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This is a list of the various memes and inside jokes that originated on the SpongeBob Community as well as explanations of those origins.

Ben Garrison

Ben Garrison is a political cartoonist whose artwork has been a source of analysis and jokes due to how goofy they are.

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul memes exploded on SBC starting in 2021. If a meme existed on r/okbuddychicanery, then it also existed on SBC.


Critikal, also known as Moistcritikal and Penguinz0, is a famous YouTuber who has been the source of several jokes on SBC since 2019. It has been joked that jjs might be secretly him due to a resemblance.


...DAILY BARNACLE! is an infamous phrase originating from SpongeBob Jeopardy!. In every Jeopardy game there is a random "Daily Barnacle" placed on the board. Players who select the space can wager their money to solve a difficult question, and if they get it right, receive extra cash. Due to Jeopardy's fame and dominance on SBC, members will often quote the phrase, especially after someone posts an elipsis.

Death of a Nation

Death of a Nation is a 2018 movie directed by Dinesh D'Souza. The movie is often mocked for some of the claims it makes, such as saying that Hitler was a left-wing Socialist and that the Nazis weren't homophobic. Death of a Nation was voted for for movie night in Flicks February and Dinesh D'Souza was a boss in a Dunces and Dragons game.

Depressed Luigi

A meme centered around a member of the SpongeBob Wikia who rates episodes of SpongeBob with different images of Super Mario character Luigi, with the lowest-possible rating being given with an image of a somber-looking Luigi titled "depressed Luigi." The bizarre rating system has become a meme on SBC.

Dhar Mann

A popular YouTuber who is known for making inspirational content. His videos have been memed due to their bizarre nature at times. His catchphrase "Hey Dhar Mann Fam!" has become particularly iconic.

Enough said, true believers!

Enough said, true believers! is a term most commonly used by 4EverGreen at the end of his posts, and often followed up by a winking emoticon. Other SBC members use the term jokingly in reference to 4EverGreen. It has apparently been a catchphrase of his since his days at, and he got into a fight with ExKizuna over it in the "What'cha playing?" thread early in SBC's history. Though he said he wouldn't use the term again during that fight, he has continued to use and is still using it to this day.


The user G4y has created several memes.

"balls itch"

"balls itch" is a phrase that g4ry often spammed on the Discord. As G4ry spams many things on the Discord, it's no surprise everyone is annoyed by this too. To this day it is uncertain if his balls are really itching or not.


Fug is a common phrase originating on SpongeBuddy Mania from G4ry and his love of the movie Up. Originally it came from a misspelling of "Dug", the dog from the movie. ssj, however, began banning people who used Fug because it sounded too similar to the word "fuck." Thus, members were forced to stop using it. After G4ry returned to the forums, Fug became normally used again.

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold was the quarterback for the New York Jets, G4ry's favorite NFL team. As a result, he talked about the man constantly and exaggerates his many feats. This has, of course, annoyed SBC users and has led to a pattern of G4ry praising Darnold and everyone else telling him to shut up.

Green Book

Green Book is a 2018 movie about a racist white man who befriends and becomes the bodyguard for a black jazz pianist. The movie was widely mocked on Discord due to its seemingly ridiculous plot, and many joked about how the movie "ended racism." The movie was even voted on to be watched during Flicks February.


The GRRRRRR! emote on SBC Discord.

GRRRRRR! is a common phrase on the Discord used to show joking anger. It originated from Mr. Krabs GRRRRRRing whenever he got mad. It spread to other users and even has its own emote.

MDPP/A Proud Family Man

The emoticon instate onto the SBC Discord, entitled :aproudfamilyman:

After the events of the Third SBC Renaissance, then-admin MDPP changed his name in order to ensure that his name would not come up if anyone were to Google his forum username. As a result, he changed his display name to "hilaryfan80", much to the bewilderment of a number of members who were caught off-guard by the sudden change. Further, the former admin changed all mentions of his username on the forum to the same name, a choice widely-regarded as a frustrating move due to it ruining a number of old posts made about the former admin. After his banning on July 1st, 2018, OWM changed his profile picture to a picture of Peter Griffin in a "proud pose," a meme originating from the SBM Cytube group and later brought over to the SBC Discord. Two emoticons called :aproudfamilyman: and :proud: (now deleted) were added, and were commonly used when referring to MDPP in the chat.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia & Danny DeVito

The tv series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and one of its stars, Danny DeVito, have spawned a few memes on the site. The earliest known usage of Sunny memes on the site was WILDCARD BITCHES from dragiiin123 in summer 2010.

