bill (2014): Damn. *The 2012 and 2014 gangs slowly fade away...but that is abruptly interrupted by Gizmo (2014)* Gizmo (2014): Oh yeah! One more thing...how are our past selves gonna handle Yurtle if he pulls this again? Gizmo (2012): Who knows...wait, this feels weird talking about ourselves like this. Who am I again? Gizmo (2014): Oh dear. *The 2012 and 2014 gangs fade out of existence* *Screen pans back to the stage where the 2012 pilot is being recorded* Gary The Snail: Allright guys! Group photo time! (Everyone gets in the picture) Gary The Snail: Say Cheese! All: Cheese! (Click!) Gary The Snail: Wow! What a nice picture! An a nice introduction show too! Gary The Snail: See You All Later! Bye! *Screen fades to black, and the following text pops up* 7 YEARS LATER... *Fade-in - gang is sitting down in their living room areas, just chillin' out; Grandpa Snail is in his rocking chair sleeping and snoring away* Gary: Wow, 2019. What a feeling. Bill: How the heck did we make it this far, dawg? Snellie: It's almost as if the writer forgot about us for 5 years and then decided to start writing again on a whim. *The gang stares at the screen with irritated looks on their faces* Gizmo: Hey guys, check this out! *Everyone (outside of Grandpa, who's still sleeping somehow) heads over to Gizmo to see what she wants to show to them* *Screen pans to a newspaper, which Gizmo is reading* Gizmo: Turns out Yurtle is getting a movie from Illumination! Snellie: That's wonderful! Gary: Can't tell if that's a good or bad for his career. Snobby: At the very least, he's sure to rack in a lot of royalties! Bill: Speaking of Yurtle, you guys ever think about how that time travel trip would have went had we stayed there? Gary: Now that's dangerous thinking there Bill. Bill: Yeah, good point. *Goober pops up in the lower corner of the screen, seemingly out of nowhere* Goober: Meep meep! THE END FADE TO BLACK
  5. Heh, maybe some of my older material someday. I do tend to poke fun at myself from time to time in my spin-offs though (particularly GTSUA's "Back To The 1st" 2-parter).
  6. Alright, it's been 4 years. Time to wrap up Season 2 (and by extension, the series itself): Episode 24: The Archives of CNF1 Episode 24 - Nickelodeon Ville CNF1: Good evening. I'm CNF, short for ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1, as I hope you all know. CNF1: Tonight, we have an interesting show for you tonight. It involves a series of shorts produced for the now defunct Glove World/Universe shop back in 2012. CNF1: These were likely some of the first creations I ever wrote for SBC. CNF1: Hopefully you'll enjoy them, even though they were written years and years ago. CNF1: But first, my sponsor is constantly pestering me to go to break, so to break we shall go. *fade-out* *fade-in; shorts begin* Nickelodeon Ville Short 1- Dog Daze Ren: STIMPY! Where on earth is my fricken oatmeal! Stimpy: Just a sec, Ren! Ren: (Whispers to himself) It better be. (A Few Minutes Later) (Ren is staring at the TV set) (WOOF! WOOF!) Doug: (Outside) Porkchop! Stop that! (Ren opens the door to look outside) Ren: Hey! Will you keep it down! I’m trying to watch my show! Doug: Sorry Ren! I was just taking Porkchop here for a walk. He’s acting strange lately. Ren: Eh, whatever. (Ren slams the door) (Porkchop is still heard growling outside) Ren: Stimpy! Where is that Oatmeal you promised 5 hours ago! Stimpy: Just a minute! Ren: (Whispers to himself) God! How long does it take to make a simple bowl of oatmeal. (A Few Seconds Later) Stimpy: Here’s your bowl of oatmeal, you sweet person you! Ren: Finally! (Stimpy sets Ren’s oatmeal on Ren’s lap) Stimpy: Now, you stay conferrable, and I’ll go make your early morning coffee for you. (Stimpy walks into the kitchen) (Ren eats his oatmeal while watching the TV) (Grrrrr…) Ren: What the…? (Porkchops slams the door open!) Porkchop:Grrrr… WOOF! WOOF! (Porkchop jumps onto Ren) Ren: Ahhh!!! (Porkchops starts attacking Ren) Ren: Get off, you dirty mut! Doug: (Now walking into the house) Porkchop! (Doug picks Porkchop off of Ren) Doug: What has gotten into you, Porkchop? Porkchop: Grrrr… WOOF! WOOF! (Porkchop jumps out of Doug’s hands) Doug: Porkchop! (But… Instead of jumping back on Ren, he goes for…) (…The Oatmeal?) (Porkchop licks the Oatmeal clean) Porkchop: Woof! Woof! Doug: I guess Porkchop was just really hungry! All: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! (Everyone has a good laugh about it) (Everyone stops laughing after words and calms down) (Waits for a few seconds) (Ren starts screaming at Doug and Porkchop, while Doug and Porkchop are scared/stardled) Ren: (Screaming at Doug and Porkchop) NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! THE END! FADE TO BLACK Nickelodeon Ville Short 2- Rugrats…With A Side of SpongeBob (We See SpongeBob Frolic Out of His House) SpongeBob: La La La La La! (We Then See Tommy Starring At SpongeBob In A Mean Fashion) SpongeBob: