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Favorite Animation Studio/Company

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I'm pretty much stealing MS' idea on discussing our favorite companies. Except here, we'll be discussing our favorite animation companies, or studios (whichever way you want to call 'em.) that makes our favorite animated shows/movies.

There's a lot of different companies that come to my mind, being a big animation enthusiast, but anyways, I'll start this off by naming my absolute favorite, which is basically the easiest/obvious choice: Pixar Animation Studios. This is especially because I grew up watching Pixar movies, have watched all their films (besides Cars 2), and in general, I really love their output the most compared to any other animated film company.

To freshen up your guys' minds, I've made a list of animation companies/studios to use for reference, this isn't really all of them, but I suggest looking through this if you're trying to find something that comes to your mind:

Walt Disney Animation Studios
Disney Television Animation
DisneyToon Studios
Pixar Animation Studios
Warner Bros. Animation
Dreamworks Animation SKG
Illumination Entertainment
Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Cartoon Network Studios
Laika Entertainment LLC
Aardman Animations
Studio Ghibli
Studio Pierrot
Blue Sky Studios
Sony Pictures Animation

So yeah, feel free to discuss your favorite animation company.

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-Disney Animation (all 3 divisions of that)


-Warner Bros. Animation
-Studio Ghibli

-Studio Gainax

-Studio Trigger

-Nickelodeon Animation Studios

-Cartoon Network Studios

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Honestly, for my absolute fave I gotta go with classic Walt Disney Studios. Their recent output shows that they can still make fantastic movies and get with the times, and they've got a hell of a legacy behind them. I would pick Pixar but it seems as of late they've been resting on their laurels, especially with the onslaught of sequels. Plus I can't give it to the studio that made Cars 2 for cryin out loud.

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Gotta be UPA. Gerald McBoing Boing and Rooty-Toot-Toot are amazing shorts with such a classic style, and Rocky and Bullwinkle is one of my all-time favorite cartoons (regardless of how well it's actually animated).

Others with more modern relevancy would be Laika, Aardman, Titmouse, and Bones.

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Laika has yet to make a bad film.  So that?


I guess the most consistent with quality though is Pixar, with Disney in a close second.

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