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  1. new year's resolutions:

    -do devotional journals for my pantheon (yup, i'm a hellenic polytheist again)

    -actually get all my writing/music projects started

    -get my personal hygiene in check

    -start a shift away from anarchist politics on my twitter

    -Start my podcast

    -exercise and spend time with family more

  2. I'll miss ya, App (on here, at least).
  3. Tokyo Gore Police and Ichi the Killer; I've started attending Kast movie nights hosted by my Twitter friend Sadie Satanas, where she shows trashy grindhouse splatter films; this was my first time being there, and lemme tell ya, I was not disappointed.
  4. Hocus Pocus. "Yabbos" and pretty much any of Sarah's lines have become in-jokes between me and my partners.
  5. So, I've started getting into tabletop RPGs again (I'm focusing on rules-light stuff since it's easier to get into)?
  6. Why is Sarah Sanderson everyone's fave (including me)?
  7. Hold up. Do you mean terrible like lousy, or terrible like scary?
  8. Yeah, hiis music was featured in GTA V, which is really surprising because he's an uber-obscure artist? Like one of those artists only your trashy garage rock-loving hipster friends know?
  9. I'm trying to write songs too, and it's not as easy as you think Thankfully, I'm learning music theory to make it easier (speaking of, I need to get back on that)? Also, ever heard of this dude Nobunny?
  10. I have an idea on how I'd want the Renegade the Unicorn and the Triple Sicks' album (provisionally titled "...In Whore-ifying 36D!") to be produced: similarly to the Beatles' famous sessions for Please Please Me; that is, recorded live, with as few takes and little to no overdubbing as possible.

  11. Holy shiz, I found an album that (for lack of a better term) makes The Shaggs' Philosophy of the World more accessible. Like...compare this... to this?: Like, I'm thinking, "THIS is what it should've sounded like if these girls had more experience and a less demanding dad!" Granted, there are still quirks and intricacies of you really listen, but it's overall way more garage-y pop/rock?
  12. Honestly, it's more of a horror-comedy now that I think about it?
  13. Well, it takes some influence from Wes Craven's "The People Under the Stairs", and involves archetypical horror characters (promiscuous cheerleader, arrogant jock, nerdy guy, virgin girl, etc.) venturing into the seemingly abandoned Addams mansion only to be treated as guests by the titular family. Only, unfortunately, what (for the Addamses) counts as hospitality is...well, pretty fuckin deadly for these archetypical characters. And the thing is, the family still keep their generally non-malicious personalities; they're killing their "guests" entirely by accident, and they treat the deaths as more of a "Well, this is unfortunate" sort of thing?
  14. Did I ever tell you about my idea for The Addams Family reimagined as a horror flick?
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