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  1. #14, 23, and 25. Not bad, not bad.
  2. Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures shall take a better place soon...but at least it's on there!
  3. The Archives of CNF1 with 13 views. Well done me. *pats back*
  4. GTSUA at Number 15? It's a miracle! ;D
  5. why is it that when I post a new GTSUA it doesn't get any views but when I don't post a new one it does.
  6. Alright mysterious fan of Nick The Goldfish Slayer, cough up.
  7. Well I got #24...tied with about half a dozen others.
  8. You know spin-off views are bad when half of them are in the range of 1-10.
  9. how on earth are GTSUA and MMA staying on the list? (not that I'm complaining, I'm just shocked).
  10. Mickey Mouse Adventures at #9? Something tells me this is a hint to get the finale up.
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