Octerror Fest 2017

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Octerror Fest 2017
The logo, made by tvguy.
Start Date October 13, 2017
End Date October 31, 2017
Event Coordinators jjsthekid
Events SpongeBob Jeopardy!
SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune
Dunces & Dragons
Music Parties
SpongeCraft Tournaments
Stop What You Are Doing
SpongeBob Whodunnit?
Skins Everyone:
Octerror Fest 2017
Vampire Sponge
Loyal Customers:
The Flying Dutchman
Preceded by Octerror Fest 2016
Succeeded by Octerror Fest 2018

Octerror Fest 2017 is the seventh Octerror Fest for The SpongeBob Community, which started October 13, 2017 and concluded October 31, 2017. Like last year's, every game during the event counted for a teams tournament named the "Octerror Cup" between the Band Geeks (Frankensteins), Drasticals (Vampires), and independent users (Ghosts), where everyone could play it. The Drasticals won in the end. Loyal Customers received a sneak peek of it on October 1, 2017, and it was publicly announced October 6, 2017.

Octerror Cup Scoreboard

Below was the final scoreboard after the last event on October 31st, 2017:

Place Team Score
1st Drasticals (Vampires) 29
2nd Band Geeks (Frankensteins) 17
3rd Independent (Ghosts) 4


Like the previous two years, during the event, the group names changed to Halloween and SpongeBob related names. Managers, Cashiers, Band Geeks, Drasticals, and Customers became orange, purple, red, green, and light blue instead of red, blue, gold, silver and teal.

Managers --> Slashers

Cashiers --> Floating Shopping Lists

Retired Employees --> Haunted Mattresses

Band Geeks --> Frankensteins

Drasticals --> Vampires

Loyal Customers --> Ghost Pirates

Customers --> Ghosts

Nematodes --> Zombies

They also received exclusive badge redesigns to fit the names (except for Nematodes), which can be found in the gallery below. Unlike the past two years, the Band Geeks and Drasticals got temporary new badges this time.

The Wheel of Fortune, Dunces & Dragons, SpongeBob Jeopardy, and SBC Music rooms received Halloween decorations during the event (seen in Gallery). SpongeCraft's directory room received Halloween decorations thanks to sbl. It did not get an update pack like the past two years due to none being available.


Stop What You Are Doing: Halloween Edition

The 20th Stop What You Are Doing happened during the event. Users reserved a Halloween name, which they used for the whole event.

SpongeBob Whodunnit?

Originally known as "Whodunnit at the Krusty Krab?" In this game, the goal was to figure out who stole the Krabby Patties! The following characters were suspects: SpongeBob, Patrick, Plankton, Larry, Old Man Jenkins, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff, Squilliam, and Sandy. On select days during the event, the characters came on and released their anecdote on what happened. The characters also came on to answer user's questions as well in their topics. Users had to PM MDPP who they thought was the patty thief. On October 31st, Mrs. Puff was revealed to be the culprit. The winners who correctly guessed (SpongeOddFan, Hayden, Cream, Ol Bold and Brash, TheOpenWindowManiac, Homie, DarknessDG and Trophy) received 5,000 doubloons each and a point for their team on the scoreboard.

SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune

Three games counted for the Octerror Cup during the event. The first game, "Treatz!" on October 13th, 2017, was a Halloween Candy themed game which Hayden won for the Drasticals. The second game, "Monster Mash" on October 20th, 2017 was a Halloween Music themed game which NegiSpongie won for the Band Geeks. The third and last game, "2spooky" on October 27th, 2017 was an Octerror Fest themed game which Homie won for the Drasticals. Cream hosted the last game instead of MDPP.

SBC Music Ghoul Party Fridays

Tournament 1

Date: October 13th, 2017

Song: Army of Me (Phineas & Ferb)

DJ: DarknessDG (Independent)

Likes: 7

Tournament 2

Date: October 20th, 2017

Song: Ghostbusters Theme Song

DJ: MDPP (Drasticals)

Likes: 5

Tournament 3

Date: October 27th, 2017

Song: Monster Mash

DJ: Homie (Drasticals)

Likes: 4

SpongeBob Jeopardy!

Three games counted for the Octerror Cup during the event, forming a three-part story. The first game, "The Crypt of Dracula" on October 14th, 2017, was a Mixed Halloween game won by Fred Rechid for the Band Geeks. The second game, "The Dutchman's Curse" on October 14th, 2017, was a Mixed Halloween game won by Trophy for the Band Geeks. The third and last game, "This is Halloween!" on October 28th, 2017, was a The Nightmare Before Christmas game won by NegiSpongie for the Band Geeks.

SpongeCraft Tournaments

Tournament 1

Date: October 14th, 2017

Game: Halloween Building Contest

Winner: spongeboblover (Band Geeks)

Tournament 2

Date: October 21st, 2017

Game: Zombie Apocalypse

Winner: TheOpenWindowManiac (Drasticals)

Tournament 3

Date: October 31st, 2017

Game: Trick or Treat!

Winner: Cream (Drasticals)

Dunces & Dragons

Three games this month counted for the Octerror Cup. The first game, "Haunted Mansion Exploration" on October 15th, 2017, was won by Fred Rechid for the Band Geeks. The second game, "HE GETS YA!" on October 22nd, 2017, was won by Cream for the Drasticals. The third and last game, "Queen of Halloween" on October 29th, 2017, was won by Homie for the Drasticals.

