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121a. Sand Castles in the Sand


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Time for my R&R:

Okay, first of all, I have to disagree with all the haters. I enjoyed this episode, but it could be my 13-year old cliche-ness kicking in. 428899.gif But really, it was a decent episode althought it came out sloppy, it seemed poorly done and I know it's a cartoon but this just seemed a bit odd that they would fight over something so lame. Overal I give it a 7.6/10.

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When this first aired, loadsa people were saying, "OMG Season 7 is gonna be mega awesome!".

I agreed, after seeing this episode. But I look back now and realise there were some much better Season 7 episodes, and I've only seen half of it. 428899.gif

It's still a good episode though. 630566.gif 7.9/10

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I liked it, but it was sort of like a summer version of Snowball Effect. But there was less humor and more action. I like humor better so I prefered Snowball Effect, but this one wasn't bad. I admire the creativity. 8.3/10


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