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  1. 1. Favorite Sony Console?

    • Playstation
    • Playstation 2
    • Playstation 3
    • Playstation 4
    • Playstation 5
    • Playstation Portable
    • Playstation Vita

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Do not underestimate the power of Playstation. Which of Sony's consoles is your favorite? I also incuded the portable ones since there's only two notable ones and I'm pretty sure they're never gonna make another one so may as well.

I'm a cross between the PS3 and the PS4, probably more into the PS3 because it introduced me to LittleBigPlanet and LBP2 was like the best experience I ever had on the console.
(Also any PS3 owners remember Playstation Home? I miss that shit so much it was so good. I had the LBP pod penthouse and I loved that thing.)

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2 minutes ago, dmandagiraffe said:

easily ps3 for me; i feel so much of what you said regarding lbp haha

Right?? Like LBP basically made the console for me and I loved all the games (Karting was pretty good even if derivative and I liked creating race tracks for myself haha)! The series basically was my early-mid teens and the LBP2 DLC just made it so much better.

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Really wish I had a PS3 honestly instead of a 360 when I was younger, always seemed like the more hip system to me. Had a PS4 but I have to choose the PS2 since I have fond memories of me and my mom playing on it.

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The ONE working 1991 Super NES/Playstation console hybrid prototype, that COULD have been released internationally if Sony didn't decide to be GREEDY jerks about ownership rights! :rolleyes:

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Oh man...I'm torn between the first three. PS1 because it has my favorite video game trilogy (Spyro) and for the rest of its iconic library. I could say PS3 because of the sentiment that it's become the one console I would usually have plugged in most of the time for watching movies, Netflix, and playing games from the previous two generations, but of course, I'm going for the in-between for nostalgia's sake, which is the PS2.

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