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The Golden Community Awards XVII: Nominations

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Ready... steady... GO!

Here we are at that time of the year again, folks! (No, not that one. Get that cornucopia outta here before I shoot it!) After yet another action-packed year for those of us on SBC, it's time to begin ramping up to the one event that, much like the Dude's rug, really ties it all together: the 17th edition of the Golden Community Awards!

Coming off of a season of leading SpongeCraft Frontiers and other chaotic ventures, it was decided that, for 2023, the duty of hosting this year's GCAs shall fall to yours truly: the Bayou Barnstormer himself, HawkbitAlpha! Does that sound good? I hope so, because, right now, I feel like standing on a rooftop shouting out "baby, I'm ready to go!"

But, of course, our narrator would have to slap me with a fly swatter if we tried to begin so fast. Before anything else, we need to have our nominations for this year's GCAs! There's a few ins, outs, and what-have-yous that go into this process, so how about we go over those now?

  1. Post your nominations in this thread. It's in the interest of Transparency™, of course!
  2. Don’t nominate yourself. C'mon, this is a community! What are you people who'd do this? Senators?
  3. Don’t copy/paste other members' nomination lists. Sure, you'll probably have some of the same choices as others, but no two people will ever have the exact same lists. You can do better!
  4. When nominating, you must do at least one section. Creative Arts is not required, and staff will choose if nobody else nominates in that.
  5. You may nominate between 2 to 5 choices in the Members & Creative Arts sections. You can only nominate 2 candidates for the Hall of Fame categories.
  6. Don’t get upset if you aren’t nominated in this topic. There’s always next year!

Now, what categories are on the block this year, you might be wondering? Let's find out!



(Notes: A new category, "Sportiest Member", has been added to recognize users passionate about sports. The former awards of "As Seen on TV" and "Most Cinematic Member" have been combined to create the “Show Stopper” category, for our users most passionate about both television and movies together.)

Funniest Member
Kindest Member
Spongiest Member
Best Gamer
Show Stopper
Geekiest Band Geek
Most Artistic Member
Sportiest Member


(Originally for SBC stories, this section has now been retooled to also celebrate the community’s works of visual art.)

Best Creation
Best Miniseries
Best Episode
Best Comedy
Best Storyline
Best Character
Best Artwork
Best Pictionary Drawing

(The Best Artwork category refers to works featured in either the #da-art Discord channel or Squidward’s Art Show, while the Best Pictionary Drawing is for any Pictionary drawing archived on the game’s server. For both awards, be sure to link the image and say who was the artist that created it.)


(Note: For this section, you can only nominate 2 for each category. One new category has been added: “Honorary Skins.”)

Honorary Creation
(Stories that have had a profound impact on SBC will be nominated.)
("Adventures in the Underground City", "Storm Racers", "Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000", "JCMovies", "Team SpongeBob", "SBCinema", "Community Deathmatch", "Mystic Guardians", “My Leg!”, “Skodwarde”, “The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star”, “One-Time SpongeBob Characters” and “Bikini Bottom Nature Watch” have all won this award previously, and cannot be nominated again.)

Honorary Staff Member
(Staff members who have had a profound impact on SBC can be nominated. Former staff can also be nominated for this award.)
(tvguy, jjs, CNF, Wumbo, Nuggets, JCM, Clappy, Patty Sponge, Cha, Fred, teenj and Katie have won this award previously, and cannot be nominated again.)

Honorary Member
(For ordinary members who you feel deserve special recognition, whether it be based on behavior, activity, or their contributions in general.)
(Current staff - jjs, JCM, Hawk, OWM, Trophy, sbl and Aquatic Konquest - cannot be nominated for this award. Cha, WhoBob, SOF, Hawk, sbl, Katniss, Steel and Ex have won this award previously, and cannot be nominated again.)

Honorary Skin
(To honor the artwork of our brilliant artists over the years by highlighting impactful forum themes.)
(Any skin, present or past, is eligible for nomination. Note that any skin with both a light and dark theme will be counted as the same.)

Everyone has until November 22nd to post their nominations in this thread, but as we always say, the sooner, the better. Let's get the ball rolling and Midas touch this community all the way up, y'all!

