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  1. Every episode of Fairly OddParents season 7 rated: Updated spreadsheet with pie charts: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PFdcT2-ZdkQ7qZrR5Aq3-bsN5e4wNA3u/view?usp=sharing
  2. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart - Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus
  3. (a.k.a. the moment where I steal Cha's style of SB forum shitposting by doing a thread like it of my own) As the diagram of Gary and Patrick's family tree seems to imply, Carl is the only, adopted child of Prince Callous and Prince Dingus (SB says gay rights!), who bore no children of his own and was left to see the legacy of his parents die before he would then die too. Most people ask who is Carl, but few people have asked what happened to Carl. Rumor has it that Carl killed himself via overdose. No matter what happened for Carl, it should still be known that his life was indeed a tragic one.
  4. TOP 20 WORST NOSTALGIA CRITIC VIDEOS (FINAL THOUGHTS) This has been an in-depth look at the worst of the Nostalgia Critic over the course of Doug's career. A review this grand isn't complete without pouring out some extra, final commentary to wrap it all up. In other words, I will finish this review as whole with, not an eulogy, but a proper sendoff to Doug and his Nostalgia Critic series before moving past both entirely. Over the course of this critique on the Nostalgia Critic, and as well as on Doug Walker, either as a reviewer, or a comedian, or a internet personality, I have broken down Doug for the kind of person that he is now: an internet critic devoid of talent in his craft who still boards the sinking ship of an internet platform that is Channel Awesome, and due to his reluctance in atoning for his past mistakes, as described as part of the platform's controversial history that we discovered since 2018, out of fear of litigation, has nothing much to look forward to after NC is officially done. After everything that I've said that finely summed up why the NC series isn't good and never was as great as most of us once thought it was to begin with, I yet cannot bring myself to say that I hate the Nostalgia Critic. Sure, I don't like Doug Walker as a person and I dislike what his series has become in recent years. What I mean is despite all of Doug's flaws as a critic, as an entertainer, and even as a filmmaker, there's no denying that he has still played an important role in building up the internet reviewing community, even if you really want to deny it. This is a factor as to why I still have some ounce of respect to the NC series even after the whole Channel Awesome fallout. For someone who may now be one of the most hated critics on the internet, there's also no denying that the Nostalgia Critic series' former fans, including myself, saw something in him before coming to our ultimate realization that the series wasn't that good even since those long gone days. Somehow, we found his jokes to be funny. Somehow, we found Doug's antics as the Critic to be entertaining. Somehow, we thought of him as a respectful reviewer. Somehow, we saw legit talent in him. It's amusing that former fans like myself feel pretty much the opposite now. Doug's style of reviewing and comedy don't mean so much to us anymore, and the guy who we once respected turns out to be not so much of a pleasant kind of person. Even after Doug Walker's fall from grace within the public eye, and in the world of internet critics, I also can't deny that some good came out of the Nostalgia Critic. This is where I restate what I said about how vital Doug was in making the internet reviewing community grow. Of course, James Rolfe a.k.a. The Angry Video Game Nerd, may be the catalyst in constructing a world of internet critics with personality, but it was the Critic who I felt solidified this impact. Granted, when Channel Awesome was starting to grow, most of its contributors were already established to follow in the Critic's footsteps, as did the rest of any other smaller critic when they decided to take influence from Doug. Most of us regret taking influence from him, but the sheer amount of influence from the Critic that rubbed off on us is still fairly impressive. While we all still have our regrets in taking influence from him, that's not to say that something good came out of the NC for folks after phasing out from the series. You can say that I learned some things that I shouldn't do as a reviewer through evaluating as many bad NC reviews that I could find and then watch. In addition, while several former content creators from CA couldn't match their old success, some have managed to overcome their old style, developed a distinctive personality, and have continued to be successful in their own right. You know what kind of people I'm talking about, right? Names like Lindsay Ellis, Linkara, Angry Joe, Todd in the Shadows, Larry Bundy Jr., and Chris Stuckmann