Hi Tommy! Tommy: Grrrr. (We Then Cue To Downtown) (We See Chuckie Starring At SpongeBob In A Mean Fashion) SpongeBob: Hi Chuckie! SpongeBob: La La La La La La La! (SpongeBob is Out of Sight) Chuckie: Grrrrr. (Bubbles Foam Up To The Screen As We Cue To The Nicktoons Studio) Ickis: (At the Front Gate) Good Morning, SpongeBob! SpongeBob: Good Morning, Ickis! SpongeBob: Can you open up the gate? Ickis: Ah Yes. Sure. (Front Gate Opens) SpongeBob: Thanks! SpongeBob: La La La La La! (SpongeBob hops/frolics out of sight) Ickis: (Shouts) Have A Nice Day! (Cues To The SpongeBob Soundstage) SpongeBob: Good Morning Everyone! Stage Manager: Grrrr… (Cues To SpongeBob Drinking His Morning Coffee) SpongeBob: So, What did you do last night, Patrick? Patrick: Ummm… I don’t know. (RING! RING!) SpongeBob: Ooh! I got a text! (SpongeBob opens up his Sponge-Phone) Patrick: What does it say? SpongeBob: It’s from The Stage Manager? SpongeBob: It says…”SpongeBob, report to the closet room immediately!” SpongeBob: Well, I got to go! (SpongeBob puts phone in his pocket) (SpongeBob Runs Off) SpongeBob: (Shouts) Keep My Coffee Warm, Okay!? Patrick: Ok SpongeBob! (SpongeBob Is Out of Sight) Patrick: (Talking To SpongeBob’s Coffee) So, what brings you here? (Cues To SpongeBob Frolicing) SpongeBob: La La La La La! (Cues To Closet Room) (SpongeBob opens the door) SpongeBob: Hello? SpongeBob: AHHH!!!!! (SpongeBob gets knocked out) (A Few Minutes Later) SpongeBob: Ugh. Where am I? Tommy: YOU STOLE MY FAME AND FORTUNE! Tommy: IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU, I WOULD STILL BE RUNNING! Other Rugrats: YEAH! SpongeBob: Wah? Director: What’s going on here? Director: *Confused* Director: Tommy? Chuckie? The Other Rugrats? Director: What are you doing? Tommy: Trying To Get Rid of SpongeBob. Director: Again? Tommy: Yep. Director: *Facepalms* Sigh. Director: Look, We’ll give you guys 2 re-run slots and pay you for royalties, ok? Tommy: I’m good with that. Other Rugrats: Yeah. (Rugrats crawl/walk out of the closet room) (A Few Minutes Later) SpongeBob: What just happened?*Confused* THE END! FADE TO BACK Nickelodeon Ville Short 3- Inside The Nicktoons Studio Stimpy: Hello Everyone! And welcome to a special tour of The Nicktoons Studio! Stimpy: Let’s enter, shall we? (Stimpy enters the Studio) Stimpy: And over on your left, you see SpongeBob’s dressing room. Stimpy: Let’s take a look. (Stimpy opens the door) SpongeBob: What the…? (Stimpy shuts door fast) Stimpy: Um, let’s continue. Stimpy: Over on your right, you’ll see the Nicktoons Cafeteria. Stimpy: This is where all Nicktoons, young and old, eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner, if they don’t want to make their own lunches. Stimpy: Let’s take a peek. Krumm: Out of bugs again. Darn. Lunch Lady from Fanboy and Chum Chum: Hey, I’m not the one who takes it all. (Screen moves over to the Rugrats sitting at a table) Tommy: We need a plan to take over SpongeBob! He stole our popularity! Chuckie: But we got 2 re-run slots and royalities for them just the other day. Tommy: Well, I want more! New Episodes! Saturday Morning Slots! Re-Runs! FAME! (Screen moves over the Looney Tunes sitting at a table) Bugs Bunny: Why did Nick pull us from their schedule! Daffy Duck: Because now we’re running exclusively on CN. Bugs Bunny: But at Nick, they gave us lots of royalties for broadcasting our shorts. So did ABC. Bugs Bunny: But now at CN, we only get 1.00 per cartoon. (Bugs Bunny starts crying on the table) Daffy Duck: There. There. We’ll make it through ok. Daffy Duck: Hey! This is a private conversation! Get your cameras out of here! Stimpy: Umm, let’s get out of here! (Stimpy runs out of the Cafeteria) Stimpy: And here is the Storage Closet. (Stimpy opens the door and the props fall all over him.) Stimpy: Moving on. Stimpy: Here’s the Retirement Home, where all Old Nicktoons live in their own houses. Stimpy: Nothing much to say here so, moving on. Henry: No love for us. *Sad* Stimpy: And here is the Stage, where all Nicktoon productions are filmed. Stimpy: Here’s one now! Stimpy: Oh joy! Duddly: Ah Key Ki! Director: Hey! What are you doing here!? This is a restricted area! Stimpy: Oh crap. Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Toon in next time for other nicks and crannys of the Nicktoons Studio on Inside The Nicktoons Studio. Gotta run! Bye! Director: Wait till I get my hands on you! Stimpy: AHHHH!!!! (Stimpy runs away as we cue to THE END end card) THE END! FADE TO BLACK Nickelodeon Ville Episode 4- Jimmy Neutron: Boy-Who Has Dead Show-Genius Nicktoons Director: Alright! Let’s roll the cameras! Nicktoons Director: 3! Nicktoons Director: 2! Nicktoons Director: 1! Nicktoons Director: WE’RE ON! JIMMY NEUTRON! Narrator: Back in 2006, Jimmy Neutron was cancelled. The crew didn’t believe it, so they kept making new episodes. New episodes that no one would see. They were recorded, shelved. Never to be seen again. In 2010, Sheen went