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How do you watch movies? (WEEKLY POLL!!!)


How do you watch movies?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Multiple choice question!!!

    • Theaters (closed or drive ins)
    • DVD/Bluray/VHS/whatever you use for it
    • Streaming services
    • Cable TV
    • Pirate Websites
    • Others

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So how do you consoome your movies? We all have our ways. What's yours? Let us know. You can pick multiple choices for this poll cuz it doesn't just have to be one way. Answer why you picked your choice(s) below if you wanna.

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-Streaming is my primary method of watching movies currently
-Indoor theater if I have the time and money for them
-DVDs if my local library system has them (and if any meddling kid or parent didn't scratch them) or if I happen to have them and feel like firing up my PS3
-I don't pirate. I don't care if it's mostly agreed to be 'morally ethical' now, I don't see a reason to do so when I see better options to watch without paying
-Movies on cable TV are good if you're a cheapskate who also likes watching unskippable ads in-between.

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I used to collects DVDs/blu-rays a lot, but then I realized that they eventually accumulate enough to take up a lot of space, so now I either reserve physical purchases for stuff I really, really like (my last two physical purchases being Bullet Train and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish lel) or I just get movies digitally off the Xbox store whenever they’re on sale. Whether or not I buy something digitally mostly depends on its streaming availability. Sometimes I catch stuff on cable if it interests me enough and if it comes on like right after wrestling or something. Last thing I can recall watching on cable was The Great Wall, which I regrettably don’t own. I have Regal Unlimited still, so I try to catch as much as I can in theaters. I’m still very much fond of the movie theater experience. And I don’t pirate because this lil number on like every mid-2000s dvd told me not to.


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Well, I canceled my DirecTV subscription when I moved, so now I stream movies on places like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Paramount+. Once in a blue moon, I'll watch a movie on the big screen, but only if it's PG-13 or R-rated. 

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