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  1. The second turntable music party for Octerror Fest 2021 will be tonight at 8pm EST. It will be held here. Play your favorite chilling Halloween songs. Several prizes will be raffled on to anyone who attends.
  2. The second CAH game for Octerror Fest 2021 will be tonight at 7pm EST. Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons, 300 experience points and a point for their team. I will post a link to the room when it's closer to time.
  3. Results: Fa: 11159 SOF: 7171 WhoBob: 7708 Congrats Fa, you win for the Krew! Round 4 will be Tuesday, October 26th at 7pm EST with the theme of Octerror Fest. Overall Scores: WhoBob: 25669 Fa: 23030 SOF: 15246 Dman: 11361
  4. Hisuain Zorua and Zoroark revealed, which are Normal/Ghost.
  5. I am the one hiding under your bed

  6. The first screening for Octerror Fest will be held tonight at 8pm EST on Discord. The movie will be Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.
  7. You stumble past the creepy forest, hearing legends of a mysterious hotel deep within. Through the thick, you eventually find the hotel, sitting in the middle of nowhere. Welcome to the Octerror Hotel. Somehow, this hotel seems deeply connected to Octerror Fest's past. Inside are 13 eerie rooms, each with a challenge for you to complete. You may need the SBC wiki for some of these challenges. Here is what treats await for you if you brave all 13 rooms: 1,000 doubloons 200 experience points Point for your team (yes, all team members can earn this much like the scavenger hunt) A choice between one of two badges, returning from Octerror 2017 with brand new designs: Trick or Treat or Dr. Frankencheeks Hotel Room Challenges: You can do these in any order you want. PM or DM me your answers, do not post them here. Room 1 - Lobby: Answer these spooky riddles: Room 2 - Storage: Unscramble these Halloween words: Room 3 - Portrait Room: Identify which episodes the portraits are from: Room 4 - Bedroom 1 Unscramble these Halloween words: Room 5 - Kitchen You must guess the proper order the sandwich ingredients go in. Here are your ingredients: bottom bread, top bread, tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce, onion, and cheese. Room 6 - Dining Room Before you indulge in a ghostly feast, you must get a chair for the table. I’m told it can be found somewhere here… Room 7 - Laundry Room Identify these iFish items: Room 8 - Library Identify which Octerror Fests these facts are from: Room 9 - Bedroom 2 Unlock the safe combination with 5 combos: Room 10 - Game Room Identify who won each of the games and activities listed below from previous Octerror Fests: Room 11 - Boiler Room The lights are out. To turn them back on, answer these SpongeBob trivia questions on rather dark episodes: Room 12 - Attic Identify which skins these banners from: Room 13 - Secret Lab Ooh, you found a secret lab! Solve these math problems! You have until October 31st at 6pm EST to complete the challenges.
  8. Results: Dman: 10380 WhoBob: 9908 SOF: 8075 Congrats to dman, who wins for the Krew! Round 3 will be tomorrow night at 7pm EST with the theme of Halloween Media. Overall Standings: WhoBob: 17961 Fa: 11871 Dman: 11361 SOF: 8075
  9. Premieres: Friday, October 22nd at 7:00pm ET/PT Plot:The Patrick Star Show presents a Halloween TV special. Clip:
  10. Welcome to SBC! I bring you greetings from apple world!
  11. 3 months since my last update? Time to fix that by dropping this Mini Spin-Off Direct. Riffing Theater: Once again, thanks to all who helped out for The Critic Chronicles and read along, I truly had a blast. They may have been more of a slow burn compared to the bombastic fanfictions we riffed from years past, but I felt they paid off wonderfully. As I hinted in the finale post, I am not done with Riffing Theater again that easily, however. Seeing the strong feedback people had towards the idea of riffing something outside of SBC has inspired me to do more experiments. I'm officially announcing that yes, I will be doing a yearly riffing miniseries from here on out (well, as long as the sun doesn't explode anytime soon). I know how burnt out people could be on the original riffing theater doing so many works back to back, so doing it yearly will make it more special, prevent burn out and provide better quality riffs. I have actually decided on what I'll do for the 2022 miniseries thanks to a suggestion from a user, but I'll be keeping that a secret for the time being. I may be dropping a few hints to what it could be until I'm ready to announce it, so look out for those. All I'll say for now is it's a subject that would have the same amount of interest that Nostalgia Critic did. And it's not another reviewer. SBCinema: Both Scooby-Doo parodies (ft. It's Always Sunny) were posted this month for Halloween. I will have one more Halloween movie parody up before the month ends, which will be It: Chapter Two. After that, eight episodes remain of Season 6, three of which will be the Star Wars sequel trilogy. January 2022 will also mark SBCinema's 10th anniversary, which is coming sooner than you think. As you can expect, 2022 will be a big year for SBCinema to celebrate that milestone. I'll have more to share on what's in store for that soon. One-Time Star Wars Characters: Where Are They Now? Season 4 will come this winter. Skod on the Run & Mein Kampf Koral: The fifth part of Skod on the Run was posted last week for those who did not see, which I felt was one of the best Skod works I've ever done. Only 3 parts to go for the film, which will hopefully be out before the year ends. Some may have noticed we cut the film down from 10 to 8 parts, so let's address that. OMJ and I felt it was for the better of the story's pacing and structure that we condense it down to 8 parts. We ultimately didn't have that much to work with for the two parts we cut and decided to recycle aspects of them into the remaining parts. I did reference one of these cut concepts in Part 5, and for those interested, I'll share details for what those two parts would've entailed when the movie is over. Since Skod on the Run will be the final chapter in the Skodverse timeline wise, we want it to be as great as possible and had to rearrange a few elements we felt weren't clicking, which we felt benefitted the overall story. As for our Kamp Koral parody, we've finally decided it will be called Mein Kampf Koral. It will be released after Skod on the Run is over. It may not make the original 2021 release but don't worry, this has only helped us plan a better spin-off, so we don't mind the delay. We felt it was better to have Skod on the Run's definitive ending first so we can go back and add more depth to it with this prequel. This will be the final Skod project we'll ever do (for real this time lol), so much like Skod on the Run, we want to make sure it's as good as possible. Yes, we've decided we're not going to Skodify any of the other upcoming spin-offs, so this will mark the end of the Skodwarde Expanded Universe. While it was tempting, we ultimately only did these for Skod's 10th anniversary this year and don't want to keep beating the Skod horse forever. There's only so many times an old spin-off can continue. As I said when I first announced these, I like to view Skod on the Run and Mein Kampf Koral as our El Camino and Better Call Saul respectively, anything else we feel would be overkill. OMJ and I have other works we want to move onto, as nice as it's been for us to reunite to give Skod one last proper goodbye. So yes, Meinf Kamp Koral will be our final swan song for the Skodwarde universe, and we hope it will be worth the wait. Spin-Off Action: The Reboot - 4Kids Edition For those who don't recall, this was a for shits and giggles work I did back in 2011. I made a 4Kids parody of the infamous Spin-Off Action: The Reboot, but it was only buyable in my various stores. It's been scattered to the winds of members' PMs over the years and never posted publicly. I will finally be posting it publicly for all to see after Octerror is over, so look forward to that lulziness. I do have a few more projects to come in 2022 that I've been planning like a mad scientist in secret, but I'll save those announcements for my next actual Spin-Off Direct, coming soon. Figured this would tide people over until then.
  12. 6/10 In "Pranks a Lot", there was going to be a scene where Sandals would've actually eaten his toast, but it was cut due to time.
  13. Under it was 300 dbs! Try again in 10 hours!
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