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What is Bothering You? (Physically)


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My infected cavity. These antibiotics are making it go down, but now it hurts to close my mouth all the way or accidentally bite something with that tooth. Can't wait until I get it removed. I think I've swallowed more Tylenol, Advil, and ibuprofen (mixing those is okay, don't worry) than I've swallowed food all week (that's a lowkey exaggeration of course, but I'm poppin' pills like an addict)


Oh, and a head-cold :I

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I've had some sort of stomach pain since I had lunch; it seemingly died down whilst at uni and when on the way to and from uni, but I've just had dinner and it's back again. I don't quite think it's a stomach ache because it doesn't necessarily hurt but it's effective enough to be bothersome to me.

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My right arm feels kinda sore from when some friends and I went bowling on Thursday. Kinda sucks how the pain's only been around since this morning and yet didn't hurt at all for the rest of the day I actually used but ho hum, I guess that's how it works.

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