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Congratulations, Chum Buddies!

Jjs Goodman

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It was an intense race, but in the end, the Chum Buddies reach the finish line of the SBC Grand Prix with 18 total points! The Krew came in 2nd place with 7 points and the Solos in 3rd with 5 points. Job well done to the Buddies, who I'm sure made Plankton proud. The Buddies have all received 1,000 doubloons as a prize. This marks their 4th overall event win, tying with the Krew in overall wins. We'll see how the Krew fares next time.

Now for the event's stats. First up, individual player wins:

Chum Buddies:

1: @SpongeOddFan with 6 wins! 🏆

2: @The Helpful Mexicanwith 4 wins

3: @WhoBob and @JohnnyTestLover with 3 wins

Krusty Krew:

1: @dmandagiraffe with 4 wins! 🏆

2: @sbl with 3 wins


1: @Burgerpants and @WinterArcanine with 2 wins! 🏆

Now here is which team won the most individual games:

  • Jackbox: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins)
  • Weekly Surprises: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins)
  • Kahoot: Tie (1 win per team)
  • Cards Against Humanity: Tie (1 win per team)
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins)
  • Among Us: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins)
  • Wiki Write-Offs: Chum Buddies (2/2 wins)
  • Tire Hunt: Chum Buddies (4 hunters)

See you at Octerror Fest this fall for our next teams event.

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