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  1. We have a challenge to EIDOS. In Tomb Raider III, create a storyline in which Lara gets breast cancer. Imagine the drama of a vulnerable Lara Croft still persisting on her worldly adventures despite her illness. It needs fleshing out, no pun intended, but we guarantee the gaming world would be shocked, stunned, and moved by the effort to make Lara's character more meaningful.

  2. ...Plus these three songs that are unavailable on Spotify if you can add them:
  3. Trouble with the trolley, eh?

  4. Recently on Discord, we've discussed a certain past project where some members back in 2015 had ranked the worst and best songs to top the year-end Hot 100 lists: As a throwback, I've decided to organize a new one altogether, and it's open to everyone who is interested. Some simple rules to follow before submitting: 1. Message me on the forums or on the Discord server your top 10 and bottom 10 lists. 2. No joke submissions. 3. For reference, here is a playlist of all of the songs that everyone needs to listen to and rank for their lists (credit goes to Fred for this):
  5. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/winnie_the_pooh_blood_and_honey The critics have spoken. 5% on RT with a consensus that reads "Oh, bother."
  6. Get me a sandwich.

    1. Dr. Eggman

      Dr. Eggman

      Do not forget my name.

  7. One of the worst newer rock music acts making waves right now. I don't get the appeal for this group at all. Damiano can't sing, the band's sound is stockpiled with overdone rock music cliches, and the same goes for the band's songwriting, which ranges from weak & formulaic to borderline cringe. BUT...as I'm fully aware, Måneskin has their fans, including some that are members on this website, so I figured it would be interesting to open up a discussion for such a polarizing group. Whether you really like or dislike this band, feel free to go off.
  8. One of Disney+'s newer shows that is a revival of The Proud Family and is currently notorious for reminding us that slavery existed (and subsequently making a bunch of white ppl butthurt over it just because and among other things). I haven't seen the show myself (yet...) but I've known some folks on here that have. Discuss.
  9. Dude, think about it. A giant cheetah jumping over Saddam Hussein. 

