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What'd ya last watch? (Movies)


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18 minutes ago, Old Man Jenkins said:

“Scream (2022)”, a very serviceable requel. I’d say it’s up there with the first two installments, not to say that 3 & 4 are anywhere near bad.


the better version of the rise of skywalker 


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In movie theaters, "The Batman". I thought it was very interesting how they managed to successfully weave a Hitchcockian inspired murder revenge plot into what would otherwise be just a normal superhero movie. I highly recommend that you go see it! Enough said, true believers!

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Just gonna look over my regal account here and try to give a run through of all my theater adventures since at least June:

Lightyear: I thought it was harmless fun. I can get the Toy Story fans being less than thrilled with it, but I personally thought it was aight probably because I’m a sucker for space shits. Probably would’ve been much better served as it’s own separate IP.

Jurassic World: Dominion: There’s definitely more to dislike than like with this one. Definitely the Rise of Skywalker of this World trilogy. Shame since the base concept sounds like great popcorn fun on paper.

The Black Phone: A fun lil horror/thriller shit. I feel there’s a good message in it under all the swearing and violence.

Minions: The Rise of Gru: A fun lil animation shit. I don’t mind the Minions as much as the next person. There was nobody in suits when I went, no banana throwing smh

Thor: Love and Thunder: This shit was fuckin disappointing, mang. Lightning struck for Ragnarok, but hell if it struck a second time here. Felt like a juvenile Thor parody more than anything. Lots of things got mishandled, the personal biggest flub for me being the Jane Foster cancer storyline. I should’ve felt a lot more for her character at the end than I ended up feelin. Honestly the weakest Phase 4 entry for me. Probably of the entire MCU, if I’m being completely honest with myself. I like Taika, he’s proven himself very capable of balancing serious and comedy before, but they need to hand over the reins next time.

Elvis: Had fun with this one. You definitely feel that long ass runtime watching it but it also didn’t lose my attention at all during, so that’s somethin. Probably not something I’d watch again anytime soon, which is something I say about most every musical biopic I’ve seen after first watch.

Nope: I really like it, and I really like how it’s different from Peele’s other movies. I appreciate the slight change of pace and all the experimentation he does with this one. It’s like Jaws if it were also kind of a western while still being a sci-fi movie. An odd combination I can get behind and be there for. Can’t wait to see what crazy shit Peele does next.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: I went into this thinking it’d be like a Paddington sorta deal, ya know. Cute with the feels, somethin Rotten Tomatoes eats up. But I wasn’t expecting to go on the feels trip of my fuckin year so far, mang. I never thought I’d ever relate so much with a freakin talking shell with little ass shoes until I watched this shit. And to experience something like this movie so soon after something else that happened recently in my personal life, I was honestly not ready for Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. This movie was absolutely merciless when it came to my emotional state. I don’t if it’d exactly be other peoples’ cuppa tea since my thoughts on it come from a very personal place, but it’s up there for me.

DC League of Superpets: Ended up liking this more than I thought I would. I grew up loving the Krypto cartoon, so I was always probably gonna end up thinking this would be at least decent. I’d personally place it above Lightyear and Rise of Gru.

Easter Sunday: As a half-Filipino, I felt obligated to watch this. I’m not entirely familiar with Jo Koy’s brand of comedy but I’ve heard good things from other Filipinos in my family. A bit heavy on the stereotypes but overall it was aight. Pretty mid. Basic ass story. Some mild laughs and hearty chuckles were had on my part. But I do very much appreciate that this movie even exists and the representation it brings to the movie biz. Ya love to see it.

Bodies Bodies Bodies: Safe to say this is like Gen Z the Movie, but that’s not a negative for me at all. I ended up liking this a lot. It provided the kind of laughs for me that Easter Sunday lacked, in comparison. I say it’s Gen Z the Movie because I think this movie flew over a lot of heads, at least of the audiences that I watched it with both times. Like absolutely no audience reaction aside from the other few younger people that were laughing along with me during my second watch. My first watch was just crickets mang and it was a pretty good audience turnout for premiere night. A lot of the humor regards more modern shit, a modern flavor, but it’s not like it was cringe like new Saints Row’s attempts at the same style of humor or anything. Like a few people were getting up and leaving during it and shit lol. It’s an A24 joint I think so I know people hold those up to a higher standard. I’ve seen clips of audience reactions on YouTube that looked like they were having a grander time and I wish I was in that kind of a crowd. I guess what I’m trying to say is that a bad audience can really kill the mood of a movie you end up liking. I liked the ending, as divisive as it is and I can understand. But like Nope, I appreciate it being ballsy and going against expectations. If they gave me any other ending than the one I got, I probably would’ve walked out more disappointed than the people who were actually disappointed by it.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: I’m a DB fanboy with low expectations at this point, and Super Hero checked all the right boxes for me. Could it have been better? Definitely. But what we got was still fun, and at the end of the day, Dragon Ball is just turn off your brain fun for me. I loved the mad spotlight that Piccolo had here. Mah boi is more or less back to being a major player on the board once again and I am here for it.

