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I know THIS is off-topic (of course, that's the whole POINT of this topic), but I feel like the Sega Genesis could NOT make a good R.P.G. to save it's LIFE! "Sword of Vermilion" was TOO slow, "Shining Force" actually RESPAWNS enemies that you've already beaten, which meant "Shining Force II" was automatically off-limits, and the player strategy guides I looked up for "Phantasy Star IV", "Light Crusaders", and "Beyond Oasis" on Gamespot.com were TOO long! Maybe if Sega devoted less resources to add-on devices to the Sega Genesis that never really panned out, they could have used THOSE resources to make THOSE games into better games, or not spend the resources to make THOSE games, in order to make the add-on devices for the Sega Genesis, instead be more successful stand-alone video game systems! Enough said, true believers!

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Maybe it's just a sign that I'm getting a LITTLE older, but does anybody else BESIDES me think that "Mega Man X2" (even on "Mega Man X Legacy Collection" for the Nintendo Switch), was made WAY much harder than it should've REASONABLY been made?! I like games to be CHALLENGING, not unreasonable! :rolleyes:

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