away to film episodes of Planet Sheen. It too would soon be cancelled. So that they would only have one show that just kept recording, even though it was canned, they said Sheen needed to return to Jimmy Neutron. He did, and here we are. Jimmy: Godard! Get back here! Nicktoons Director: This is so humiliating. Nicktoons Executive: Hey Director! We need to talk. Nicktoons Director: Yes sir, I’m on my way! Nicktoons Director: What did you want sir? Nicktoons Executive: We need to kick the Jimmy Neutron crew out of the studio. We need room for other Nicktoons in production. Nicktoon Director: Like who? Nicktoons Executive: Robot and Monster want some extra space or…yeah. Nicktoons Director: Oh my. Nicktoons Executive: Let’s take care of the business. *The Executive and the Director walk over to the set* Nicktoons Executive: Cut! That was great! Listen up! Nicktoons Executive: You were canned 6 years ago. It’s time for you to leave. You’re done. Finished. Nicktoons Executive: We provide every cancelled Nicktoon with a room and 3 meals a day at our Retirement Home area of the studio. Jimmy: But this ain’t fair! Nicktoons Director: It is too! You were supposed to stop shooting new episodes 6 years ago! Nicktoons Director: All of you episodes we recorded after the final one were shelved. We just left you keep recording because we didn’t need the space! Nicktoons Director: But…Sigh. We let you stay too long. Off yah go. *Jimmy and the gang get pushed away against their will* Jimmy and The Gang: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *They are thrown into their own room against their will* Jimmy: Hey. This looks like Retroville! Nicktoons Director: Exactly! At the retirement home, we combine every Nicktoon City into one! We have 3 meals a day served in our Cafeteria as well. Jimmy and The Gang: *whispers to each other* Jimmy: We still don’t like it. Nicktoons Executive: Look, we have 3 meals a day, AND your entire town rebuilt. What else do you need? Jimmy: Hmmm… Carol: How about our own set, so that we can tape new episodes? Nicktoons Executive: Hmm…Eh, why not? It shall be done in 1 week. Jimmy and The Gang: Horray! Nicktoons Executive: Enjoy! *walks away* Jimmy: You know guys, I’m really gonna like it here. 1 WEEK LATER Nicktoons Crew Member: Here yah are. Jimmy and The Gang: Horray! JIMMY NEUTRON!!!!!!!!! THE END! FADE TO BLACK *fade-in; CNF1 returns to screen, sitting down at a cafe table, drinking some hot coco* CNF1: Oh, hello again! Didn't see you there. CNF1: Did you enjoy tonight's program? I hope so, because it's all you're getting this evening. CNF1: Thank you for tuning in, and goodnight. THE END! FADE TO BLACK Episode 25: The Archives of CNF1 Episode 25 - Plankton: The Mafia CNF: Good evening, and welcome to another edition of my Archive program. CNF: Tonight, a story of a corrupted soul. More corrupted than ever seen before on television media. CNF: A piece of work written many years ago, yet hidden from the public view until now. CNF: Please now enjoy an origin tale, featuring Plankton and the Mafia. *fade-out and fade-in* Plankton: The Mafia Episode 1 - New *We cue to Las Vegas, a town full of loot...and gangs* Big Larry: *lays out cards* 21. Blackjack. *Nicky gulps* Big Larry: Pay up Nicky before I pound yah. *Nicky pays up the money and is saved from a pounding* Big Larry: Now get outta here! *Nicky runs out of the hideout* *Big Larry grabs a cigarette and smokes it* Slick: Hey man, don't you think you were a little too hard on the guy? Big Larry: *blows out smoke* Too hard? I wasn't rough enough! Rack: Yo man, Slick's right. You should lay off Nicky for a change. Big Larry: Aw come on man, lay off me. Rack: Lay off Nicky and I'll lay off you! *Big Larry and Rack start growling at each other* Slick: *pushes them aside* Stop! *Silence is heard as sirens are heard outside the hideout* Rack: Aw damn, it's the Fuzz! Big Larry: Quick, into the trap doors! *Larry, Rack, and Slick run into their trap doors* *The fuzz kicks the door down and searches the room with flashlights* Las Vegas Police Chief: Alright, we know you're in here! Come on out or we'll be resorted to use violence! *Silence remains* Policeman #1: There's no sign of anyone in here sir. Las Vegas Police Chief: Sigh. Bring it in boys. *The police crew walks towards the door* Las Vegas Police Chief: *near the door* Mark my words, I will find you! This I swear! *Slams door, and the police car leaves the home* *The 3 re-enter via trap door* Big Larry: Well that was a close one. Rack: Say, you think anyone has responded to our call yet? Slick: Doubt it. Not many people are up for the risk these days. *Cues to Bikini Bottom* Plankton: I just don't get it Karen, I just knew that plan would work, but it failed! Karen: Oh brother... Plankton: What? Did you somehow...SABATOGE MY PLAN?!?! Karen: ALRIGHT THAT'S IT! *Karen kicks Plankton out of the Chum Bucket* Karen: And stay out yah bum! *Karen slams the