The Invitation: This movie was straight ass, mang. The two trailers for this that I’ve seen countless times now are prime recent examples of “hey, let’s just give the whole movie away!” I give it a chance because I saw one of the tv spots say that there’s “a twist that you won’t see coming”, and I since I figured the trailers did a good job conveying the whole damn thing, I thought maybe just maybe there was an off chance that the trailers didn’t exactly gave absolutely everything away. So I watch it and there wasn’t any damn twist that I didn’t see coming. It was all the ass I was expecting by just watching the trailers. So if you didn’t watch those, you’re good to go for a still shitty movie. And it sucks because the main actress honestly did good with what she was given and I thought her character had potential, if only her character was in a better movie.

and saving my personal best for last

Bullet Train: There hasn’t been a lot of shit out recently that really catches my eye so I’ve watched this joint fuckin 8 times already since it’s been out, and I can’t say that I’ve noticed any sorta dip in quality after any those subsequent viewings. This movie is what the theater experience is motherfuckin made for. It’s great on the biggest screen and loudest speakers possible, it’s great with a good enough crowd. I’ve taken every opportunity I’ve been presented to watch this shit again with any friend who hasn’t seen it yet. It’s just my kind of movie, it checks all the right boxes in the action and comedy department, the cast is great, the characters are greater, the soundtrack is bangin, it’s gorgeously shot, it’s like watching a live action anime in the best way, the story and dialogue keeps my interest every single time despite how convoluted it gets by the end. It’s like this movie was made specifically for me. This movie has been palate cleanser following shit like The Invitation. This is the kind of movie I’ve been waiting for since theaters reopened. In my opinion, it’s freakin great, best of the summer hands down, it’d probably be high up on my best of/year end list if I were to ever make one. Probably high up there alongside Everything, Everywhere, All at Once and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.

and no, I haven’t watched Top Gun: Maverick yet. And I haven’t because I haven’t even watched the first Top Gun yet. I’ve heard plenty of good things about Maverick, but I feel I need to watch the first in order to fully appreciate Maverick, and I’m just in no rush to watch that cheese fest lol

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Last movie I watched was the 2019 Spanish film "The Platform". This movie started off kinda shaky, but totally stuck the landing. Great critique on capitalism and the class system in a very brutal and raw movie. I didn't like the use of two montages in the first half hour and some shots came off very comedic even though the tone of the moment was the opposite, but Act 2 is very interesting and flips the concept, and then Act 3 is like the explosion of the powder keg. Great movie, 8/10

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Finally got around to watching Blue Ruin (2013) and The Green Room (2015), both Jeremy Saulnier films. I had only ever heard of The Green Room before but I decided i'd check both out, and I loved both of them. This guy rules as a director, both movies kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and are just so satisfying. I liked The Green Room more (I never thought Patrick Stewart could be so scary) but I highly recommend both of them if you like hearing your heartbeat. 
Blue Ruin is 8/10

The Green Room is probably honestly very close to a 10

I keep talking about good movies, I gotta start talking about stinkers

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I'm about to take the reigns of this thread by God.

Just going to go over the movies I've watched this month so far.

We're All Going to the World's Fair: Did not really care for this one.  The "horror" element of the movie does not land for me.  Just kind of a whatever, Youtube like movie.

One Night in Miami...: Good movie, watched it as a part of the Criterion Challenge from letterboxd.  The movie doesn't really move anywhere, but I suppose the acting was good.

Barbarian: Probably the best horror film of the year.  Really cannot put this one over more.  It's better to be seen than talked about.

