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(Notice: Loyal Customers have already seen this topic, this is just a general topic for everyone.)

Yeehaw, greetings partners! Y'all will be learning what our August forum event is, which is called... "Rodessance"! 


Rodessance will be a western themed event, mostly based on Pest of the West and other western themed episodes. The event name was coined by Homie, combining the "rodeo" and "renaissance". Given the events of SBC's Third Renaissance, it's only fitting we end the summer with an event named after it. After everything this summer, it's only right we end it with a nice, relaxed event like this. Our past August events such as Camp SBC, Summer Knights and Jellyfish Festival all have a relaxed, fun, end of summer vibe to them, and Rodessance will continue that tradition. This will be a great event that really brings the community together and also give a boost to activity. Grab your cowboy gear and get ready for awesome wild west skins and games this month!

Rodessance will start August 17th and conclude August 31st. Here's some things to expect during the event:

Western Minigames: There will be a few western minigames during the event allowing you to earn some great prizes, which include: Western Draw, Horseshoe Throw, Bullseye Target and Seahorse Rodeo!

SpongeBob Jeopardy!: The Season 11 premiere of Jeopardy will be a western SpongeBob episode themed game on August 18th. Get ready for one heck of a western showdown in this game!

SBC Music Hoedowns: After Wheel of Fortune every Friday, get ready for one heck of a wild west SBC Music party!

SpongeCraft Tournaments: SpongeCraft will have two tournaments on August 18th and 25th, using the location Dead Eye Gulch for some wild west shenanigans!

Dunces & Dragons: There will be two western themed D&D games during the event on August 19th and 26th.

iFishThere will be new western themed iFish items, created by both Cha and Patty! We'll be also having another iFish contest where these will be useful in, so start saving up on doubloons!

Western Story Contest: Here's another chance to show off some of your creativity. Write a western themed story and see if you can impress the judges with your writing talent!

All-Nighter: The All-Nighter makes a return during the event! See which brave cowboy can stay up the longest on a certain day!

24 Hour Posting Contest: This will also make a return! See who can post the most on the forums on a certain day! 

And obviously there's a lot more to come, but there's a taste of what you're in for, partners. Feel free to practice your western accents or western personas in general, because this is going to be one wild event! We hope this will be a fun way to end SBC's summer season!   

Note that this is not a teams event, this is just a free for all event similar to past one-off events.

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