Hooky 3: Twice The Trouble

A Whodunit/And Then There Were None survival game, which is the third Hooky game in SBC history. 15 users signed up, and this time unlike the past two years, there were two Fishermen instead of one. Users had to complete challenges and puzzles to figure out who both Fishermen were, as users were killed off each night. Like last year, the top two people to finish the challenge were immune from being killed, instead of just one. There was also a power-up store to buy some advantages like last year. Whoever was first to complete the challenges would gain a point for their side on the scoreboard. The winner was Hayden as Jethro, who was the last standing Sheriff, and finished first for the final challenge. Hayden received 5,000 doubloons, exclusive Fisherman Coat and Hat for iFish, and Sheriff badge for winning. Homie received 2,500 doubloons for being the runner-up. Fisherman #1 was TheOpenWindowManiac and Fisherman #2 was Spongetron Robotpants, who both got to keep their Fisherman badges.

Challenge 1

Date: October 16th, 2017

Task: Find five footprints in the Barg'N Mart aisles.

Winners: Cream (Drasticals) & Homie

Killed: NegiSpongie

Challenge 2

Date: October 17th, 2017

Task: Unscramble five phrases in the First Nautical Bank.

Winners: Fred Rechid (Band Geeks) & Cream

Killed: Nobody

Challenge 3

Date: October 18th, 2017

Task: Find each Fisherman's briefcase in the Video Game Store and The Reef respectively.

Winners: Homie (Drasticals) & Cream

Killed: Dreaded Patrick

Challenge 4

Date: October 19th, 2017

Task: Crack the combination codes for both of the Fishermen's briefcases.

Winners: Fred Rechid (Band Geeks) & Homie

Killed: Nobody

Challenge 5

Date: October 23rd, 2017

Task: Find and decipher two sets of A1Z26 cryptograms left by the Fishermen.

Winners: Fred Rechid (Band Geeks) & Cream

Killed: The Appetizer & RDSP

Challenge 6

Date: October 24th, 2017

Task: Find six hooks in the Goo Lagoon.

Winners: Fred Rechid (Band Geeks) & TheOpenWindowManiac

Killed: Milkmaidman & Mythix

Challenge 7

Date: October 25th, 2017

Task: Find seven Fisherman action figures in the Toy Barrel.

Winners: Homie (Drasticals) & Fred Rechid

Killed: Trophy & Ol Bold and Brash

Challenge 8

Date: October 25th, 2017

Task: Find a treasure chest in Robot-Pirate Island.

Winners: Homie (Drasticals) & Cream

Killed: Nobody

Challenge 9

Date: October 26th, 2017

Task: Unlock the treasure chest.

Winners: Hayden (Drasticals) & Fred Rechid

Killed: TheOpenWindowManiac (Fisherman #1)

Challenge 10

Date: October 30th, 2017

Task: Unlock the correct door.

Winners: Fred Rechid (Band Geeks) & Homie

Killed: Cream

Challenge 11

Date: October 31st, 2017

Tasks: Decipher seven A1Z26 codes, then find five hooks in previously killed user's profiles, and answer 10 questions.

Winners: Hayden (Drasticals) & Homie (runner-up)

Killed: SpongeOddFan, Fred Rechid & Spongetron Robotpants (Fisherman #2)

Scary Story Contest

The 6th annual Scary Story contest was judged by Metal Snake, Fred Rechid, and jjs. The winner was "Ten Copies" by Milkmaidman, who received 2,000 doubloons, a Halloween trophy, a point for the Independents on the scoreboard, the Scientist Costume, and the Witch Costume.

Krusty Krab Kostume Kontest

A contest involving iFish, working like the past two years. Users could submit a Halloween themed fish character, which were judged by crushingmayhem, Metal Snake, and Fred Rechid, the moderators. The winner was Ol Bold and Brash, who received 2,000 doubloons, a point for the Drasticals on the scoreboard, the Bumblebee Costume, and the Ghost Costume.

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Another Candy Hunt, this time hosted by Metal Snake. Whoever found the six pieces of candy throughout the forum would receive 1,000 doubloons, a point for their team on the scoreboard, and an exclusive Mrs. Puff Witch collectable icon to display in your store items.

Secret Missions

Mission #1

Date: October 19th, 2017

Objective: Find Plankton's Secret Lab

Winner: Fred Rechid (Band Geeks)

Note: Whoever found the lab got access to the "Plankton's Secret Lab" forum, which has a store offering the following items: Wizard's Hat (150 Doubloons), Witch's Hat (150 Doubloons), Ghost Pet (550 Doubloons), Trick or Treat! Badge (5,000 Doubloons) and Dr. Frankencheeks Badge (5,000 Doubloons).

Mission #2

Date: October 26th, 2017

Objective: Find The Candy Thief

Winner: Cream (Drasticals)

Cards Against Humanity

Tournament 1

Date: October 22nd, 2017

Winner: jjsthekid (Independent)

Tournament 2

Date: October 29th, 2017

Winner: Fred Rechid (Band Geeks)


Many items from Octerror Fest 2015, Summer Knights and Freebooter Februarry returned. The first six new items were all made by Cream.


Loyal Customers:

A few older items will be given out as exclusive giveaway prizes. As previously stated, the Scary Story Contest gave the Scientist Costume and Witch Costume to MMM for winning. The Krusty Krab Kostume Kontest gave the the Bumblebee Costume and Ghost Costume to OBAB for winning. The Wizard's Hat, Witch's Hat and Ghost Pet items were buyable in The Secret Lab Store for those who completed Mission #1. The Vampire Mask was given to Darkness for winning the 1st SBC Music Ghoul Party, OWM for winning the 2nd SpongeCraft Tournament, and Homie for winning the 3rd SBC Music Ghoul Party. The Alien Mask was given to sbl for winning the 1st SpongeCraft Tournament. The Black Cat Pet was given to MDPP for winning the 2nd SBC Music Ghoul Party.




Hooky 3