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  1. potatoes and molasses 


    1. kev



      iconic epusode

    2. Coraline



  3. lmfao remember Jet Fusion? 

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    2. Dr. Dark

      Dr. Dark

      I mean, Beautiful Gorgeous is a product of his semen. My guy must've finished something

    3. Kuromi


      that manlet probably shot his load early, so still only did half of something 

    4. NegiVampy


      I remember that wedding episode of Jet Fusion.

  4. i realize i make at least one spongebob reference a day either in my head or out loud. is that unhealthy? 😂

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    2. That Spooky SpongeKid

      That Spooky SpongeKid

      no, because i do the same thing!

    3. E.V.I.L.


      Quite contrary, you are healthier than most people by this alone !

    4. JCM
  5. Seeing the Jonas Brothers 2nite! Boutta relive my childhood...

    1. That Spooky SpongeKid
    2. kev


      u really are a sucker for them Ha!

    3. Kuromi
  6. Wowow i cannot wait for the Steven Universe movie k bye

  7. sooo i got kacey musgraves AND Jonas Brothers tickets...needless to say im stoked

    1. Coraline


      YOU ARE SO LUCKY. Have fun at Kacey omg 

    2. HawkbitAlpha


      TIL I'm not the only person on this site who knows Kacey even exists

    3. ooooooofy


      omg they are two of my favs!!! Have fun!!!

  8. yo. imagine if james baxter animated a scene in spongebob. ?? #randomthought

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      He'd be hired for Squnschpunsch if it were a dream project that existed, but it'd actually be useful since it would have good animation in the first place for him to work with. ? 

  9. even after all these years my love for tumblr is still strong

    1. Coraline


      omg yes, I still go on often haha

    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      I feel indifferent on the NSFW thing, since that stuff is gross

      but using a bot to stop it isn't a good idea

  10. Appointment TV was one of the best SB episodes I've seen in a while omfg ?

    1. Dracula Phineas
    2. Klu



      That episode was awesome

  11. hey hi hello i love steven universe bye

  12. Thoughts on Ariana's new album?

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    2. kylie✨


      really really disliked the pharrel-produced tracks

    3. Clappy


      It’s such a frustrating album.  I like, hell even love my fair share of songs from this, but there are so many bafflingly bad songs that are some of the worst she’s ever done.  As middle of the road of an album as possible.

    4. Sauce Mama

      Sauce Mama

      I like Pharrell and all, but i really wish he hadn't helped her with this album. I love sweetener and get well soon thooooo

  13. So they'll reboot Rugrats along with other shows but they won't reboot ROCKET POWER?!?!

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    2. JCM


      pls dont tempt them sauce

    3. Coraline


      a lot of reboots are trash so maybe you should be relieved they aren't doing Rocket Power :Laugh:

    4. Freaky Fred-Day

      Freaky Fred-Day

      Agreed with Kat above. I'll be honest, I'm a bit iffy about most reboot shows in general. Conclusions like The Jungle Movie and Samurai Jack Season 5 are completely fine but when it comes to reviving an old property, even if it's one of a property I like or am fond of (Rocket Power falls more into the latter category for me), I'm very skeptical.


      I mean, for all we know, it could be great but on the other hand, it might end up sucking and I don't want Rocket Power going down the same route as the other shows.

  14. I finally got discord lol

  15. So....is Ink Lemonade really that bad? I haven't seen it yet.

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    2. kev


      i thought the spider was cute 


    3. Funyarinpa


      That was the worst thing you heathen

    4. Freaky Fred-Day

      Freaky Fred-Day

      I thought that Patrick was gonna hit the spider with his rock

  16. Hot take: "Strange Boy" by The Shacks is a cool jam.

  17. today i learned that King Dice was inspired by Cab Calloway omfg

    1. Dracula Phineas
    2. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      @SOF You obviously don't watch old Betty Boop cartoons.

  18. Does anyone else listen to Iration?

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    2. Sauce Mama
    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      No, I'm not mainstream like you two :cool: #hipster

      but srsly, tho, who are they? I'm always looking to expand my music tastes.

    4. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      They're a reggae/rock fusion band. I think you might enjoy them. :P 

  19. New profile music feat. Migos ;D

    1. Coraline


      Honestly in love with that beat

  20. I've been super into Cab Calloway's music lately. I know its old af from the 30s and 40s but as anyone else listened to his music?

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    2. Freaky Fred-Day

      Freaky Fred-Day

      I used to play Mack the Knife in the jazz band I was a part of, like, 2 years ago

    3. The Patient

      The Patient

      Hi-dee hi-dee hi-dee hi.

    4. Freaky Fred-Day

      Freaky Fred-Day

      wait wtf I meant Minnie the Moocher, I'm stupid

  21. ur supposed to push the buttons with the pictures of FOOD ON EM

    1. Wumbo


      Don't need to, Skeet!

    2. Freaky Fred-Day

      Freaky Fred-Day

      I wish I could push the buttons with the pictures of food on them at the McDonald's I work at. :(

  22. This Snowball skin/theme makes me happy.

  23. That's what I said! Sodium chloride!

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    2. Dr. Dark

      Dr. Dark

      I remember I got a question right out loud during my 7th grade science class because of that. I never felt more smarter than everybody else.

    3. The Patient

      The Patient


      "Sodium chloride!"

      "That's what I said."

    4. Wumbo


      jimmy neutron is the og sheldon cooper pass it on

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