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  1. Guess they didn't wanna confuse the kids on why Patrick's parents are different on both shows.
  2. For a second, I thought Goofy Scoopers was already an episode, until I remembered that was what Nickelodeon was advertising the episode "Goofy Newbie" as. Still no Kwaratined Krab or Hiccup Plague.
  3. Didn't know Kamp Koral was still running lol.
  4. Way to confuse kids when we get a SpongeBob episode showing Herb and Margie as Patrick's parents, and then the Patrick show with Cecil and Bunny as his parents- all in the same day. Now we just need the Kwarantined Krab and Hiccup Plague, and then we can be done with Season 12.
  5. ‘Powerpuff’ Girls CW Show News, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers (elle.com) For those who don't know, CW is producing a live-action revival series of the Powerpuff Girls, which will center around the Girls in their 20s who "resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting Will they agree to reunite now that the world needs them more than ever?" Recently, the script for the pilot was leaked online, and after reading it, well...it makes the 2016 reboot look like a masterpiece.
  6. Well, it's nice that SpongeBob is gonna make a few appearances, even if he does look a little weird. Kinda funny that SpongeBob's "younger" design only has him with a small tuft of hair.
  7. To me this was a really good episode. Haven't had a Pearl and Plankton episode since "One Coarse Meal", and we all know how that turned out. Plankton's fear of whales is even brought up in this episode and is thankfully a lot more funny. Though, it is not without drawbacks since the episode is making it seem that Plankton and Pearl have never interacted before despite episodes like "The Algae is Always Greener" and the aforementioned "One Coarse Meal" showing that Plankton knows very well who Pearl is and that she is the daughter of his enemy. Despite that, the episode had some great moments b
  8. I thought this episode was just okay. It didn't really have much funny moments except for the sad sponge commercial at the beginning and Squidward teaching the fleas how they should cook him. Squidward could've saved himself a lot of trouble if he had just given SpongeBob his package instead of throwing it away in his garbage. This was a enjoyable episode, just not one of my favorites.
  9. This episode was pretty good. I liked that all of Squidward's misery in this episode was because he faked being sick to get out of work and Mr. Krabs wouldn't let him get away with it. The painting SpongeBob made of him taking care of a baby Squidward, and Squidward's reaction to it was really funny. It was really cool to see Handsome Squidward again, though honestly, he kinda came out of nowhere. How did Squidward become like that after being miserable to whole episode, unless SpongeBob really is a great doctor? I did like this episode better than the last one.
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