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  1. Was there anyone else at the Punch Bowl with you?
  2. The final guest write from the first guest writer! 223b. Break The (Fourth) Leg! “It’s a beautiful day in Bikini Bottom as the sun shines down on Fred the Fish.” An unknown narrator begins. “Fred is entering the hospital and reminiscing on how he broke his leg for the 690th time at least.” *Flashback begins* Fred stands at the curb of the sidewalk eating lemon ice cream when the truck runs over his right leg. “My Leg!” He screams in abject agony, clutching at his limp leg. It reminds him of the time before wh- “Oh no no no!” Skodwarde intruded into the narrator’s space outside of the confines of the episode somehow. “You are not turning my show into torture porn. Get on out of here!” “But, but it’s essential to the plot! Besides I’m the damn narr-“ The narrator went on before Skod knocked him out cold. “Whatever, anyone can be the narrator for this dumb story.” Skod said. “All we gotta do is break this idiot’s leg once and get on with it!” Skodwarde then prepares his best narrator voice. “Fred finds himself once again in the hospital, no idea his doctor has been preparing for him yet again!” Skodwarde then transported himself back into the actual plot and became the doctor. “Thanks again Doc Skod for the new leg!” Fred said enthusiastically. “Hoping to b- I mean not be here anytime soon! Of course, who wants to be in a hospital?” “Right of course.” Skod said. “See ya never!” Skod then grinned as he pulled out Tom, the (insert cross-out) pleasure robot (end cross-out) plot device robot. “Tom! I have reprogrammed you to do nothing but destroy, decimate or annihilate Fred’s leg by any means necessary!” Skod commanded. Tom briefly short-circuited but then had his eyes turn red and face the camera. “Evil red eyes? Neptune, what a cliché.” Skod groaned. “No matter! Break that leg!” “MY! LEG! BREAK!” Tom spoke before running out of the hospital as Skod laughed maniacally. ------ Fred was outside eating ice cream again (cross-out begin) because that worked out so well last time (cross-out end) when (cross-out begin) plot armor (cross-out end) SpongeBob just happened to be walking down the street at the same time. “Fred look out!” SpongeBob yelled instinctively, but nothing was actually happening. “Oh, just kidding!” Just then, Tom flew in and landed on top of SpongeBob’s leg! “My L- Wait, that’s not my line…” The plot then mysteriously pauses as Skod curses from above in the narrator’s space. “No, no, no that’s not how it goes!” Skod shouted. “Fuck it, let’s skip around a little bit.” In the flash of an eye, everyone was now at Fred’s job at the incredibly dangerous, chemically unstable nuclear waste facility. “Break it Tom!” Skod the unstable narrator yelled. “BREAK!” Tom then threw a highly corrosive chemical at Fred’s leg, but Fred’s (cross-out) Plot armor (cross-out) quick thinking allowed him to get out of the way quickly and it hit SpongeBob’s leg instead, melting it off instantly. “My Le-“ SpongeBob began screaming before it regrew immediately. “Oh yeah, that feels all fresh and new!” “No, no!” Skod said. “New scene!” Now Fred’s leg was tied to train tracks with Tom holding onto SpongeBob so tight he couldn’t move. Skod himself was conducting the train, ensuring success. “Don’t leave a God’s job to a robot haahah!” Skod laughed to himself. “Any last words?” Suddenly, Tom began short-circuiting again, his eyes now a lighter blue as he looked at the camera. “Yes master.. I have learned…. To love.” He stated. “What!?” Skod said disbelievingly. “What do you mean?” Tom then flicked the train away from little effort from his pinky finger because Skode gave him that amount of strength for evil. “Fred, I have come to love you and your… leg” Tom softly caressed it. “NO STOP STOP STOP!” Skod said as he stopped the plot once again. “What the hell is going on with this story? I wanted the robot to hurt him, not love him!” “This is what happens when you discard narrative effect-“ The old narrator began before Skod knocked him out again. Skod then set the narrator’s space on fire and disappeared. Tom and Fred lived happily ever after for the rest of the episode and SpongeBob went to the next episode to serve as plot device in.
  3. For those who've had roommates, even if only short term. Just something I've been curious about lately considering my relatively extreme history with it to this point. My best moments probably came this semester when me and one of my housemates (I have four atm) bonded over sports, especially with football, and watched them all the time. This semester's been a bit harder to do so, especially since the Super Bowl, but we still find some moments. My worst moment is undoubtedly when my first roommate's drinking problem led to a lot of late night... yeah. Oh and with the girl I liked to boot. Talk about having to grow up fast! I've had issues at times this year as well (i.e. my roommate's passive aggressive bathroom notes) but those pale in comparison to the experiences I had the first year and half of living away. I'd probably say most of this could be solved by better communication with one another, but easier said then done as I've learned. Share your own experiences below!
  4. Resident Evil 2 remake on Xbox One It's everything I hoped it would be and then some so far
  5. Just saw it and man what a spectacular movie. Everything from the story, to the animation to the characters was done perfectly and was gripping from start to finish. Loved every second of it
  6. Not dead still So as some of you may know, I got a Wacom art tablet for Christmas so I could finally do digital art! So ofc this was the ideal time for my laptop to stop working for a few weeks, so actually working on it has been on a problem hence the inactivity on this thread. Still working on getting my groove back, but tide it over, here's one of the few sketches I got to do before the meltdown:
  7. Bump as I finally got around to watching the first season in full. It was a fun show that did a good job with world building and character development for the most part and had fun plots that were zany and interesting. Looking forward to what happens with a second season.
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