door* Plankton: Great, now what will I do? *A newspaper flies in Plankton's face* Plankton: Hmm, what's this? Plankton: *reads ad* Las Vegas Mafia Gang - Members Wanted Plankton: I got it! I'll go to Las Vegas and join that Mafia gang, then I can get them to steal the Krabby Patty! It's the perfect plan! Muhahahaha! TO BE CONTINUED *fade-out and fade-in* CNF: Nothing else was ever written after that. CNF: Hopefully you have enjoyed this short tale, even with the rest left up to your imagination. CNF: If not, we'll be back next time with another program that is hopefully to your liking. CNF: And with that, good night. THE END FADE TO BLACK Episode 26 (note: some language (aka swearing) present in the episode may not be appropriate for a general audience, viewer/reader discretion advised): The Archives of CNF1 Episode 26 - Le Finale Part Dos: Growing Up Crabs Edition CNF: Good evening, and welcome to the Season 2 finale of the Archive program. CNF: Tonight, we have three stories from the same universe for you. CNF: Each one is about two crabs, both in the literal and figurative sense. CNF: Hopefully their antics will get a kick out of you. CNF: Without further ado, Growing Up Crabs. *fade-out and in* Growing Up Crabs Episode 1 - Pilot Bob: Say Fred? Fred: Yeah what Bob? Bob: You think I'm gonna get picked today? Fred: Doubt it. If anyone's getting picked, it's gonna be me! Bob: Oh yeah, says who? Fred: Says me yah dunce! *Bob and Fred start clawing up at each other* Chef #1: Man, those two crabs are going all out on each other. Chef #2: Wee. Chef #1: Shall we take them out? Chef #2: Wee. Chef #1: Is there anything else you can say but "Wee?" Chef #2: Wee. Chef #1: *facepalm* *The crabs continue to fight but are both picked up with tongs* *When the two crabs realize what's happening, they start bawling* Fred: Aw shit man, this is it. Bob: I never thought this day would come! Fred: It's a miracle! Bob: Hallelujah! *The two crabs are dipped into a pan with another crab* Nicky: Hey. Fred: Yo. Bob: What's up? Fred: You excited that we're gonna get eaten? Nicky: Hell no, I'm getting outta here! Bob: And how do you propose you do that? *Bob and Fred snicker* Nicky: Like this! *Nicky gets out and dumps the pan onto the floor, with all the liquid taking Nicky, Fred, and Bob away from the restaurant* Nicky: Here we go boys! Off to freedom! *Bob and Fred are screaming out of their minds* *The liquid takes them all the way to the Ocean, where the crabs are dipped into* Bob: God dammit, you ruined our perfectly good moment! Fred: Yeah, we were finally taking the misery out of our lifes! Nicky: Ah, but look over there lads. *Points to a small underwater city full of crabs* *Bob, Fred, and Nicky journey over to the city* Bob: Damn...I've forgotten how the ocean was. Fred: You can say that again. Nicky: Ain't this paradise lads? Bob: Aye. Fred: I think I'm gonna like this place... And so the adventures of Bob and Fred begin... THE END FADE TO BLACK Growing Up Crabs Episode 2 - Settling Down Last time: Bob and Fred were finally chosen to be cooked at their seafood restaurant. But another crab named Nicky ruins their miracle by sending them to the Ocean, which Bob and Fred soon find out to be paradise for both of them. *Nicky, Bob, and Fred pop into Nicky's house* Nicky: Jessica, I'm home! Jessica: Darling! Welcome home! *Nicky and Jessica kiss* Jessica: How was your trip? Nicky: Oh just fine dear. Jessica: I see you saved 2 crabs. Nicky: Yup, another deed has been done. Bob: Saved? You mean- Nicky: Yes, I work for a Saving The Crabs Survival Effort for the mayor of Crabbersville. Fred: That's the name of this town? Lol, guess it's more original than anything else. Nicky: Hey, blame the writer of this fanfic. Nicky: Anywho, we'd better get you two into a place of your own. Nicky: I'll be back later deer! Jessica: Alright deer, just don't go doing any drinking! *We cue to Crabbersville Real Estate* Real Estate Woman: Alright, so here's House #1. *They take a look inside* Bob: Meh, seems boring. Fred: Agreed. Real Estate Woman: Alright, let's take a look at House #2. *The house looks exactly the same as the other one* Bob: Too dull. Fred: Mhm. *House #3: Exactly the same* Bob: Bleh. Fred: You can say that again. *House #4, #5, #6: EXACTLY THE SAME* *And then there's House #7: Exactly the same* Bob: This is it! We'll take it! *Real Estate Woman faints* Fred: Guess she got too tired. Bob: Well now how will we get the house? *Silence* *Bob slips the keys out of the woman's pocket* Fred: Welp see you later Nick. Nicky: Yeah. *Bob and Fred slip into their new home, while Nicky awkwardly heads back to his home* THE END FADE TO BLACK Growing Up Crabs Episode 3 - Arguments *We cue inside Fred and Bob's home* Fred: You know what, fuck you Bob. Bob: What the fuck did I do? Fred: What the fuck did YOU do? Bob: Yeah! Fred: I'll tell you what you did! *Fred punches Bob in the nose* Bob: Oh, you're so tough