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Predict the Super Bowl (1000 doubloons for the winner! oooooo!)

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No one cares about the actual game but I'm making this for the funsies anyway.


Every year, my local church (don't even ask) does this thing where we watch the Super Bowl, and before the game begins our youth pastor posts sheets on the cork board where we can make predictions on what team will win & what the final score will be. Whoever both guesses the winning team and gets the closest relative score receives $10 of gas money.

So, uh... why not hold a similar event here?


Everyone who participates shall post which team they think will win (Patriots or Rams) and then post their prediction of the final score. Submissions are allowed until the game begins at 5:30 PM Central Time. Please do not edit your posts after this time or I will not include them when the game finishes. When the game reaches an end, I will then take all the users who initially chose the game-winning team and calculate the differences of their predictions. You want to get the smallest relative score possible.

Examples: Let's say the Patriots win (again) with a score of 35 - 28. If someone guesses that exact score but predicted that the Rams would win with the 35 points instead, boo hoo, let me play a sad song on the world's smallest violin. (In other words, you've just made a mega failure.) But if someone guesses that the Patriots would win with those 35 points, congratulations, you're like a fucking psychic or something.


(That's a brutalmoose reference; go check out his channel RIGHT NOW if you've never heard of him)

But you're probably not a psychic and would predict something along the lines of 32 - 30. In that case, I'd use the actual score (35 - 28), take the differences between the predicted and real score (32 minus 35 - 30 minus 28, resulting in -3 - 2), take the absolute value (3 - 2), and add the results (5). 5 is the relative score for a guess of 32 - 30. For a guess of 36 - 33, the relative score is 6. And so on and so forth.


Whoever gets the winning team right and predicts the final score most accurately will win 1000 doubloons from yours truly. In the case of a tie, the prize goes to whoever posted their prediction the earliest. If you are totally bamboozled and have any extra questions about this game, feel free to ask. Otherwise, start predicting!



Oh yeah, and don't forget to enjoy Maroon 5!

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Well that was a complete waste of my time.

Anyway, the Patriots won with a score of 13-3. (Still can't believe how unbelievably low that is.) The only 3 people to get the winning team right were President Squidward, Melon Shocker, and SOF. But who got the lowest relative score?


Prez: (27 minus 13 - 10 minus 3) --> (14 - 7) --> 21

Winter: (43 minus 13 - 34 minus 3) --> (30 - 31) --> 61

SOF: (40 minus 13 - 28 minus 3) --> (27 - 25) --> 52


So, uh... yeah. Conrgatulations, @President Squidward. You win 1000 doubloons. I'm never doing this again and I'm going to bed. Peace lol

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