JCM in a cameo

JCM in a cameo is a meme that originated in the literature SBCinema and has since been used in other literatures like Community Deathmatch and spin-offs such as Skodwarde. As the name suggests, the joke involves JCM appearing in a minor role, but the "JCM in a cameo" meme has been expanded in larger roles, most notably his superhero identity of "Cameo Man".

JCM that's gross

JCM that's gross is a meme that was started by SOF in response to a comment made by JCM that he apparently found gross.

jjs is gay/jjs x WhoBob

jjs is gay is a common joke often seen on the Discord. It revolves around the idea that jjs, who is bisexual, is actually a closeted gay man. People often jokingly ship him with other male members, the most famous being with WhoBob. The two are known to act like a married couple sometimes.

The joke's origins come from a post by former admin Cream declaring "Jjs probably is secretly gay tbh"

SpongeBob Wiki/Twitter

An especially common joke among those who chat about SpongeBob is with the wiki and twitter community. The wiki is often joked about to the variety of strange opinions, such as how Old Man Patrick of all episodes is great and that My Leg is one of the worst episodes. The SpongeBob twitter community is also joked about for its hatred of season 1 and praise for season 6. One post on twitter that described "Professor Squidward" as "Calm and relaxing" is often joked about as well.


LMFAO was an electronic duo best known for their song "Party Rock Anthem". The song and the band itself. are often mentioned and joked about, and there was even an LMFAO takeover done on another site. An emote on the Discord called :lmfao: shows the band.

Locust Abortion Technician

Locust Abortion Technician is an album by the band Butthole Surfers which is popular with many members, particularly Elastic Dog. A character in the literature Rusty's Raping Rampage was named "LAT" after the album.

Mr. Saturn

Mr. Saturn are a species of creatures from the Mother/Earthbound series of games. They became infamous on SBC after member Big Meaty Claws sent MDPP an image of the character with the caption "Mr. Saturn hates pedos!", which infamously made the then-admin almost cry. Since then, Mr. Saturn has become a symbol of the Third SBC Renaissance, his own emoticon, and a reputation for being against pedophiles.

Nostalgia Critic/Doug Walker

Nostalgia Critic, also known by his real name Doug Walker, has been a source of many memes and inside jokes over the years on SBC. The earliest known usage of Nostalgia Critic memes on the site were from ExKizuna in 2010. A huge boom of them occurred around 2013/2014 when many users began watching him, but this phase soon died out when users felt the show's quality was declining. Nowadays whenever Nostalgia Critic memes appear on the site, they're primarily used in an ironic sense to mock him. Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000: The Critic Chronicles was considered an ending to this part of meme lore.

oh ok


"oh ok" and other variants of it, such as "ah ok," is a spam meme on SBC. It started on November 6th, 2017 in the "Thoughts & Prayers plz" topic where ZaidCatDog first posted "oh ok" and everyone copied him.

Some people noted the similarity to "ah ok," a common phrase that crushingmayhem has been using for years prior to the meme.

Usage of the Meme

Eventually, the meme began being posted everywhere: on Xat, in the Shoutbox, posted as status updates, and on the Discord chat. While SBC does not allow the meme to be posted in most forums (it is still considered spam), it does regularly get posted in The Industrial Park. It occassionally gets used as a funny remark on SBC's games, such as SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune and SpongeBob Jeopardy!.

Relevancy of "oh ok"

"oh ok" as a meme died off by 2018, and even more so after crushing's self-imposed exile from SBC later that year.

Pokemon Memes

Pokemon is the most played game franchise on SBC, and thus has spawned a lot of memes based on it.


The Eevee line is SquiddyFace's favorite Pokemon line. Many jokes have been made about his obsession with the line, most including feet somehow.

Sword and Shield/Junichi Masuda

SBC users took notice at the controversy surrounding Pokemon Sword and Shield during release, especially at producer Junichi Masuda. Masuda is often mocked for his perceived stubbornness and incompetence.


Prior to his ban but subsequent to the public reveal of MDPPs involvement in the Third SBC Renaissance, the then-admin created a topic titled "Resignation" for the purpose of saying his final goodbyes to the forum before officially leaving. The topic became a hotbed for angry comments as a result of MDPP's apparent inability to handle criticism he received for the topic, the condescending nature of his final statements, and the fact that to many it seemed apparent that the topic shouldn't have been made in the first place. As a result, the thread lived on in infamy and is frequently referenced on the SBC Discord.