aren't yah! *Fred and Bob start brawling on the ground just as Nicky walks in to check in on them* Nicky: Hello boys I- Nicky: What the hell is going on? Bob: He started it! Fred: Ohhohoho no, YOU started it pal! *The two start bitching at each other again until Nicky breaks it up* Nicky: Alright boys, that's enough. Nicky: Now tell me what there is to tell me. Fred: Sigh. Fine. Fred: It all started a long time ago...in a galaxy far far away. *Star Wars music plays in the background* Bob: Not that far yah dunce! Bob: It only happened today! Fred: Oh right the fight. *clears throat* Fred: Well, it began this morning when I was preparing some breakfast that I got the night before... Fred: I was pouring the coffee (Chef's Special Brew), and pouring a bowl of Fish Bites for Bob and I. Fred: But then, out of nowhere, a sea urchin pops right out from the Fish Bites box! Bob: I told you already, it wasn't me, it was a manufacturing error! Fred: Hell no it wasn't, this is the same shit you typically pull! Bob: It wasn't me dammit! Fred: That's it! *Fred and Bob get into a fight of fistacuffs, Nicky narrowly dodging getting in the middle of it* Nicky: *standing off towards the side away from the fight*Oh boy, this is gonna be a tough pair to work with. THE END FADE TO BLACK *fade-in and out* CNF: An interesting bit of trivia here: the third episode remained incomplete until being used for this very episode. CNF: The newly written portion begins with the sea urchin line, and continues until the end of the episode. CNF: Well folks, thank you for viewing (and hopefully enjoying) another season of the Archives. CNF: This is all there is for now. CNF: Will we return? Who knows. CNF: But for now, the archives close once more. Good night. THE END FADE TO BLACK Thank you everyone for enjoying the Archives! I appreciate it!
  7. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry teenj. This shall be on hiatus no longer. A new episode has come forth! However, before that, as I expressed on my latest news post, I'll be ending this series after Episode 53. I may bring it back in the future, however. For now, let's bring this show to a conclusion after so many years, beginning with Episode 48 (which I seriously apologize for not posting sooner, this has been done since 2016 ). (P.S. 52 and 53 are being written right now and will arrive soon!). Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures Episode 48 - The Ballroom Party Gary: Come on Snellie, it's time to go! Snellie: I know, I know! It takes me a while to get ready you know! *screen pans to Bill and Gizmo* Bill: Ready to go Gizmo? Gizmo: Yes sweetie. Bill: Now Gizmo, can we not have another explosion like last episode? Gizmo: I promise. Bill: Good. *the two kiss* *screen pans to Goober and Snobby* Snobby: I am still surprised that Bill and Gizmo are still a couple after the plotline being practically forgotton. Goober: Meep. Snobby: You said it pal. Snobby: You know, why are we going to this party again? We don't got girls! Goober: Meep meep meep! Snobby: Oh I see. Right. Like that will ever happen. Snobby: *murmurs* Silly Goober. *Screen pans to The Ballroom Party* *Gang gets out of the car* Snobby: Well, it's about damn time! Bill: Yeah, it felt like it took 2 years to get here. *cue audience laughter* Gary: When did we order a laugh track on our show? Bill: I don't know dawg, but let's just roll with it. The author of this is probably writing this randomly at 2 in the morning anyway. *The gang heads into the ballroom* *Bill enters, loud and obnoxious* Bill: HEY HEY HEY PARTY PEOPLES! WHO'S READY TO-...party? *Camera pans over ballroom and sees the refined stature of this party* *Bill whispers to Gary* Bill: Say uh, when the hell did you mention anything about this being a "refined" party? Gary: I only mentioned it a hundred times Bill! You just didn't listen because you were smooching off with your new girlfriend over yonder. Bill: Oh like you don't do it too. Gary: ...touche my friend. Touche. Snellie: *breaks up conversation between the two* So, shall we go out and dance? The night is ours, after all! Gary: Sure, my sweetie-weetie! *hearts pop-up, replacing Gary's eyes* Bill: *mumurs to himself* Oh brother. Gizmo: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Bill, look! Bill: What? Gizmo: It's the Bikini Bottom Dance-O-Matic 9000! Bill: The what? Gizmo: It's only the-*cue rambling scientific language that Bill only nods at since he, nor does the audience, have any clue on what she is saying* Bill: *after Gizmo finishes her rambling* Alright then, shall we go try it then? Gizmo: YESSSSSSS! *Gizmo fast-slithers to the machine, but before Bill can make it over there in time, Gizmo is literally pushing on every button in sight, causing the entire machine to explode and causing a massive fire to erupt inside the ballroom. The guests of the party immediately run out screaming, while the Bikini Bottom Fire Department comes to fix