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Turkish army takes over country, declares coup d'etat


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(CNN) - Military units have attempted an uprising in Turkey, the country's prime minister told a Turkish broadcaster. Troops have been seen in the streets of Ankara and there have been reports of jets flying low over the city.

Here is the latest.


- The Turkish military says it has taken over the government and imposed martial law, according to an announcement read by an anchor on state broadcaster TRT.

- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responded by issuing a statement via Facetime on CNN Turk television urging people to go to the streets. “This was done from outside the chain of command,” he said.He said the lower officers had rebelled against senior officers. It was not clear where he was speaking from.

- A U.S. official has confirmed that the Istanbul airport has been shut down.

- Major bridges in Ankara, the capital, have been closed.

- The U.S. Embassy urges all Americans in Turkey to be cautious.

- U.S Secretary of State John Kerry has been briefed on events. While he said he doesn’t have details, Kerry said, ““I hope there will be stability and peace, continuity" within Turkey, Kerry said at a press conference in Moscow.”

- A crowd of 200-300 residents in Taksim Square in Istanbul, a CNN producer says. At least one tank and military vehicle were there, he said.



What is this world coming to? Thoughts and prayers to Turkey right now.
Although, people are siding with the Turkish military since the government is corrupt, according to Twitter and various other news sources.


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Yeah, this is really ugly. I hope tensions calm eventually. Apparently though, the military is doing this in the name of demanding more democracy, so if we're lucky, good things might actually come of this, even if it isn't extremely likely. Until that happens, I feel bad for everyone in Turkey who has to live through this, and I hope things get figured out as soon as possible.

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My heart goes out to those in Turkey </3 . Every week, there seems to be some new tragedy; it's gotten tiring, honestly.

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Yeah, this is really getting wearisome for all of us to see this insanity nonstop. I can't even imagine how painful it is for all the people having to endure it. My greatest of sympathies to the people of Turkey. 

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2 hours ago, The Drifter said:

Looks like the coup failed, whether it's good or bad is another thing entirely. I hope Turkey can remain stable and doesn't ends up like other countries around it.

Glad they failed tbh because they were shooting innocent people (d) 

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