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  1. why is the sbc show still popular when i haven't posted an episode in months
  2. i havent posted an episode in about 1 million years and yet the show is still in the spongeboard (im actually working on it in private)
  3. WE ARE NUMBER ONE seriously, the sbc show is #1
  4. what's weird is that tdalt is still in the top 20s even though you haven't written an episode in so long
  5. pfffffff it was a joke since the sbc show made it to #1
  6. where's the spongeboard for this week i want to see if the sbc show got #2 again
  7. why is something i haven't even written for yet on here
  8. i can't believe my show was in the top 10 3 times #2, #3, and #8
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