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  1. Tricky Dick's got some lick to smoke, so prop me up if you please~

  2. I am relinquishing full creative control of Power Rangers: Multiverse Force to @4EverGreen, since I have no creative interest in the series anymore, and am moving on from SBC in general to work on my shared superhero universe (which will primarily be posted on DeviantArt and AO3). My plan is to give him what I have of "The Obligatory Food Pyramid Episode" for him to finish, then wash my hands entirely of MVF.
  3. Hey, guys - apologies for not being here so long; just been busy with trying to figure out Cakewalk so my music can take off.

    1. Incidental 6

      Incidental 6

      Well, I'm just glad you're all right. And if you ever plan to take off for seven months again, could you at least give us a two week warning, so we'll know you're just taking a break? Please and thank you in advance!

  4. i don't get people who act like they're better simply because of their music tastes? (admittedly, in hindsight i was this)
  5. i prefer early Arctic Monkeys to their later stuff, not to say that stuff isn't damn good, it just isn't what i normally prefer?
  6. Same. I love anything relating to the Golden Age or New Hollywood era.
  7. So, it's been months, hasn't it? Power Rangers: Multiverse Force: "The Obligatory Food Episode" is climbing out of development hell, but I will post it soon; I'm trying to limit my focus to one or two stories at a time. SBChammer 40,000: Dark Heresy: a meta-literature set in the Warhammer 40k universe and based on the Dark Heresy TTRPG, this darkly humorous horror-mystery series follows a group of Acolytes in the Imperial Inquisition (based on myself, @HawkbitAlpha, @Steel Sponge, @4EverGreen, @Katniss, @Cha, and @Sauce Mama) under the command of Inquisitor @jjsthekid as they investi
  8. So I'm finally returning on a more permanent basis.

    1. Incidental 10

      Incidental 10

      Well, welcome back!

  9. So, after much thought and admitted procrastination, here I am (finally) making a topic to post my music under, partly inspired by @Young Nug's own music sharing topic. With that out of the way, let's get down to business to defeat the Huns and answer some questions you probably aren't gonna ask, but I'm gonna answer anyway. What kind of music do you make?: Horror/garage punk and psychobilly. What do you use to make music, and how do you approach making music?: I use Pro Tools First (for necessity's sake, since my cerebral palsy would make playing most instruments ne
  10. new year's resolutions:

    -do devotional journals for my pantheon (yup, i'm a hellenic polytheist again)

    -actually get all my writing/music projects started

    -get my personal hygiene in check

    -start a shift away from anarchist politics on my twitter

    -Start my podcast

    -exercise and spend time with family more

  11. Tokyo Gore Police and Ichi the Killer; I've started attending Kast movie nights hosted by my Twitter friend Sadie Satanas, where she shows trashy grindhouse splatter films; this was my first time being there, and lemme tell ya, I was not disappointed.
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