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Milkmaidman (also known as MMM) is a user who joined SBC on June 11, 2013.

User Info
Registered June 11, 2013
Status Inactive
Group Customers
Notable Creations Apartment 406


Milkmaidman joined SBC on June 11, 2013, as a migrant from SBM. His activity has been slightly sporadic, becoming incredibly active in 2013, even getting Employee of the Month that August. However, he disappeared almost entirely for a lot of 2014, but became more active in 2015. But, he left the site for nearly two years afterwards, returning in September 2017, and occasionally showing up, before fully returning in September 2018. He has not been active since 2019.


MMM has participated in a number of Spongebob Jeopardy games, and has won four times. He has also written a number of spin offs and lits, many of which never got developed. He was previously one of SBC's top posters, with around 20,000 posts, factoring in Ask Me threads.