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How do you listen to music?


Weekly Poll  

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  1. 1. How do you listen to music?

    • Spotify
    • Apple Music
    • YouTube Music
    • Amazon Music
    • Traditional radio (FM, AM, etc.)
    • SiriusXM
    • CDs
    • Vinyl records
    • MP3 rips from YouTube
    • Tidal
    • Other (elaborate in the topic!)

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  • Poll closed on 10/10/2022 at 11:41 PM

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While it's the newest weekly poll, it's also a permanent discussion! With the amount of ways to listen to music today, it's kind of a complicated question.

How do you listen to your music?

Personally, I switched to Apple Music and haven't looked back from Spotify. In addition, I have some records and CDs I play when I really want to enjoy an album or a song.

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Good question! I tend to stream and listen to FM radio the most (91X san Diego (mostly classic alt at the moment I’m sad about but the sunday shows, some requests and new music slap), The Current in Minneapolis (greatest FM alt/indie station in America 91X peeps recced to me), KSLU in Louisiana Hawk showed me, Siriusxm sometimes (it’s kind of shit though a lot of the same songs but I kinda like pop2k, XMU and alt nation, i used to love Kids Place Live as a kid lol), and I have a small CD collection going. I youtube songs too sometimes but yeah mostly

Audacy, Iheart and Cumulus are 99% shit and ruined an otherwise potential in radio having better chances of being relevant with streaming. I love old and new things coexisting and seeing the demise of cable as a kid makes me sad still. I’m a boomerzoomer when it comes to technology. I embrace the alternatives heavily, I’m passionate about the ones I did use like radio and cable so it’d be cool if that nostalgia comes back instead of shows or movies from the old days coming back. Best thing about nostalgia was past and present coexisting in the 00’s-bit of 10’s and the aesthetics that existed in pop culture in the 80’s-2010’s. Also some good snacks.

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My go-to is always Spotify whenever I'm drawing or just on my laptop in general, although sometimes I find things on YouTube that I can't get on Spotify. Amazon Music is how I listen to music whenever I'm doing the washing up in the kitchen, or if I'm in the rare mood to use my Echo Show to play music in my room instead. I only really use traditional radio whenever I'm having a bath, although sometimes it's used as background noise in the kitchen; my favorite station used to be Kiss 100 until I noticed they started playing garbage remixes of pop songs after 9/10pm, so I switched to Capitol FM which just sticks to pop and never looked back.

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MP3s, always - I like to have total hotkey control, offline availability, and use of files for what I listen to. I used to get them from Youtube, but now pull them from streaming platforms for better quality. Originally used Windows Media Player to play them, but in 2016, switched to Winamp (yes, the ancient one), and have solely been using that since. For mobile, I do the same thing, but with the app Musicolet instead. 


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As a Radio D.J., I listen to C.D.'s, import the songs I like using Wavepad Editor, and than I put it onto my 60.7 Gigabit Flash Drive, so I can come up with a weekly 2 hour radio show of my choosing with the greatest of ease!

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