the mess Gizmo has caused* *Cue to the gang, now located outside the ballroom, nearly charred by the fire* Gary: Well, that was fun. Snobby: Totally got my money's worth out of that. Goober: Meep. Gizmo: Sorry about that gang. Guess I can't help myself when it comes to two things: technology and explosions. Bill: Hey, it's alright. It's one of the things I love about you. Not only are you smart, but you're not afraid to get destructive either. Gizmo: *blushes* Aw, shucks Bill... Bill: But seriously, you may want to see a medical professional about the explosions part. Gizmo: What? Why? You just said- Bill: I said I don't mind them. But...others kinda do... *Cue a snail with a monocle and a curly mustache, popping out of two doors that used to be the entrance of the ballroom, somehow magically standing upright* Mr. Mustachio Monocle The Third: Go wreck someone else's ballroom party, will yah? *Cue audience laughter, which is loud enough to knock down the two doors right on top of Mr. Mustachio Monocle The Third* Mr. Mustachio Monocle The Third: Ouch. Gary: Welp, there's another place we're banned from. *Snobby breaks out lists that rolls all the way down to Timbuck Two. Snobby uses a giant pencil that he found randomly in the ocean to pencil in The Bikini Bottom Ballroom Facilities into the ever-growing list of places the gang of snails are banned from* Snobby: And...done. *Silence* Snellie: So...shall we go? *The rest of the gang nods and says oh yeah sure sure let's go* *Camera cues to snail's home, completely empty outside of Grandpa Snail, who is sleeping and resting on a rocking chair* *Grandpa Snail wakes up* Grandpa Snail: Huhh? Who's there? *Cues to empty room* Grandpa Snail: Oh, guess nobody. *Grandpa Snail looks over to clock on a table with a lamp next to him* Grandpa Snail: Oh crap! I'm late to the ballroom party! I was supposed to chaperone for Gary and the others! *Grandpa Snail runs to coat rack, picks up coat, hat, and cane, opens the door, and partially steps out of it* Grandpa Snail: Wait...what was I talking about again? Who am I? *looks at Camera* WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE! Grandpa Snail: *runs around in circles in the house while the door flies shut on its own* USA! USA! USA! *Grandpa Snail falls back into his chair and falls back to sleep* THE END! FADE TO BLACK
  8. Welp, after nearly 6 years, the end is here...sorta. Here's a special I wrote back in 2016, detailing the events of the remainder of the now scrapped Season 3: SpongeBob and His Friends SPECIAL - Dateline: Bikini Bottom - What Would Have Been: The Inside Scoop on SpongeBob and His Friends Season 3 Perch Perkins: Helloooooooo everybody, I'm Perch Perkins from Bikini Bottom News, and welcome to Dateline: Bikini Bottom! *theme song & intro sequence plays* Perch Perkins: Tonight, What Would Have Been: The Inside Scoop on SpongeBob and His Friends Season 3! Perch Perkins: Back in 2013, Season 3 of the long-running spin-off series SpongeBob and His Friends debuted. Ever since then, the show has disappeared into the shadows, without a trace since. Perch Perkins: Tonight, we shall find out the answers as to what's going on with Season 3 of this hit spin-off show. Perch Perkins: And in liu of having the creator himself join us, as he's unfortunately too busy at the studio right now to make an appearance, we have one of the main stars of the show here with us tonight to spill the beans on all your burning questions. Perch Perkins: Here's Doctor Jim! *audience cheers as Doctor Jim enters the studio, shakes his hand with Perch, and sits down on the chair next to Perch's* Perch Perkins: Thanks for being here tonight Doctor Jim, we really appreciate it. Doctor Jim: Glad to be here Perch. Perch Perkins: So let's start out by addressing the elephant in the room: What on earth is going on with SpongeBob and His Friends? Doctor Jim: Well, unfortunately, as tonight's episode title suggests,...the show has wrapped up production. *audience gasps, is in shock* Doctor Jim: Yes, this was unfortunately the decision of CNF1, our producer. Perch Perkins: My, how unfortunate indeed. Doctor Jim: Yes, yes it is. After the first episode, CNF1 just stopped writing the series and placed it under hiatus. He initially kept reducing the episode order for the season, until he just decided to end production entirely. And now, here we are, 3 years later. Perch Perkins: Were any additional episodes of the series shot? Doctor Jim: No, none at all. As I said, CNF1 stopped writing scripts after Episode 27. He did write a basic plotline as well as a few episode titles for the season, but that's about it. After a while, he just seemed to have lost interest in the series, in addition to the fact that CNF1 has become increasingly busy with other things, and thus doesn't have as much free time as he used to. Perch Perkins: Interesting, but sad as well. Would you mind sharing what CNF1 had planned for Season 3 