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Patty Rose

Patty's SBC 6th Anniversary/19th Birthday Big Big FUN FUN Thread

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Well blimey, does time fly when you're having fun. 6 years. 6, blinkin' years today, I made a small visit to a little forum called SBC. Back when I was just some idiot 13 year old kid who had less knowledge on being an actual good member, but possibly the most annoying, teeth-grinding weirdo you've ever met! (In other words, nothing much has changed.)
(Oh yeah, it's also my 19th birthday today, but who cares, this is an anniversary thread, so birthdays can go in the birthday bin)

So uh.. well... what should I talk about, to keep this thread from getting locked? I suppose you might want to hear a little bit about my history, like, before I joined SBC, something like that? No? Well fudge it, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

My forum social media thingy life, first began around September 2011, in which I joined the forum of a Team Fortress 2 custom server. (Sadly the forum no longer exists, so don't bother trying looking for it and figuring out which member was me, that would be a little weird you know ?). Being I was 11 at the time, you could probably guess what I was like. If you guessed an annoying, thread-spamming, nonsensical posting, repeated question asking, repeated make me staff-begging, failing to understand anything fruitcake of a user, or an actual decent user, take a blinkin' guess which is the obvious answer. ?

So yeah, I uh.. wasn't really the most liked user on that forum, especially since it mostly consisted of 17-24 year olds, but hey, it was still a lot of fun to be on there. Heck, some of the things that happened on there, would later give me the idea for what would then become Hooky, so that's a bit interesting I guess. Anyways, around late 2012, while randomly looking up SpongeBob for no reason, I discovered yet another forum, a little community known as, SpongeBuddy Mania (ok I know it's a bit inappropriate to talk about SBM, especially with... what's currently happening with it..., but I can't deny that it didn't have an impact for what the future would take me)

I spent time browsing through the forum, being impressed by the general aesthetics, and some of what was being discussed (even though I didn't actually understand any of it, because I was 12.) But the thing that surprised me the most, was how young most of the users on SBM were. At first, I kinda assumed it was just gonna be filled with 17-24 years old, just like me old forum was, which was why I was quite shocked when I looked through the profiles of users like cwn and PatBack, discovering that not only were they young, they were younger than me, which sort of blew the trousers of lil' Patty (not literally, that would mean I'd have to get my trousers off the computer, and that would be weird)

Which is why sometime around late January 2013 (23rd I think, I kinda don't want to look it up), I joined SBM. At that time, my old forum was starting to die from inactivity, so this seemed like a good replacement. Of course, it was also around this time I noticed a few users on there discussing that was there yet, another SpongeBob forum. Something called "SBC". SBC? What the heck's that? I looked it up, but didn't get anything, cause I needed the full name. I checked a few more posts and eventually I got the full name. Typed it up on google, clicked the first link, and thus, I began my first look ever at SBC (well technically I slightly remembered visiting SBC back in it's vBullentin days, but that doesn't count cause that was for like only 10 seconds, and the only thing I remembered was the good noodles badge)

At first, it was quite bizarre how different SBC was from SBM, from both it's aesthetics, it's more mature-focused premise, and the fact that I didn't recognize a single person on there besides Omair. It was quite intriguing, to say the least, which is why, 6 years ago today, on February 3rd, 2013, the same day as my 13th Birthday, I finally joined SBC! (Mainly because that was the day I finally got my own email, so I could now sign up for stuff without having to use my parents' email) Thankfully, due to me experience on the old forum, I mostly learnt what it is like to be a decent user, rather than what I used to be, so just be glad this was a learning experience for me. (Seriously, you do not want to meet 11 year old me)

And thus, my SBC journey, had begun. I spent most of my time making signatures, cause I realised Microsoft Powerpoint had a background remover tool, and mostly kept quiet, a complete opposite of what I was like on the old forum. In late 2014 for some reason, I become a moderator, then I retired in late 2016 because school exams got in me way and made me destroy all my interest in SBC, causing me to be completely inactive, up until April 2nd, 2018, where I paid a surprise visit, and then like a day later I was like, fuck it, I'm coming back lads! And thus, SBC got worse that exact day. :funny:

Well I think that's enough writing, cause I just had me Birthday McDonalds and I think it's already begun liquefying my brain, but I think it would be a nice little thing to give a few shoutouts! Sadly, though I love all of you here, I can't give a shoutout to everyone, cause that would take forever, and I think people would be a little bit annoyed if I pinged every single user on this forum, but just so you know, I love all of you and you're all awesome! :D

First up, some thanks to me Fry Cook buddies @Kotarou? and @LocalRomantic, love your graphics and I love both of you! :D, me former mod buddies @JCM, @ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 (I miss you man :() and @Vampire Style, it was a pleasure working besides you! A special thanks to @jjsthekid for continuing being a great admin, and a great friend! A brief shoutout to some of my more closer SBC friends @Wintermelon43, @RDSP and @Goobz, always enjoy chatting with you three! :D And finally, one final big super duper massive SHOUTOUT to my long-time friend @SOF. Continue being awesome mate!

So what does the future hold? I'm not sure, and honestly, I prefer not to think about it. After all, the best surprises, are the ones you don't expect, so who knows what will be in stock. (Probably death, but at least it'll still be suprising, right? ...)

Thank you so much for the great 6 years everyone (well technically 5 since I wasn't around in 2017 but whatever), and I hope to have some more great years if SBC hasn't died by then. :D

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Happy 6th to one of our most inspiring and creative members! You will be spared from the snap.

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