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Funniest Member: Cha, OWM, Wumbo, jjs, Katie
Kindest Member: Ex, Kat, Cha, Katie, Meko
Spongiest Member: Meko, Winter, Salmon, Carrotte
Best Gamer: Meko, Dman, Winter, Cha, Hawk
Show Stopper: Kevin, Kat, Clappy, jjs, OMJ
Geekiest Band Geek: Kat, Wumbo, Clappy, Kevin, Prez
Most Artistic Member: Cha, Nugs, Steel, Katie, Kieran
Sportiest Member: illiniguy, Trophy, Clappy

Honorary Staff Member: OWM and Hawk

Honorary Member: Meko and kevin

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Funniest Member: Wumbo, jjs, And Prez

Kindest Members: SOF, Whobob And Cha

Spongiest Member: JJs and bobcarrote

Best Gamer: Hawkbitalpha, DG, Winter, and Whobob

Show Stopper: Kevin, Whobob, and Storm

Geekiest Band geek: prez and Hawk

Most artistic member: Cha, Salmon, nugs, and steel

Honorary Member: Salmon and Prez

Honorary Staff member: Hawk and SBL

Edited by meko1432
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Going to make it easier on me and do all of the creative categories before the others:

Best Creation: JCMovies, SpongeBrawl: Nostalgia Run's End, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Toast Krusters
Best Miniseries: Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, One-Time Power Rangers Characters: Where Are They Now?
Best Episode: JCM Hunts for Lost Media (JCMovies), Unite (Aquatic Avengers: Unite!), Act V (Multiverse of Madness)
Best Comedy: Jjs' Riffing Theater: Tales from the Internet, JCMovies, One-Time PR Characters
Best Storyline: Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, 
Best Character: Manny Mangrove (MegaloMania), Lego Patrick (Multiverse of Madness), Blue Arrow (Aquatic Avengers: Unite!)
Best Artwork: "Spicy" - Nuggets, Wil E. Coyote - Salmon, Fawful and Crackletta comic - Cha, Amy - Patty Rose, Squid Noir - Cha
Best Pictionary Drawing: Turtle - Appy, Opposite Day - DarknessDGPlanet of the Jellyfish - dman, Feral Friends - Carotte

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Funniest Member: OMJ, JCM, Slug, Wumbo and dman

Kindest Member: dman, Storm, SpongeKid, Ex and Yummylesecond

Spongiest Member: Salmon, Carotte, Appetizer, 4EverGreen and Winter

Best Gamer: Meko, Cha, OMJ, Ex and Winter

Show Stopper: WhoBob, dbryde, Aya, OMJ and Katie

Geekiest Band Geek: Prez, Katniss, SBManiac, Fred and Steel

Most Artistic Member: Steel, Nuggets, Darkness, Salmon and RDSP

Sportiest Member: Clappy, JCM, illiniguy, Trophy and Katniss

Creative Arts:

Best Creation: JCMovies, A Bikini Bottom Dream, SpongeBrawl, SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation and Toast Krusters

Best Miniseries: Community Deathmatch 10th Anniversary Special, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness and MegaloMania

Best Episode: Pau 'ana (Tiki Land), Mutually Assured Destruction (MegaloMania), JCM Hunts for Lost Media (JCMovies), Squidward Kills The SpongeBob Universe (A Bikini Bottom Dream) and Act V (Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness)

Best Comedy: JCMovies, SpongeBrawl, Lost in Translation, Total Cartoon Island and 4Kids Edits Ace Attorney

Best Storyline: Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, Toast Krusters, Tiki Land, MegaloMania and Power Rangers: Multiverse Force

Best Character: JCM (JCMovies), Manny (MegaloMania), Lego Patrick (Multiverse of Madness), Sniz (Total Cartoon Legends) and Squidward (A Bikini Bottom Dream)

Best Artwork: Catober Jiji (Steel), Spicy (Nuggets), Hell (RDSP), Amy (Patty) and Count Bleck (Cha)

Best Pictionary Drawing: Ghostbusters (Darkness), Out of the Picture (Steel), House Worming (Salmon), Feral Friends (Carotte) and Turtle (Appy) 

Hall of Fame:

Honorary Creation: MegaloMania and SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation

Honorary Staff Member: OWM and terminoob

Honorary Member: dman and Salmon

Honorary Skin: The Stephen Hillenburg Community and V13 Sponge

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Funniest Member: prez, salmon, wumbo, dman
Kindest Member: sof, meko, katie, storm
Spongiest Member: appy, winter, meko, rdsp
Best Gamer: dman, appy, hawk, cha
Show Stopper: whobob, clappy, kevin, storm
Geekiest Band Geek: prez, fred, wumbo, slug
Most Artistic Member: cha, steel, salmon, rdsp
Sportiest Member: trophy, clappy, illiniguy, katniss
Honorary Staff Member: hawk, owm
Honorary Member: dman, wumbo
Honorary Skin: the stephen hillenburg community


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Funniest Member: Wumbo, kev, Prez, Fred, OWM
Kindest Member: SOF, Ex, Cha, Meko, The Excited SpongeKid 
Spongiest Member: Carotte, Salmon, Winter, 4EverGreen, RDSP
Best Gamer: Jjs, Ex, Winter, dman, OMJ
Show Stopper: WhoBob, Katie, Jjs, Clappy, Storm
Geekiest Band Geek: Prez, kev, Kat, SBManiac, Clappy
Most Artistic Member: Nuggets, Salmon, RDSP, Cha, DarknessDG, 
Sportiest Member: Clappy, JCM, Trophy, Prez