Nope: Really liked this, probably his second best film.  Acting is very very good, story is original.  Enjoyed it a lot.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Good stuff.  The scene where Marcel sings, you know the one, got a tear from me.  Very good.

Shutter:  The original 2004 Thai film, awesome stuff.  I usually don't care about ghost films, but this one scratched a good itch for me.  Awesome ending reveal too.

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant:  Watched for the Criterion Challenge.  Good, slow burn movie.  Dialogue heavy but really well shot.

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“Beast”: A decent creature feature, but I just end up feeling bad for the lion, mang. You can telegraph how the ending is gonna go like 10 minutes in, which kinda took the wind out of the sails for me when it finally went down.

”Pearl”: Great period/throwback horror entry from A24. They really crafted something special and most of all, unique, here and gives us a more fleshed out character that can really challenge your ability to empathize and relate. I’d say I enjoyed this one more than X (not to throw any shade at X). Mia Goth definitely deserves an award of some sort for this one, mang. Her monologue at the end was top notch. Also has one of my favorite ending credits ever. Can’t wait to see how the story continues post-X in MaXXXine!

”Don’t Worry Darling”: It’s a case of being a movie that I wanted to love, but only ended up kinda liking since I did really enjoy Olivia Wilde’s other film “Book Smart”. It’s really well made and shot beautifully, the 50s aesthetic and soundtrack is real appealing but the story just feels like something I’ve seen done better in other movies and tv shows. There are some story beats that I do like, but not enough to fully keep my attention throughout the entire runtime. Florence Pugh did her best for this one, definitely the performance that carried this whole thing. Harry Styles was aight, pretty laughable at parts where he really had to emote. All in all, doesn’t come close to Pearl for me.

”The Greatest Beer Run Ever”: Managed to watch this in theaters since it was Regal Cinema’s movie of choice for its $5 Monday Mystery Movie event last night. I was hoping for Terrifier 2 (but that’d be too wishful thinking) since spoopy month is coming up or Amsterdam if it had to be something that wasn’t horror-related. I still ending up liking this one tho, I thought Zac Efron did good and it’s always cool to see the likes of Russell Crowe and Bill Murray. I knew virtually nothing about this until yesterday when the reveal got spoiled for me on Facebook. It’s been received most unfavorably online so I don’t know if I just have bad taste or if there’s something more controversial going on about this flick since it is based off a true story and is based around the Vietnam war, but still, I ended up liking it. It’s like one of them 70s road trip movies, just with the Vietnam War as its backdrop. It’s an Apple TV+ movie and those are rare to see on the big screen in these parts, so I feel like I bored witness to a special event. I hope they do more of these mystery joints. Had pretty good turnouts, I like seeing it.

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Smile: Another solid horror entry to add to 2022’s stacked plate. Creature design was pretty damn sick. Sosie Bacon killed it.

Halloween Ends: I ended up liking this more than most, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the better horror movies of the year. I can appreciate the risks it takes in its effort to defy fan expectations and bring something new to the franchise. There’s definitely worse Halloween movies in my book.

Black Adam: Really wanted to like this, but it turned out to be a mess. Each time it did something I remotely liked (which wasn’t a whole lot), it did something to undo whatever good will it built for me. It’s very akin to Morbius in that it just feels like something to sit through just to get to the post-credits scene. Tho the action sequences were on point and there were characters like Dr. Fate and Hawkman who stood out alongside the leading man. Atom Smasher was pretty cool. Cyclone needed more stuff to say and do, I feel.

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On TV, I saw "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" for the first time (one of those movies that would NEVER be allowed to be made today), and in movie theaters; "Moonage Daydream; Amsterdam;" and "Ticket To Paradise". All good movies in their own way.

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Prey for the Devil: Huuuuge step down from the horror movies I’ve watched in my last couple posts. The premise sounds interesting and what they’re trying to build up for a possible franchise going forward has potential to be something better, but it was just so damn boring. Perhaps if there were better cooks in the kitchen, it could’ve made me want to see more, but this was not the right foot to get off on (pause?). Not to mention that exorcism movies have become so overdone and passé nowadays, a lot of stuff this movie tries to do has definitely been done a lot better in other movies. There was only like one decent setup for a scare and the rest is just cheap, lowest common denominator shit. Was hoping this one would surprise me like Smile did, but you win some and you lose some. If a horror movie is boring enough to damn near put me to sleep, there’’s a whole lot wrong there.

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