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  1. OK, so I'm SERIOUSLY getting angry at myself w/ how Supreme: The Ivory Icon has been in development hell for 2 months almost

    1. 4EverGreen


      I'm also amazed (in a weird, sort of way), just how much music can FIT onto a 60.7 Gigabit Flash Drive! You would THINK that there couldn't POSSIBLY be that much music in the world that could fill it, and yet, I've already used up MORE than 44.4 Gigabits of it! If it weren't for the fact that I kind of NEED to put music onto my flash drive (being a Radio D.J.), I would be so MUCH more busy and able to write! What's interesting, is that I LITERALLY just looked up what a "Catch 22 Dilemma" is on TV Tropes. I would say it's probably not THAT severe for me, but definitely in the ball park. Enough said!

    2. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      you think that's bad, Lois, MLP had already began transitioning to G5 while I still had Trinity Leaf Pegasus in development for 10 years.

  2. this was far too easy (not a criticism, btw; I appreciate being cast as Emo Bootleg Darth Vader)
  3. Haven't been feeling too well lately

    1. 4EverGreen


      That sucks; I'm not in a position to feel secure about MY health, either. The county in which I live in, Covid-19 Omicron cases have jumped up 2,000 since last month! I mean, I'm feeling healthy, and so is my girlfriend, thankfully! But needless to say, the only way I'm going to feel REALLY comfortable touching someone else, is with a...39 and a half foot pole!

  4. OK, so I know I said "Supreme: The Ivory Icon" would be premiering soon, but it's been delayed yet again because I'm dealing with some personal things at the moment, as well as a bit of writer's block; but I promise, I PROMISE, it will premiere around New Year's.
  5. care for a grilled charlie, miss sauce?
  6. SBC, look, I got an award!


    1. jjsthekid


      Island, I got an award!

  7. -Crisis on Infinite Earths TPB -Supreme: Story of the Year and Supreme: The Return TPBs (effectively Alan Moore's entire run on said comic) -A new laptop
  8. OH MY GODS. I'M IN THE HALL OF FAME!? THANK YOU, THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES THANK YOU! Honestly, this is probably one of the most unexpected Christmas presents I've ever gotten - a place alongside the greatest writers of SBC like @Santa Mikeand @teenj12, even if I consider stuff like the vast majority of PR: MVF season 2 an old shame, I feel my writing nowadays has become, like me, more subtle and nuanced with age and I hope all my works going forward can live up to the standards being an Honorary Creator implies.
  9. He's Squid Ward, You're Squid Ward, I'M Squid Ward! Are there any other Squid Wards I should know about!?
  10. What Steel said - Imagine Dragons could have been something great - like a modern day Queen? ELO, maybe? But then they just looked at "Radioactive", "Demons", and "It's Time", and took away only the superficial stuff and none of what made those songs actually good.
  11. Kind of a hot take, but I agree with Alan Moore that "The Killing Joke" is not a very good story (and arguably has done more harm to the character of the Joker than good - namely in cementing his "crazy serial killer" incarnation as the default personality and making him so "iconic" to the point of overuse)

    1. 4EverGreen


      I personally thought the story was fine (controversial story elements not withstanding), but I can understand your perspective. If anything 'Good', can be said for "The Killing Joke", is that it was the comic book that inspired Mark Hamill to audition for The Joker in the 1989 movie version of "Batman", and eventually get to play him, during "Batman: The Animated Series".

    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      @Orlando BloomThat's true - it also gave us "The Dark Knight" and "Joker" films.

  12. Ayyyyyyy, teenj! Long time no see!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. TJ


      Absolutely go for it. I think superhero stories, stripped down to their basis, are so universal in their themes and nothing encapsulates that more than the Silver Age.

    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Weird question, but you wanna see what I got for the first episode?

    4. TJ


      Sure man, definitely PM me

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