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  1. I will be My Leg (Because I can not really think of anything else)
  2. I will have to go with hyacinths on this one!
  3. March and the rainy weather!
  4. Happy birthday to @Dreaded Patrick !
  5. I really like golden retrievers! I also like pomeranians and dachshunds ( but I actually like them all because I am a huge dog lover )
  6. -clothes -a spongebob time card thing to go on the mirror in my car - spongebob pictures to go on the wall - a spongebob pen - candy - nail polish - a disney dog journal - a patrick sponge on the run funko pop - gift card to barnes and noble that is $25 - shiba inu slippers and some other stuff, we usually go all out for christmas lol
  7. i would like to hop across icebergs!
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