are still well-known in the world of internet reviewers past their respective careers on CA. On top of that, I feel like most others that managed to make a name out of themselves without CA have done so by phasing out of NC. In other words, Doug walked (no pun intended), so we all could run. As I may have already considered, I do not think Doug Walker is a great reviewer. However, I do not think he is one of the worst critics like some others would say, rather I think he feels very...well, lost. The internet has long moved past the Nostalgia Critic style of review content. Doug stills seems to be caught in the past that is his inability to cope with the failure of what was meant to be his masterpiece (Demo Reel). More-so, despite changing things around for his series since at least 2015, Doug hasn't really done much innovation for the NC ever since. This all gives me the impression that Doug these days doesn't have a plan on what to do with his career after the Nostalgia Critic, nor does he have a plan to evolve as a critic, as an entertainer, or even as a person, which brings me to this particular concern I have with him... I would like to see Doug improve with his work, but I have a feeling that he wouldn't really be able to redeem himself, aside from the fact that the #ChangeTheChannel debacle ruined his self-credibility and his video on The Wall destroyed his reputation as a critic. For the most part, as long as he's still keeping the estranged CA CEO Mike Michaud company, he's very much never going to be redeemed for his past wrongdoings that I addressed before. He could simply leave CA on his own terms and give himself the freedom to do whatever he wants, but of course, since Doug isn't willing to give up the Critic, and while Mike still holds the rights to his show, Doug's future isn't looking bright due to continuing to be bound to CA. No matter how I feel about Doug and the Nostalgia Critic now, there remains a recurring thought I have of him where I feel like he can do better because he has done better. For reasons, I've considered myself as a former fan of the NC series. I saw some talent in him before and I do believe he still has some in him but he just isn't able to show it. Again, I would like to see Doug improve himself, but it would take a lot in order for him to do so. This is all that I think he should do: 1) deflate his own ego and bring himself down to earth, 2) face the courage to admit to and apologize for his wrongs, 3) put more effort into his series if he chooses to continue NC; stop piling himself with other needless projects like Dark Toons and such, and at least try to innovate NC more, and 4) own up to his failures and turn around those past experiences towards learning to improve his own craft and to improve himself as a content creator. There's no telling when the Nostalgia Critic series will end. However, after this whole long piece, my time with Doug and NC has ended. No matter what new content from Doug comes my way in the near future, I won't bother. Even for a hypothetical NC episode of say...the first theatrical SpongeBob movie, I will miss it for the world. If I hear from Doug that he has been improving himself as a person and as reviewer, perhaps I will change my mind, but I don't expect it to happen anytime soon, so I know it's best to just move on from Doug Walker and his series. And so that was the Nostalgia Critic. I remembered him so I won't have to keep doing so for as long as he continues to stick around.
  5. Well, let's see how I did with this one since after...I believe it's 7 years since my last guest write for SBCinema: 90. Guardians of the Community Film: Guardians of the Galaxy In the year 2011, a young man named Travis is in the waiting room, listening to his Bikini Top Season 1 mixtape on his iPod (“Mama Who Bore Me” as sung by Lea Michele is playing) when was called out to see his “wife” Sara on her death bed. Sara gives Travis a present as they see each other for one last time. Witnessing her death, Travis then runs outside before being taken by a spaceship. Nine years have now passed as Travis, a.k.a. that70sguy, is shown on the Forumotion planet, searching around for an orb while listening to his personal mixtape (“Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH13 plays during said scene). 