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SWYAD: Country Edition

Jjs Goodman

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Per @sbl's suggestion, here's our 40th SWYAD theme for fun: Countries! Change your username and avatar to something related to a country of choice (can also be a country that doesn't exist anymore). Your name doesn't have to be the exact country name either, you can get creative. This will last from June 24th to July 1st. On the last night we hold a turntable party to close out the SWYAD. You have until June 24th to sign up through here or Discord. If you miss the deadline to sign up, that's okay, as anyone can join in late.


WhoBob --> Ottoman Empire

Jjs --> Switzerland

Winter --> North Korea

Fred --> Vladimir Poutine

sbl --> Canada

SpongeKid --> That American SpongeKid

OWM --> Chad

JCM --> Egypt

Rusty --> Estonia

Carotte --> Turkmenistan

4Ever --> Australia

Steel --> We Forgive You Germany

Fa --> Japanese Mangaka

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