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Which of the 7 Deadly Sins do you relate to most?



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  1. 1. welp

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the sbm topic about this made me curious, so I decided to make this here too. I'm just gonna copy what I said on sbm here.

I could take sloth cuz i'm lazy or envy cuz i'm so jealous sometimes or wrath because i can be very angry or gullutony cuz my hunger has become more active over the years but I think I'll go with lust. It's so hard for me to control my urges. Yeah i'm still at puberity but come on, I'm 19 and i still have hard time controlling. There's not an hour for me without thinking of men and it sucks most of the time because i feel so awkward and nervous. And my desperation for sex is just stronger these days and i say desperation cuz living among straight guys is literally torture for me cuz none of them are interested in me. =/ 


Tell me yours. (smirk) 

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