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Hi there detectives, a you know, my BESTEST friend in the world Patrick Star...lost his lollipop! :( I was with him the entire time at the carnival, and I don't know how it could've been stolen! But if you ask me, I suspect it was Bubble Bass, keep your eyes on him...  Anyways, ask me your great questions!

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3 hours ago, Patty Sponge said:

What were you doing at the time of the incident?

Patrick and I had left the arcade, when Patrick decided it was time to eat the lollipop...only to find it was gone. :( 

2 hours ago, Lettuce said:

Where was Skodwarde, by chance?

Dunno! I saw him wandering around before we entered the arcade, and he said some nice words to the two of us! But after we left the arcade, I didn't see him...

2 hours ago, ACS said:

why are you diverting the attention to Bubble Ass? what are you hiding? 

I have my suspicions on Bubble Bass...he acted mean to us when we entered the carnival. Plus, he is a hungry one and would certainly have the motive for stealing the lollipop! :stinkeye: 

I'm not hiding anything! Maybe you're hiding something!? ARE YOU TRYING TO SELL ME SOMETHING!?

2 hours ago, Wintermelon43 said:

Did Patrick do anything to you recently that really annoyed you or got you mad?


1 hour ago, DarkEvil LaserPants said:

Do you know all the people that talked to Patrick?

Me, Skodwarde, Monroe, Scooter, and Bubble Bass!

31 minutes ago, WumboJack Horseman said:



I made a grammar error, good sir!

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20 hours ago, Wintermelon43 said:

What words did Skodwarde say? 

He was making fun of us for being losers, AND he even called Patrick "tubby"!

17 hours ago, Hayden said:

Did you eat any food, Mr. Squarepants? What and when?

Were you feeling famished when you BETRAYED YOUR BEST FRIEND?

I only had ice cream before Patrick lost his lollipop, that was it! I didn't betray my best friend!

17 hours ago, spongebob pokemonpant said:

do you have any evidence to why it might be bubble bass

He also acted a tad rude when we entered the carnival, and he'd love to have a lollipop like Patrick's!

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