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  1. what's your favorite part of spongebob lore

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge





      I liked that too.

    2. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman

      that scooter died and came back to life

  2. no more half measures sbc

  3. As we all know, Band Geeks is one of the most acclaimed SpongeBob episodes in existence. However, even it is not infallible to a minor discrepancy in its writing. During the scene where the Flag Twirlers twirl their way to their untimely demise, one of the victims is none other than recurring character Fred Rechid. However, Fred is still clearly alive after this episode. Perhaps the writers were actually considering killing Fred off in this dark moment, but backtracked on their decision sensing what a fan favorite character he'd become. Or maybe this is a clone. Or is it also possible that Fred has broken his leg so many times that an explosion is mere child's play and he made it out unscathed? What do you think, SBCers?
  4. all new forms and mons for legends have leaked
  5. 2022 will be my year

  6. Danny DeVito

    ask sbl

    are you squid ward
  7. There was a story that I was told, and I don't remember it, so let's forget it.

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