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  1. OH NO!!! Unless we find those lost tires, the race is cancelled! I wasn't anywhere near the boats when we were inside the Boating School. Come to think of it, I did notice one of my wrenches did go missing at one point, someone must have stolen it...
  2. I heard someone open his door, but I was too busy focusing on the grill to see who it was.
  3. I'll help Mr. Krabs get his dime back! Okay detectives, here's what I know: I'm pretty sure I didn't take it because I was grilling at the exact time the incident took place, and Squidward was at the cash register. We kicked Plankton out of the restaurant and I'm not sure how he would've made it back in time. Mermaid Man is a hero, he'd never do such a thing! That leaves... Bubble Bass, Scooter and Squilliam. Hmm...
  4. I didn't see Plankton, but I did see Squilliam, since he came over to be bragging about his.
  5. I can't finish Gary and I's glorious snow sculpture without the carrot! (We were building a snow jellyfish, by the way!) I only moved away from my sculpture once to talk to Patrick. If I had to guess, Plankton or Squilliam did it.
  6. It's hard for me to fully accuse anyone, but I guess Plankton is an obvious choice.
  7. Dear Neptune, I can't BELIEVE someone would do that to the Goofy Goober guy! I refuse to believe one of my friends did it, but I don't know who else could have. I'll try to help you detectives with anything I know...
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