"soz" is a modified version of the word "sorry" that was first used by SOF and adopted by other SBC members. In the the New User's Guide (only available to Loyal Customers) created by tvguy347 in November 19, 2011, tvguy described soz as "a way to apologize". The term fell into disuse a few years later, but can still be seen occasionally and has been referenced in literatures like JCMovies and Underwater Survivor: SBC Style.

Star Wars Memes

The Star Wars franchise has spawned various memes on SBC in recent years.


Yoda as a character has spawned various memes about his ketamine addiction, most of which originated from OWM. This caused Yoda to become a gag account.


Much like the rest of the internet, memes related to the three prequels ("Te Phantom Menace", "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith") have also infiltrated SBC, with Revenge of the Sith spawning most of them. A Discord movie screening for Revenge of the Sith was held on May 1st, 2020 which was one of the most active watch parties in the site's history.

The Last Jedi/Geeks & Gamers

The movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi has a variety of memes deriving from it. One of the most famous is the "Green Alien Titty Milk" scene in which Luke Skywalker drinks the milk from a strange alien's breast. The scene is widely mocked and parodied on SBC.

Criticism of The Last Jedi from right-wing/conservative groups is also widely ridiculed by SBC, as many of the complaints are very unreasonable and odd. One of the most prominent critics is Jeremy from Geeks & Gamers, a YouTuber who has made many videos attacking the movie and its director Rian Johnson. People will often mock Jeremy for his senseless criticisms and opinions, and jokingly call out "Ruin Johnson" for subverting their expectations and ruining their childhood. There is also an emote on SBC Discord with Jeremy in it.

The Rise of Skywalker

Much like its predecessor, the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has a variety of memes deriving from it. The first of which surrounds the phrase The dead speak!, which are the first three words of the movie's opening crawl. Many users on SBC criticized the film for its opening crawl, taking issue in particular with the phrase due to the unexplained return of Sheev Palpatine and his broadcast being an exclusive to Fortnite. Nuggets changed his Discord name to "the dead speak!" to mock the phrase in particular.

Due to the film revealing Palpatine is Rey's grandfather, many users began to theorize and make jokes over who her grandmother could be. A common question asked among SBCers was "Who did Sheev nut in?" However, this joke died off upon the reveal he did not have sex with anybody to create Rey.

The Mandalorian

The Star Wars Disney+ series "The Mandalorian" has also amassed various memes, including but not limited to: This is the way, I have spoken and anything related to Grogu (Baby Yoda).


Sportz? is a controversial episode of SpongeBob from Season 10 where SpongeBob and Patrick discover sports and a number of antics ensue. The episode has become infamous for its vocal hatebase, especially from Trophy, who has called it his least favorite episode of all time. The episode is often brought up in "worst episode" discussions, and has a reputation as a mediocre episode with a small but strong hatebase. Sportz? managed to reach #30 on SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition and #33 the following year. Trophy wrote a well-known essay about his dislike for the episode.

Traditional pasta with tomato sauce seasoned lightly with basil

Traditional pasta with tomato sauce seasoned lightly with basil is known as SG's favorite meal, and it has been referenced and parodied by other SBC members, most notably dragiiin123 with his thread "Human Flesh battered with Dog feices sprinkled slightly with basil" (only available to Loyal Customers).

"what is christ?"

"what is christ?" is an inside joke that originated from an answer SOF gave in an early edition of SpongeBob Jeopardy. The answer was screencapped and archived, and it has been referenced by many other members inside and outside of Jeopardy since then.

White People Like Lunchables

White People Like Lunchables" is a meme related to Metal Snake. It grew in popularity as a result of a "Lunchables" thread created by Halibut, who referred to the food as an "elegant caucasian cuisine." After much discussion on the thread about Lunchables being a stereotypically white food, Metal Snake made a much-discussed post about the thread, calling it unfunny. After Metal Snake's resignation from the forums after Metalgate, the topic once again rose in popularity with a number of members commenting on his profile about the food both before and after his permanent ban from the site.

YES! Hello.

A reference to the famous radio scene in the SpongeBob episode Krab Borg, where Mr. Krabs calls the DJ and asks if he "could play that song again!" Unlike the others, this meme originated mainly on the SBC Discord, when Homie and Cha first used it. Eventually, the phrase started spreading to everyone. It could be get used in any context, but sadly is now not commonly said anymore.