had it kept going into production? Doctor Jim: Well, I'm not completely sure what he all had planned, but I'll try my best. Basically, the Mystery Man for Season 3 was to be Sandy, who would have also joined the gang as an ally. Perch Perkins: So basically a double agent then. Doctor Jim: Yes, yes, just like that. Eventually, Sandy would have joined the good side for good, parting ways with the two previous Mystery Men. SpongeBob, of course, would have convinced her to leave the dark side and join the good side, funnily enough, over a volcano. Perch Perkins: Over a volcano?!?! Doctor Jim: Yep, over a volcano. Sandy would have tried to constantly sabotage our gang's plans to defeat the Mystery Men for good over the course of the season. Eventually, the previous Mystery Men would have gotten fed up with Sandy, to the point where she would have had to launch her last ditch attempt to stop our gang: melting up in a huge bat of magma from a real, live volcano. Perch Perkins: My, my, how suspenseful! Doctor Jim: Yes, it sure is. Perch Perkins: I think the Mystery Men weren't the only people to get fed up with others. I've been hearing rumors that another reason the show shut down production was that the entire cast got into a feud with each other due to the long hiatus that the show took. Any creditability to this rumor? Doctor Jim: ...yes, unfortunately. I would have preferred to not have talked about this. Perch Perkins: Well, uh, my apologies, we can move onto a different subject if that's more comfortable with you. Doctor Jim: No, no, it's fine. Yes, this is, unfortunately, true. The hiatus was so long that all the drama surrounding what was going on with the series caused our fame to go to our heads. I am happy to say that we are slowly getting back to good terms with each other, but with pretty much every show these days, there's always some sort of drama in the background. Perch Perkins: Boy, you got that right. Guess that's why CNF1 didn't want to spend money on a real volcano for the set of his spin-off then! *audience laughs* Doctor Jim: Haha, yes, that's certainly true. It would have cost CNF1 a cool million I'd bet. Perch Perkins: I can certainly imagine that! *audience laughs again* Perch Perkins: Already, let's shift our focus to another topic. I've also been hearing rumors that the show was supposed to have a movie in production as well. What happened to this, if this indeed exists? Doctor Jim: Yes it did exist, but it never got fully off the ground. CNF1 only came up with a title for the film, which was SpongeBob and His Friends: The Movie - A Trip to Egypt. I think it had something to do with the gang going to Egypt to recover a stolen treasure from these grave robbers or something. Possibly an encounter with the Sphinx too, but I'm not entirely sure. Perch Perkins: Interesting. When would this have taken place in terms of storyline? Doctor Jim: Well, the movie was already conceived back during Season 1. However, CNF1 kept pushing it back, with it happening at the end of Season 2, the end of Season 3, to never at all. So, in reality, I'm not sure. It very likely had no mention of Sandy initially, but if it had finally gone into production after Season 3, it probably would have had Sandy in it. Perch Perkins: Interesting, interesting, yes. Alright, looks like we only have time for one more question before we have to sign off for the night. Doctor Jim: Alright. Perch Perkins: Where are you and the gang planning on doing now that the show is over? Doctor Jim: Well, honestly, none of us have thought about that yet. We're still trying to accept that the show is over now, but like everyone in showbiz, we'll move on eventually. Perch Perkins: Very touching. Well, thank you for joining us Doctor Jim tonight, we're very grateful for you taking the time to do this. Doctor Jim: My pleasure Perch, not a problem at all. Perch Perkins: Alright folks, that's all for tonight's program. Tune in next week for Purple Goo Outbreak: A Virus or A Sign of Extra-Terrestrial Life? Thank you everyone and good night. *instrumental theme song rolls over credits that appear after Perch says his closing words* *fade-out* *fade-in* And now, an epilogue from CNF1 CNF1: Hello everyone, hope you're all well. CNF1: I am sorry to say that, as the special you just watched has said, that SpongeBob and His Friends has come to an end. CNF1: I have simply lost interest in the series. I haven't worked on it for 3 years. So, I think it's time to end it. CNF1: This was my very first spin-off, and it means a lot to me, but it's time to let it go. CNF1: For those of you who read the show and enjoyed it, thank you for reading and I'm sorry for making you wait so long for the rest of Season 3. Hopefully this special helped to draw out conclusions on how the season would have happened if it had gone through the wrings of production. CNF1: Before you go, I'd like to share one last thing with you all. The episode title for Episode 28: SpongeBob and His Friends Episode 28 - Tricks CNF1: I know it's not much, but I hope you will still enjoy it all the same. CNF1: Thank you all for viewing this spin-off over the years, and good night. THE END. FADE TO BLACK
