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    - Drumming on streetlights
    - Riffs! Yeah, right!
    - Pug trafficking
    - Grand Slams with extra Ham and a SIDE OF CARROT CAKE
    - FUUUCK
    - Throwin' down face-downs
    - Then ending my turns
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    - Puhhhhh
    - "Yo! Kai!"
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    - drinking up the gift of Jericho
    - I feel like I'm a bigger fan of Pokemon now than I was as a kid
    - Putting children's cartoon characters into adult situations
    - Honor
    - Family
    - Tradition
    - And donuts
    - Not Caring!
    - Covering wars, ya know
    - Getting it memorized
    - Making tombstones for stray dogs
    - This list is getting UPBEAT! UPBEAT!
    - Forklift racing
    - DENIM
    - Shaun White hoodies
    - Heading to the Tiki Lodge for some R&R
    - Breaking out the butter
    - Making toast
    - The George Lopez Show for like, the first 3 times
    - Same with My Wife and Kids
    - Standing unshaken amidst the clashing of worlds
    - Rodan.
    - Godzilla.
    - Bringing the darkness and the thunder
    - Coming from hell and pulling you under
    - Making you feel the wrath of my ways
    - Being the end of your days
    - When it's time to make the donuts
    - Dead Rising
    - DashieGames (pause?)
    - Being remembered as the July 2011 Employee of the Month
    - That's me!
    - That's MEEEEE! That's meee!
    - Employee of the MOOOOOONTH!
    - Mecha
    - Yes, Dear (somebody please syndicate this fucking show again! Put it on Netflix, Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle, something!)
    - Sharks
    - Monster Hunter
    - Saving people
    - Hunting things
    - The family business
    - Kaiju No. 8
    - Lemons
    - Tangerines
    - Letting It Rip
    - Kissing your bot GOODBYE
    - Battling to be da man
    - Catching goblins on tape
    - collecting Universal Media Discs
    - Universal Media Discs
    - Just the PSP in general, mang
    - Baking pies without killing a dozen men! Ha ha ha

    This is the life, you see. The devil tips his hat to me.
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  1. The type of catharsis and thorough study on depression I needed right after riffing that pokemonstrosity. Nothing will ever send me on a whirlwind of emotions quite like this miniseries of riffing theater. May you join fellow theater, SBCinema, in resting easily in Davy Jones’ Locker.
  2. News of Volition’s closure today hit me in the childhood (or teenhood). Gonna take this post to highlight the influence their Saints Row series had on some of my writing throughout the years. RIP Volition
  3. Birfday happy, 4EverGreen! Hope it’s a good’un
  4. Hard to beat Bubble Buddy. Whatever Happened to SpongeBob or Who R Zoo would probably be my next choice.
  5. Man, the cause of death hits hard for me https://www.wrestlezone.com/news/1397993-bray-wyatt-cause-of-death-revealed/amp Really curious how tonight’s Smackdown shapes up with there being reports that day to day business at the E has come to a halt in the wake to his passing. I kinda hope they dedicate the entire two hours to celebrating his life and career. EDIT: Smackdown turned out to be a fitting tribute to both Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt. Glad Rowan could be brought in as well. LA Knight ending the night off with a dub was a great feel good ending.
  6. Bumpin’ this relic after 2 years to report that finally, after years upon years of watching Hangin’ with Dashie vlogs, I finally got to eat some Chick Fil-A for meself at the newest location they opened up on the island about a month or so ago. It was p good, I guess. I think I might prefer Raising Cane’s more
  7. Figured this would be the best place to post up this piece of news https://finance.yahoo.com/news/subway-agrees-to-be-sold-to-jimmy-johns-owner-roark-capital-121920474.html they may not’ve necessarily had the best sandwiches for my taste buds (that goes to Jersey Mike’s), but Quizno’s marketing has stuck with me forever. Still miss you Quizno’s that was just a brisk walk away from my house.
  8. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1375774/bray-wyatt-dead-wwe-star-third-generation-wrestler-unexpectedly-dies-age-36/ like dude what the actual fuck? To lose such a promising wrestler this young and this out of the blue so soon after just losing an absolute legend in Terry Funk. My heart goes out to all who knew Windham and Terry personally, as well as to all the wrestling braddah and sistahs who loved both those guys as much as I did. Man, this feels like Brodie Lee all over again. Those promos Bray cut when he first came back hit a lot different now, almost like he was trying to say his peace to the fans before things could get worse. You were without a doubt one of my absolute favorite things about this past decade in wrestling. Rest easy, Windham Rotunda.
  9. Welp, this is the nostalgia run’s end, beautiful friends (and perhaps it’s for the best since this session’s simulations kinda did a number on some of my big Brawl-o-ween plans small kine). It was a lot of fun getting the chance to run this idea back in a more fleshed out way that I originally thought was gonna be a bitch and a half to ever pull off, but modern day WWE game wrestler creation suites are a hell of a thing. Way more advanced and intuitive than the games that I grew up playing. And it even opened the door to finally close the door on Community Deathmatch in a more fun and fitting way. The recording sessions I had when producing Brawlin’ Summer was some of the most fun I’ve had working on anything to post on here period. I’m calling this a “season finale” for now because I would really like to come back to SpongeBrawl eventually, but for now I just need to unwind, figure shit out and not focus too much time and energy on some stupid, niche hobby of mine. Shout out to anyone on here and on YouTube who watched any of these shits, even if just once. A dumb concept like this getting ANY views or subscribers in general is sweet victory enough for me. Hopefully we get to do this again later on down the line. But until then, I’ll still be trying to do the writing thing, for better or worse.
  10. Gonna offload the rest of the content I have for this in the can, and from there, I will at the very least put SpongeBrawl on hiatus for the foreseeable future. So no Halloween series, no year-end awards and dream match showcase. I just gotta focus on other stuff and it’s not like this is anything more than a really niche hobby of mine anyway. I’ll be posting the rest of the Boating School Scraps show for now. I started recording matches for a pair of shows I originally had planned for September, but I’ll just take what I already got done between those two and post however many there are under a single playlist next week or something. And those’ll be the last pieces of SpongeBrawl content I’ll be posting.
  11. It’s the first day back to school here in Hawaii, you know what that means?! A GOOD OL’ FASHIONED SCHOOLYARD SCRAP! I kinda wanna see how well this fares as a standalone upload in the YouTube algorithm (but knowing my luck, prob not too good). So the rest of the show will go up on Friday.
  12. I really dodged a bullet picking Yoda’s Cookies over this. Glad I at least avoided having to riff the one-two punch of both this and the pocket monstrosity I’m riffing next. I honestly don’t know which story is worse and that scares me.
  13. the fourth flavor baybay, IT TASTES JUST LIKE
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