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  1. Joined this website exactly ten years ago. Whew, where'd all that time go? <333

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. That Excited SpongeKid
    3. NegiSpongie


      I'm coming up the ten year mark too. I had NO IDEA that I joined on Christmas.

    4. Katniss


      happy 10th anniversary dude! :plankton2:

  2. Whoa, MA back in the top 10 with a vengeance! Love it!
  3. KOTM cracking the top 10
  4. Wow, a huge thanks to the fans and readers who made it possible for Team SpongeBob's series finale to secure #1. You guys have been the best .
  5. Whoa, MA and TS came back with a vengeance, haha.
  6. Very happy that Team SpongeBob took it's first #1 spot on the SpongeBoard . Huge thanks to the fans!
  7. Holy damn! Team SpongeBob's views are lit <3 .
  8. Awesome, all my creations made the list.
  9. All three of my S/O's on the board, awesome!
  10. Wow, surprised about TS garnering 101 views this week.
  11. Wow, Miss Appear made #8. So happy about that
  12. The views were killin' it this week.
  13. Glad to see I.J.L.S.A in the top five!
  14. Hot damn, these views are lovely.
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