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Smiles: To be honest, I thought you were Latina. You kinda freaked me out when I first met you cuz I srsly did not know what you meant by "Serving Up Smiles", but with time, I got know you much better as an individual and I've gotten a glimpse and the young woman behind the name. You have become one of my buddies on here and you are a real trooper in the face of reality. You are a fine, upstanding individual and a model member of our Spongebob Community, and I am proud to say that you serve me up a plate full of smiles on a daily basis.

Eden: To be honest, we sorta never spoke to each other at first. You were doing your thing as did I, but with time, as with Smiles, I got to know the idiot inside the box (don't take that the wrong way) and you, my friend, are one of the most mature people I have come across and considering your age, that is saying something. You use diction and punctuation that are years ahead of you, whereas I at that age was quite illiterate. You seem like a swell dude and we share some things in common like an affinity for black comedy. I have a feeling that this is merely just the beginning of a beautiful e-friendship between you and I.

Steel: To be honest, you're one of the hardest working individuals spin-off/lit-wise that I know. You keep yourself busy and you churn out some great reads ranging from comedy to action. Your dedication to spinoffs is something I really admire about you and it has, in a way, rubbed off on me as of late. You are a gifted writer and a great friend, an upstanding member of our community, and the first person I'd want to represent us as a member of the SBC Board which is why I nominated you in the first place. You are also the gnarliest sponge I have come to know so far in my lifetime.

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Cha: To be honest, I thought you didn't like me. I can't quite think of a reason why I felt that impression, but with time, you and I have gotten along well. I never quite understood why you always referred to me as "Pa", but recent events have given me a good idea as to why. You're a joy to be around and you absolutely emanate positive energy whenever you post. I like the cut of your jib, and we make all sorts of Spongebob references together. You are a good friend and faithful Spongebob fan. SBC News is in good and capable hands.

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