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Top 3 Most Disturbing SpongeBob Episodes

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Lol face freeze is actually great once you realize it. I used to hate it, now it's like top 5 of season 8. and season 8 is great.

Am I the only one who doesn't think Are You Happy Now is bad?

Yes, but you also invented chocolatesoup.
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Am I the only who found SpongeBob's transformation into a snail in "I Was a Teenage Gary" at least somewhat disturbing as a kid?

no, i found it disturbing as i got older

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Anyone have the Squidward turning into a snail deleted scene?

Face Freeze, kinda disturbing. 4.5/10

Are You Happy Now?, ...weird..but funny. Kinda like the Nickelodeon Gone Wild Creepypasta. 5.5/10

Squidward's Suicide, Creepypasta rating is: 0.0/10, Regular rating: n/a

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