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  1. Well this has been a rough week for me. My older sister got readmitted to the psych ward (She threatened to commit suicide in October and did it again almost a week ago). Luckily I got to talk to her last night and she sounds like she's been feeling a lot better, and got out about an hour ago; she's told me that she really, really never wants to go there again and that's a good thing to hear as I hope she never goes back as I spent a weekend or so being, well, pretty worried sick about her. She's on Spring Break this week and she's coming back home tomorrow so I'm gonna hang out with her a lot as well, we both really want to and of course just to comfort her and make her feel loved. Back home isn't much better; stressed as hell about school, and a friend of mine left school early and I asked her if she was okay, replied "no", and asked how come and she hasn't replied so I'm really anxious about that. Sigh......

    1. SpongeOddFan


      aww poor her :( wish you could help her.

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