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What did you get for Christmas? (2021 edition)

Jjs Goodman

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Here's my annual Christmas flex, as it's become a tradition for me on here to show what I have:


-Spyro Reignited art book
-Kingdom Hearts guide book thing
-Ho-Oh and Lugia poster (which I had to weigh down with the Funko Pops as shown)
-Gift cards for Barnes & Noble, Nintendo, and Hot Topic (I know, I know)
-Linkin Park t-shirt
-Muse - The Resistance album CD
-Beastars manga volumes 6-8
-Danganronpa 1&2 for the PS4
-Miitopia for the Switch
-And of course, the main highlight of my gift haul: my Hunter x Hunter stuff:
-HxH backpack
-Gon Funko Pop (along with the UV protector that came with it)
-Gon, Killua, and Kurapika keychains
-An assortment of HxH Nendoroids
-Also a Gon lamp, which I forgot to put in the picture, oops.

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Blu-ray of the entire Grimgar anime series

Funko pop of pikachu looking angry and on all fours

Palamute amiibo ❤️💚

What looks to be a locally-made shirt that probably doesn’t have the rights to use Luigi on its design

WWE 2K Battlegrounds for the Switch

Two new phone charging chords

Wireless earbuds

Two $50 gift cards for GameStop

A holiday snack mix my friend makes every year, a gift basket of assorted local snacks and an Itadakibox full of green-colored Japanese snacks

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A $50 giftcard to TJ Maxx 

$20 to Sephora 

A new bike rack i can attach to the trunk of my car so i can take my road bike to different places ❤️

Lil assortment of Pompompurin stickers ahhhhh :3 

White socks that say "fuck off" on them lol 

a coffee mug with the letter "M" on it 

and chocolate. lots of chocolate.

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