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  1. i've been to usa (i live in canada btw), mexico, cuba, france and germany
  2. i will be back in an upcoming season 13 episode!

    1. 4EverGreen


      I'm not sure when the LAST time MY Incidental appeared in an episode. I want to say "Roller Cowards", but that leaves a LOT of time when he could've appeared again!

  3. Overhated episode I thought it was really funny, the slide noises honestly didn't bother me but I can agree the worst part was the truck crash and EVERYONE CHEERING which really lowered my score but this episode was okay Grade: 6.5/10 (it would have been 8.5/10 if it wasn't for the truck crash scene) Best Character: All of Them Best Line: assault your own baby Best Moment: the Barg N Mart scene
  4. since all the epic posts seem to be gone im reposting this
  5. I don't get the hate for this episode at all I though the Jellyfish's behavior was funny and Patrick was a jerk but I think it's redeemable at the end
  6. This episode is so underrated definitely the most underrated Season 9b episode and it's kinda close to overhated category
  7. omg new episodes i totally haven't seen! hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. who lives in an apple under the sea
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