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115b. Cephalopod Lodge


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I use to HATE this episode, but now I sorta like it. 7.3/10

SpongeBob sees that Squidward is actually smiling one day, so he and Patrick decide to spy on him and see why. That night, Squidward goes into a strange lodge, in which SpongeBob and Patrick intrude into to. Squidward puts on a costume, and hangs out with the other members of Cephalopod Lodge. When SpongeBob and Patrick decide to join in the festivities, Squidward is held accountable for this and is banned for life. SpongeBob and Patrick then start their own club, much to the annoyance of Squidward, who begs that he wants to be let back into Cephalopod Lodge. SpongeBob and Patrick want to help, so they dress up as a sock monster so they can scare the members while Squidward "saves" them. Their plan works, and Squidward is let back in. But when SpongeBob and Patrick take off the sock and reveal themselves, Squidward is again kicked out. SpongeBob and Patrick decide to go back to the "their lodge" idea, but first they need to do the initiation on Squidward, which is putting a jellyfish on your tongue and letting it sting you.

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This actually wasn't half bad, or not as bad as I remembered it as. I lol'd at "Well, maybe it's your fault" and then at the end when Patrick and SpongeBob blow it by standing up in the sock and cheering. Pretty decent. I'll give it an 8/10.

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