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The Happy Birthday Thread

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So we can stop being predictable and wishing people a happy birthday in the OT Lounge, I thought we could make a separate thread just to wish people a Happy Birthday. I hope this works and makes the OT Lounge seem a bit more exciting.


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i never got to thank u guys @Katniss @Patty Rose @jjsthekid @dmandamanAndKnuckles @Goobz @LocalAquatic @SOF @WhoBob 

Happy birfday, Wumbo!

Happy belated birthdays, WhoBob and Spongetron.   Also, happy birthday to Hayden too.

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Well it's an off topic lounge, so we can discuss whatever we want. We don't need to say the same things in that thread over and over again xP
Yeah, but if that's all we're saying anyway, it's pretty clear we have nothing else to talk about. 428899.gif

Meh, time will tell.

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