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I Am the Lead Developer of the SpongeBob Community Forums, AMA!


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I meant South Park. Deja vu. :P

Yeah, I knew. ;) Anyway, my favorite episode is probably Fun Time With Weapons. I know, random.

Your least favorite SpongeBob episode?

The Splinter, I guess?

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Mr. J, Mr. J

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I was never good at math, so I'm just gonna say...64.

Mr. J, What does JCM stand for?

I just assumed it was my initials.

Mista J, did somebody feed the hyenas?

Judging by how they're staring at us right now, I'm gonna say "no".

Mister J! Mister J!

Did I just create a little bit of a trend with the above? As in, saying it twice?

Maybe. Maybe.

Are you saying you are not only the Amazing Spider-Man but Mr. J AKA the Joker as well?

I'm not even sure if those guys exist in the same continuity.

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Can I be Batman?

Anyone can be Batman if they build up enough angst.

Are the rumors true about you and Scarlett Johansson?

I didn't know there were rumors. :unsure:

Is that Mr. Dr. Professor J to you?

I'm content with JCM...for now.

How's recruiting for the Avengers Initiative going?

Once Spider Man's of age, I'm totally picking him up.

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