70s manages to escape with the orb after confronting a hunter from a ResetEra army. (“Forever Yong” by Youth Group plays as 70s is inside his ship) 70s’s accomplice Jjs, leader of the Managers, contacts him, telling 70s to give the orb to him. 70s has plans of his own on what to do with the orb and so betrays him while Jjs puts a bounty on his head. On the ResetEra warship, the hunter reports back to his leader that 70s has the orb. The leader, Hayden the Accuser, who desires the orb so he could exchange it to Thanos to destroy the planet of SBC and then create one anew in the form of another ResetEra planet, decides to send in Katie, a vampire who was trained under his adoptive father Thanos to be his assassin, volunteers to go after the orb. 70s arrives on the SBC planet, to have a broker (JCM in a cameo) help explain to him what it is due to Hayden wanting the particular object. After being promptly kicked out of the shop due to mention of Hayden’s name, 70s is then ambushed by Katie and as well as by two bounty hunters named Renegade, a cybernetically modified unicorn, and G4ryoot, a sentient tree with a face shaped like Dug from the Pixar film Up who could only say “balls itch.” The skirmish then leads to up to 70s, Katie, Ren, and G4ryoot being arrested by Invision HQ and sent to a prison known as the Dutchman’s Shipyard. (“Beat Control” by Tilly and the Wall plays during 70s’s moments at the space prison) Katie attracts attention from the other prison mates due to her being the adopted daughter of Thanos, including Hawk the Destroyer, who wants to avenge against Hayden for the death of his fellows on his former planet TF51. Katie then reassures to Hawk that she has no relation to Hayden and doesn’t intend to deceive him. Further on, 70s convinces to Hawk that Katie could bring Hayden to him due to her ties with him. After admitting to crossing Hayden so that the orb could not land in his hands, Katie then composes a plan to sell the mysterious orb to a collector named WhoBob, with 70s, Ren, and G4ryoot agreeing to split the reward. Renegade crafts up an escape plan from the Shipyard, which succeeds. Hawk decides to join in on the escape, as joining forces with Katie and the others would allow for him to confront and defeat Hayden thereafter. At the internet sanctuary, Hayden reports to Thanos about Katie being a traitor and so Thanos assigns Hayden to take care of the situation and take the orb. The members on the run escape the Shipyard, after 70s had to turn back for a moment to retrieve his iPod. (“Shut Up and Drive” by Rihanna plays during said escape) The collective settle inside 70s’s own ship, which he had named Sivan, and they each start getting to know each other more before their scheduled appointment with the collector. (“Fireflies” by Owl City plays as the ship reaches the collector’s planet) Hawk, Ren, and G4ryoot bond with a game of Cards Against Humanity and subsequently getting drunk, 70s and Katie bond over their love of vampires and with music, by way of 70s giving her a listen to his mixtape and offering her to dance with him, which she declines. (“Our Song” by Taylor Swift plays while 70s tells Katie about the legend of Footloose) Eventually, the collector’s assistant arrives near the Sivan ship to guide the group of members to meet him. Hawk, still drunk, calls out for Hayden the Accuser. The group of members then meet up with the collector, WhoBob, who opens up the orb to reveal the Infinity Post inside of it, further explaining to the members that it contains immeasurable power that could be used as a weapon to destroy planets and as well as people except the most powerful beings, and that there are more Infinity Posts out there. The collector’s assistant, DarknessDG, touches the Infinity Post. Due to its power, it ends up poisoning her and triggers an explosion within the collector’s keep. The members leave WhoBob’s destroyed gallery with the orb and the Infinity Post intact, but are then confronted by Hayden and his army. 70s, Katie, and Ren take off in their own ships while Hayden’s crew, and as well as Thanos’s second adoptive daughter, More, tail them while Hawk takes on Hayden himself. He ends up being defeated by the powers of ResetEra thread spams invested in Hayden. Katie’s ship is blown up by More, who then takes the orb containing the Infinity Post from her. 70s allows himself and Katie to get captured by Jjs and his troupe as he contacts him on his whereabouts before leaving his Sivan ship to save Katie by giving her his helmet. Inside Jjs’s own ship, he was about to ban 70s for having deceived him until 70s offers to give him the MacGuffin if he manages to get it back from Hayden and his army. Not long after, Hawk, Ren, and G4ryoot pilot the Sivan, making their way into Jjs’s ship to save 70s. The trio threatens to blow up Jjs’ ship with one of Ren’s weapons before 70s persuades them about the compromise he made with Jjs. Hayden the Accuser, meanwhile, cuts his deal with Thanos now that he has one of the Infinity Posts and sets to destroy SBC himself. 