    1. Gordon Freeman

      Gordon Freeman

      A cheetah so giant, in fact, that it seemingly dwarfs a literal tank in size

  10. This is already a fun concept. Here's mine:
  11. EPILOGUE: 10.5 Epilogue: 'O kekahi Mo'olelo (Another Story) One of the last things that Koamalu remembered before turning up elsewhere was waking up beside his companion SpongeBob after he had transferred the remaining supply of energy invested in him to defeat the Lava King…and to allow him to enter his dreamscape in a bid to acquire help for the deep wounds he received from the same adversary the two had faced. Beforehand, he had to face off against another powerful entity who once knew as his guardian now as a turncoat, Enakai. He ended the battle by destroying his pocket dimension and has not seen him again afterwards. Then there was Moe’uhane, his guidance from within the dreamscape that he now recognized as his mother that he had never met. He had a job to finish in spite of his persisting pain, and he knew that the one way to finish it was to return to the dreamscape alongside Moe’uhane. “Whatever it is that you intend to do to save the universe, we might not see each other again, and especially given how bad your respiratory system had been damaged.” Moe’uhane informed Koamalu. “Enakai…and the Lava King’s dimensions…are both devoid of life now,” said Koamalu, “…so, tearing them apart must be the way…to make that vortex in the sky disappear…or at least make it stable.” “That is true, but I’m afraid you’ll also have to sacrifice yourself to the wormhole,” Moe’uhane continued. “I can’t ensure that you’ll survive being sent through it. One thing’s for sure, however, is you’re more than likely to die if you let your physical form stay underwater.” “I’m going to do it,” Koamalu finished as he examined where his inner surroundings stood on the in-between of life and death, “for SpongeBob, for his friends, for their home…and for you.” With as much concentration as possible, Koamalu began to release an imposing amount of energy in his comatose state, retelling the events that led to the restoration of Bikini Bottom. … … Sometime after Koamalu entered the wormhole, he appeared in a black void with nothing surrounding him besides a particular entity. This time, he was in a state of sleep that otherwise wasn’t in the state of being inside a dreamscape, despite that the markings on his body were present. When Koamalu woke up, he gave himself his time to stretch, look around and then see the person standing in front of him, who in which spoke after catching his attention. “Oh, hello, who are you?” Koamalu asked in a half-awake tone. “Koamalu, I’m Gaia, and I have something important for you to do,” the young girl in the cloak said. “Before I go over the details though, I need you to answer me this: do you know why you’ve been brought here?” “I think it had something to do with going inside a wormhole,” Koamalu replied. “I guess my memory is feeling fuzzy since I was in a lot of pain, but now I’m starting to feel better. Hey, wait a minute…how come I don’t know you, but you know who I am?” “I’m a being who observes all parallel dimensions of the multiverse and maintain order for each one,” Gaia explained. “Now, the multiverse has been seeing a great disturbance occur that is signifying the end of all life.” “Huh, that sounds almost like something that Enakai told me…” Koamalu remarked. “So does that mean the vision he saw…came true?” “I guess so. After all, that was same the unagi creature that disrupted the forces of time and space to put you in danger as a way to try and see his foretelling being realized. Since he’s gone from the multiverse’s registry, however, I’m afraid to inform that the burden is being carried by you. I would say that you’ve been banished, but your last place of internal registry is from one of the dimensions that you’ve just destroyed, which brings me to the main reason why I’ve brought you here. You’ve used your powers to reach the limits of what is allowed by the forces of time and space by tearing the dimensions of Enakai and the Lava King at the seams, so it is now my job to suppress those powers that you possess.” “SpongeBob’s world was about to be destroyed, all his folks got turned into rock statues by the Lava King, and I got myself half-killed to restore everything back to what it was before those two interfered! What else could I have done?” “You were in a life-or-death situation, so I suppose you have a point. I figured that you would use your dream weaver powers to completely close up the rifts and diminish the wormhole in the process, but you chose to take a different approach.” “The spirit of my mom has been guiding me and she suggested that I go inside the wormhole.” “And that’s how you came here. Now that you understand your current circumstances, I have a deal to offer you. You tell me your greatest desire, and then you give me something in exchange so that I can allow you to fulfill whatever it is you wish, and if you accomplish your personal goal, your internal contract with me will be cut.” “To be honest, I don’t know what I really want. Thinking about it, I guess I would like to return to SpongeBob’s world, but after Enakai exposed the truth about my past, I would also like to find some sense of belonging since I never had a universe that I could call my true home.” “So it’s settled then – you want to find someplace where you belong. All you have to do now is to allow me to have your Totem God markings relinquished.” “You want my markings?” “I have plentiful magical properties, so I can easily detach them from your own flesh. I wouldn’t say that I “want” your Totem God powers, it’s rather that I need you to give them up if you’re going to agree to the deal.” After Koamalu realized what giving up the markings embedded in his body would mean, he started to hold himself back from Gaia and then said, “Wait, no! I’m not going to let you take my mommy away from me!” “I’m not going to take away your mother, Koamalu, what’s going to happen is that your connection to her will be cut off.” “But I just regained my connection to her…” “I shouldn’t be putting on safety gloves for your sake, but I’ll at least give you this as a compromise,” Gaia continued as she then threw a staff towards Koamalu to catch. “What’s this?” The sea dragon asked. “This staff is possessed with dream weaving powers much like what you carry, but you are going to figure out on your own how it functions and how to enter a dreamscape with it. If you don’t accept the deal I’m offering, then I’m just not going to let you work towards your set goal.” Koamalu, realizing that he has no other choice, let Gaia use her magic to remove the Totem God markings on his skin. The markings glowed and made the sea dragon quiver as a result of the process. Within seconds, Koamalu no longer felt any mystical energy radiating from him. “I can assure you that your powers will be returned if you’re to accomplish your task,” said Gaia. “Now, you should be directed to a trolley that will take you to a certain place in the multiverse where the start of your conquest will take place after I make one more appointment. Others have been banished besides you, so you won’t be alone…yet. Since you’re physically the youngest, I should give you a fair warning to be careful and watch your own back. You’ll never know until you know how dangerous the multiverse can be. Having those Totem God powers on your person could’ve posed a greater risk, hence why I had to extract them. Go on now, and next thing you’ll know, you’ll find yourself in a new place.” “I understand…” said Koamalu before he hopped inside the trolley to see a bunch that he wasn’t expecting – a male human in karate uniform, another human male with his dirty blonde hair covering his eyes, a female human with amber eyes and brunette hair, an equine with a turquoise-colored body along with a pink mane and tail, and a sea sponge with a stuffed polar bear backpack and his eyes looming at the ground. Koamalu found a spot to settle in, with his bestowed staff in place, and already crashed into slumber before the other banished individuals could try to talk with him. While Koamalu slept, an individual resembling an alien with Pisces symbols embedded in his clothing had now appeared in front of Gaia. ------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTES/TRIVIA: Characters from other spin-offs making an appearance in this epilogue:
  12. Like and share this status if you are 420 (adult who still watches cartoons) and proud of it. 

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