Honorary Creation: Pirate Legends and Total Cartoon
Honorary Staff Member: terminoob and Trophy
Honorary Member: Salmon and kev
Honorary Skin: The Stephen Hillenburg Community and Cosmic Shake

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Funniest Member: Meko, Fred, Steel

Kindest Member: Meko, Sbmaniac, Kat, 

Spongiest Member: Bob, Salmon, Meko, Meep

Best Gamer: Fred, JJS, Ex

Show Stopper: Cha, Kat, Katie, 

Geekiest Band Geek: The creator of Veggietales Behind the Wheel, Hawk, Kev, SBmaniac

Most Artistic Member: DG, sTEEL, Salmon, Cha

Sportiest Member: Wumbo, Trophy, Clappy


worst member: who do you think

best member: spongybobgod

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Here are my nominations for the member categories:

- Funniest Member: Cha, Prez, DG, Dman

- Kindest Member: SOF, Ex, Cha, Prez

- Spongiest Member: Meko, Steel, Salmon, Yummy

- Best Gamer: Hawk (I think we're still friends on PSN lmao), Ex, JJS, JCM

- Show Stopper: WhoBob, DByrde, JJS, Nugs

- Geekiest Band Geek: Prez, Kev, Katniss, Steel

- Most Artistic Member: Cha, Patty, Salmon, Nugs

- Sportiest member: Trophy, JCM, DG, Illiniguy


Unfortunately, I don't hang out on the forums enough to get into the spin-offs and lits, so I'll only be nominating for the visual arts categories when it comes to creative works:

- Best Artwork: "Wile E. Coyote" by Salmon, "Squid Noir" by Cha, "What Can You Do???" by Steel Sponge, "Inktober (Minion Gone To Heaven)" by Nugs, "Woody and Buzz as Plants" by Kev

- Best Pictionary Drawing: "Polybius" by DG, "Mysterious Mr. Enter" by BobCarotte, "Out of the Picture" by Steel Sponge, "Who Am I (Bitch)?" by WhoBob, "Wearing A Salmon Suit" by DG


And finally, the Hall of Fame Member nominations:

- Honorary Member: Meko, Prez

- Honorary Staff: Hawk


I'm very grateful for being nominated for anything this year (genuinely wasn't expecting to be), and I wish all the other nominees luck!

Edited by SBManiac
Almost Steve Harvey'd a nom lmao
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Funniest Member: Wumbo, OWM, JCM, jjs, dman

Kindest Member: Ex, Who, SOF, SpongeKid, Meko

Spongiest Member: Ember, Salmon, Winter, Carotte, 4EverGreen

Best Gamer: jjs, Cha, Ex, Winter, Hawk

Show Stopper: Storm, Kev, Cha, Katie, Who

Geekiest Band Geek: Prez, Steel, SBManiac, Kat, Fred

Most Artistic Member: Steel, Jane, Nuggets, Cha, Salmon

Sportiest Member: Clappy, Kat, Prez, Trophy, Illiniguy


Best Creation: JCMovies, A Bikini Bottom Dream, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Total Cartoon Island

Best Miniseries: One-Time Power Rangers Characters, Riffing Theater: Tales from the Internet, Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness

Best Episode: “Chapter Ten: Unite” - Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, “The Legend of King Arthur’s Lost Sword Of Excalibur!” - Total Cartoon Legends, “Squidward kills the SpongeBob Universe” - A Bikini Bottom Dream, “Heroes, Allies and Villains” - One-Time Power Rangers Characters, “Act V” - Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness

Best Comedy: A Bikini Bottom Dream, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, JCMovies, Riffing Theater: Tales from the Internet, One-Time Power Rangers Characters

Best Storyline: Total Cartoon Legends!, Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, A Bikini Bottom Dream, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force

Best Character: Frostiles from Aquatic Avengers: Unite!, JCM from JCMovies, Yakkity Yak from Total Cartoon Legends, Squidward from A Bikini Bottom Dream, Lettuce from Power Rangers Multiverse Force

Best Artwork: Spicy by Nuggets, Hell by RDSP, Squid Noir by Cha, What Can You Do? by Steel, Jellystone 3 Year Comparison by Patty

Best Pictionary Drawing: Ghostbusters by Darkness, Feral Friends by Carotte, Turtle by Appy, Planet of the Jellyfish by dman


Honorary Creation: Pirate Legends and The Light of SBC

Honorary Staff Member: Termi, Hawk

Honorary Member: Kev and Prez

Honorary Skin: Stephen Hillenburg Community and V8 Orca (iykyk)

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