70s, back on-board the Sivan alongside Katie, Hawk, Ren, and G4ryoot, start devising a plan to stop Hayden from using the powers of the Infinity Post to destroy the SBC planet, whilst issuing Invision HQ a warning about Hayden’s arrival. (“Gives You Hell” by All-American Rejects plays during the team’s planning) Ren plans to blow a hole inside of Hayden’s ship, the Dark Shellder, so he and the others can board it while Katie plans to cut the security system and then blast Hayden with a ban-cannon made by Ren. The first phase of the plan succeeds and the members board the Dark Shellder, before Ren then aides Jjs and the Managers to defend the SBC planet from the ResetEra army. While 70s, Hawk, and G4ryoot make their way to the bridge of the ship, Katie confronts More. She manages to defeat More, who then makes her escape. Taking notice of the infiltration, Hayden orders his ship to crash into the SBC planet. The members easily get past the bridge to face Hayden, but they are outmatched by him until Ren crashes the Sivan into the Dark Shellder. As the ship is about to crash land into the SBC planet, G4ryoot shields 70s, Katie, Ren, and Hawk, sacrificing his life in the process, and then uttering his final words “Our balls itch.” G4ryoot is reduced to a pile of branches. Hayden survives the crash due to the Infinity Post’s power. As Hayden raised his warhammer, preparing to destroy the SBC planet, 70s stops him by challenging him to a dance-off (with “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles playing), in order to distract him so he could release the Infinity Post from Hayden’s weapon. Ren and Hawk destroy the warhammer while 70s grabs hold of the Infinity Post, which in turn makes him react in the similar way as to what happened to WhoBob’s assistant. Katie then advises 70s to hold her hand. Hawk and Ren do the same, letting the power of the Infinity Stone spread to them, using the power to defeat Hayden. In the end of the battle, Ren collects G4ryoot’s remains while 70s is about to face Jjs once again about the deal they made with the orb. 70s gives Jjs the orb without hesitation. However, it is later revealed that he had switched the orbs while the one with the Infinity Post is given to Invision HQ. When giving them the artifact, 70s then learns that he is half human and beholds the unusual genes that allowed for him to hold onto the Infinity Post without dying. A celebration is held on Jjs’ ship. He finds out that the orb was a fake, but is smiling nonetheless. The group of members are now officially known as the Guardians of the Community to cap it all off…but not without a potential sequel hook (AN: if I feel I’m up for it, of course) where 70s opens up Sara’s gift, revealed to be a Bikini Top Season 2 mixtape (“You Found Me” by The Fray plays during this scene). 70s, who isn’t amused to have been given a gift relating to a spin-off that he is no longer proud of, moves past his thoughts on the days of old to focus on what to do now as leader of the Guardians. Ren is also shown with a planting pot containing a stick that used to be G4ryoot. In a post-credits scene, Baby G4ryoot is seen dancing to “1999” by Big K.R.I.T.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES/TRIVIA: Guardians of the Community Awesome Mix Vol. 1:
  6. I Don't Care Anymore - Phil Collins
  7. Just thought that I'd make the announcement here that I should be able to get the next SBCinema episode done later this Sunday or the day after. I know more eps for that series is due for later this month, so I know I can't delay it any longer.
  8. Now I know exactly why that scene is made the way it is. Typical of me to not pick that up since I've been sleeping on the Ghostbusters franchise. Still though, for someone who hates tropes on being poetic and such, Doug doesn't seem to mind having to use them for his own series for reviews like GB 2016 and The Lorax.
  9. my youtube recommended videos sidebar right now:

    -Mulan 2020 sucked
    -Mulan 2020 sucked
    -Mulan 2020 sucked
    -Mulan 2020 sucked

  10. TOP 20 WORST NOSTALGIA CRITIC VIDEOS (#10-#1) That should finally wrap up my commentary on the list proper, but I can’t finish a project that is this grandiose without somewhat of a eulogy to act as my final send off to Doug Walker and the Nostalgia Critic, so stick around for that.
  11. nah he predicted if there was another phienas and febr movie in production. But yeah, there is a new P&F special on Disney+. I would move discussion for Candace Against the Universe over to the respective P&F thread in this forum. Don't know why we still need this topic, lol.
  12. Alright, my 12 hours were up, so here's a report on how much I got done in a day that I decided to do this kind of experiment. I've chose to binge on MLP: FIM in due to my commitment to be caught up with it now that it has ended its run since the past year, and considering that it's 10th anniversary is coming close. In 12 hours, I managed to watch 21 episodes of season 8 (the second-to-last season of the series), nearly the entire season in one day. I've had to do some breaks in-between, but what matters is that I've made it towards my goal (at least 20 episodes in 12 hours), so I can very much say that I can see myself doing more of these. I'll come back here when I have a date set up for the next time I intend to do another series binging session.
  13. Tokyo Love Hotel - Rina Sawayama
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