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Actors and actresses you find exceedingly attractive.

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Megan Fox, but back during her days on Hope & Faith that a lot of the horny guys I know seem to not know of or overlooked. She looked a lot more natural back then compared to now.

Adam Scott, especially during his guest spots on Boy Meets World, is quite frankly sex on legs.

I know I have a lot more, but I'll get back to ya on em.

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I would fuck Megan Fox's brains out, and then continuing fucking her braindead corpse.

Isabelle Adjanj is mad nice, too, even when she's having intercourse with a tentacle monster. Same with that Jacob's Ladder chick. Did I make a thread for that movie yet? I should.

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Jennifer Aniston, man. Saw her in Just Go With It, and if you've got that bangin' of a body at 40-something, you're doing something right.

Forgot her, too. She's mad fine.

I think Texas Chainsaw-era Marylin Burns is also fucking hot as well. Same with that other chick who gets the hook to the back in the movie.

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