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SWYAD: Incidental Edition

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Per @OWM's suggestion, here's our 36th SWYAD theme for fun: SpongeBob incidental characters! Change your username and avatar to your favorite SpongeBob background characters. This will last from September 17th to September 24th. On the last night we hold a turntable party to close out the SWYAD. You have until September 17th to sign up through here or Discord. If you miss the deadline to sign up, that's okay, as anyone can join in late.Here's a complete list of incidentals if you're unsure who they are:



Carotte --> Incidental 70

jjs --> Incidental 38

Fred --> Incidental 1

WhoBob --> Incidental 49A

JCM —> Incidental 24

Kat —> Incidental 45

SpongeKid —> Incidental 8

4Ever —> Incidental 6

Dman —> Incidental 37B

Cha —> Incidental 46,853

SB&P --> Incidental 10

OWM --> Incidental 118C

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