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065b. Funny Pants


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Do you like this episode? At first, I thought this episode was decent. But after a rewatch in "I believe Summer 2011." This episode is now one of my least favorites. I hated Squidward so much in this episode. Not only that, but even Spongebob's laughter got annoying.


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This is one of my "I like but everyone else hates" episodes. Being honest, I found this episode possibly the most post-movie episode that I laughed at. Most people dislike this episode because of SpongeBob's annoying laughing and crying, but I don't think it's that annoying (in fact, I don't even find it annoying at all, compared to other episodes). My most favourite part of the episode is probally the pie scenes, I can watch this 100 times and I'll never stop laughing at it.

Overall, It's a hilarious episode and even though most people hate it, It's still a brilliant episode to me, and I always look forward to whenever the episode's playing.


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I liked this episode as well. I find all of SpongeBob's attempts at trying not to laugh to be really funny. And I remember laughing so much at the end when I first saw it. There are a lot of underrated jokes in it as well.

SQUIDWARD: If you break your laugh box, you'll go your entire life without ever laughing again.

SPONGEBOB: Is that what happened to you, Squidward?


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I already posted my opinion here, but I want to post a more detailed version I posted SBM onto here.


This is definaly the most underrated episode I have ever seen. Not only is this one of my favourite post-movie episodes, but one of the most favourite episodes of all time.
Unlike what most of the users think, I think this is one of the funniest episodes the show's ever done. Whenever I see this, I laugh all through and never stop.
Infact, I'm going to go far by saying I found SpongeBob's repeated laughing hilarious. I didn't find it annoying at all, and I just loved looking at Squidward's face. It makes me giggle all the time.
But the episode gets better and better. Once SpongeBob tries to stop laughing, It uses some really sterotypical jokes including banana peels, whoopee cushions and pies, but boy do they make me laugh.
Everytime Patrick slipped on the banana peel, I laugh out real hard. The whoopee cushions tbh, I don't really laugh it but the pies make it even better.
I can definaly say, I can watch a fish getting hit in the face with a pie one hundred times and I will never get tired of it, it's that funny to me.
Eventually, the episode goes down a different route, but atleast it still had stuff to laugh at, including Patrick investigation inside SpongeBob. The Mr. Krabs and Sandy's parts were ok.
And then we reach another part everyone hates. The crying scenes. Again, I do not find this annoying, I found it a little hilarious.
I could talk about the ending, but I'm tired so I'll just say 1 word about it. lol
Infact, that sums up the entire episode for me. I already said how funny it is a hundred times already, so I'll just get to my conclusion.
Again, I love this episode. It's one of my favourite post-movie episodes, It's one of my favourite spongebob episodes all together, I'm not sure what else to say. 9.5/10
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This episode was annoying but I still prefer this episode over All That Glitters. I thought this episode was okay. It's not bad as people says but I can understand why they hate this episode so much. I used to like SpongeBob's laugh actually until this episode. I agree with Squidward. SpongeBob's laugh and crying is so annoying. I don't hate this episode because I laughed at some parts like  a bunch of SpongeBobs laughing around Squidward's head, most of Patrick's parts and the pie part. I rate this episode 6/10 and I don't recommend this episode.

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The moral of this episode is; if something is bothering you, than you should ask someone POLITELY to tone it down and be quieter. Chances are, they'll comply with you. But if you try to TRICK someone into doing what you want, it could BACKFIRE on you HORRIBLY! It's a good thing this episode's ending doesn't stick with Squidward for the rest of his life, because otherwise; he'd have to LIVE with having the same LAUGH as Spongebob all his life, and there's no WAY that he would WANT to live with THAT! :hysterical: I guess I'd give this episode a 9.9 out of 10, only because I feel like the crying was a little bit much in this episode. Enough said, true believers!

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