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So I actually did something pretty cool since last time I've posted desktops, and got an XP virtual machine.




And my real desktop. I haven't updated since November. I should get around to it, but the icons have changed quite a bit...work spreadsheets instead of school papers, etc.




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happy August! I am pretty much unpacked and settled after moving so my actual computer can be used now :D



the centred taskbar is done with an app called TaskbarX! it was only 1.39 CAD on the Microsoft Store and it's worth it! (you can get it free on the website if you want), and the music info on the left is Cleartext for Rainmeter.


okay, so I basically was gonna pile on some more customized UX by changing the actual Windows theme (hard to do now on Windows 10 because OS updates will fuck it all up) and adding custom icons and some more Rainmeter skins but then I gave up. I saw this wallpaper and thought that it looked way more cleaner if I just have my programs like I normally do at the bottom. I don't think I'd venture into ricing on Windows, I'd do that on a Linux system. anyways, probably gonna change the layout of the taskbar and unpin some because I don't really use all of these that often.


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happy November! remember remember!



made the wallpaper myself, I loved these three comfy images of Toronto (forgot where I found them), so I combined them all together. my phone is themed around it as well, along with my laptop :D


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