  9. That's right! After 4-5 years (holy crap I'm so sorry please don't hurt me ), I am finally getting back to business with spin-offs and lits. Unfortunately, all I plan to do right now is wrap up my remaining spin-offs and lits. Yes, all 4 of my remaining spin-offs and lits will be coming to an end. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who's enjoyed my works. It means the world to me that people actually read and liked what I posted. Now, am I retiring from spin-offs and lits altogether? Not exactly. I may have one thing up my sleeve, but I'm still considering whether or not I want to do that. Here are my plans regarding my four remaining spin-offs/lits: SPONGEBOB AND HIS FRIENDS: Ultimately, I have decided to cancel Season 3 of the series. I've simply lost interest in it and no longer wish to keep it going. I do, however, have a special that I wrote up back in 2016 and never got around to posting. It'll detail the plans I had for Season 3. The special will be going up shortly. GARY THE SNAIL'S UNDERSEA ADVENTURES: For some odd reason, it doesn't seem like I ever posted Episode 48? I could have sworn that I did, but after re-checking, I have not. So, that will be going up today as well! As for the planned Season 5, this has unfortunately been scrapped. After Episode 48, there will only be two episodes left. Episode 52 (the 2nd part to "Back To The 1st") and Episode 53 (which was actually intended to be a Season 5 episode. I began writing this one long ago, and I'll be finishing it up as a special "lost" episode of Season 4!). I've been heavily invested in writing the remaining episodes today, so they will definitely be up sometime soon! THE ARCHIVES OF CNF1: I have three episodes left for the series (Episodes 24-26). The content for each episode is all stuff I wrote years ago, so these episodes will be up relatively soon (possibly tonight!). After that, the series will be over. NICK THE GOLDFISH SLAYER: This is the one where I'm not entirely sure what to do. I have an episode list that I made of the remaining episodes I wanted to write for the mini-series, but I'm not sure if this is how I wish to proceed with the series. I may just combine some of my ideas into a few episodes or perhaps make an extended episode or film to end off the mini-series. This is one I'll have to re-work a little, so unfortunately, it may be a while before the conclusion to the series comes forth (it won't be years away though). Thank you all again for reading my works, and perhaps in the near future, you'll see a new spin-off or literature from me!
  10. So, a certain squid we all know and love shot me an email yesterday saying I should come back. Let's just say I took his advice. :P

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  11. Wow, how on earth did I miss this? Thank you very much hilaryfan80 for archiving this.
  12. NEWS ON MY SPIN-OFFS/LITS: Well holy crap, it's been a while huh? Well anywho, here's what I'm planning on as my summer vacation is about to begin: SPONGEBOB AND HIS FRIENDS: I think I've already mentioned this, but this show is indeed going to end after the 3rd season. I'm thinking about reducing the order of the show from 13 episodes to 6 episodes, mostly because of my lack of interest in the show atm. This could change but who knows. NICK THE GOLDFISH SLAYER: I would like to complete the mini-series this summer as well. There's only 5 episodes left, so maybe a premiere week is in order? Stay tuned... THE ARCHIVES OF CNF1: I've been trying to figure out what to do with this series. It's not as easy to just outright cancel, as I may have more material for it at some point. Currently, my plan is to wrap up Season 2 with the final 3 episodes, featuring some stuff I'd like to share yet. After that, I may bring it back every once in a while to share some other stuff. Of course, this is just a tentative plan, so it may change in the future. GARY THE SNAIL'S UNDERSEA ADVENTURES: This is about the only spin-off that I definitely plan on continuing past the current season. I've said in the past that a Season 5 wasn't in the works, but that's only partially true. While I haven't planned anything out for it in a while (until just very recently), there are indeed plans in place for Season 5. Season 4 will likely wrap up this summer, with Season 5 hopefully following it too. NEW IDEAS FOR SPIN-OFFS/LITS: Nothing for spin-offs, but I may have an idea for a new lit coming soon. Only time will tell though... THAT'S ALL FOLKS!
  13. Pop the bubble! Pop the bubble! ...err, I mean balloon.
  14. Heh, this looks like fun (just wish I found this sooner). I'll give it a go too.
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